"Sol Crises" is the first episode in the Sonic Rush Saga anime series. It was aired on January 12, 2016.

Sol Crises
Sonic Rush Saga Episode 1
English title card
TV Series Sonic Rush Saga
Season Number 1
Episode Number 1
Writer(s) Kayla Martin
Airing Date(s)
January 12, 2016
Runtime 22 minutes
Following Episode Modest or Girly?


After being invaded by Eggman Nega, Blaze's duty of guarding the Sol Emeralds goes terribly wrong and they are transported to Sonic's World


The episode starts with the camera zooming in on a castle in a beautiful village. The scene changes several times, showing the villagers walking around, playing, and having a good time. After a few seconds, the scene finally switches to the inside of the castle and in the throne room. The seven Sol Emeralds are floating on seven different small pedestals, and in the center is the throne where Princess Blaze is sitting with her eyes closed, in deep thought. A picture of Sonic in black and white flashes onto the screen, but quickly disappears as there is a large explosion followed by a scream. Blaze opens her eyes as a swarm of robots fill what's left of the throne room, along with Doctor Eggman Nega in his eggmobile.

"We meet again, Eggman..." Blaze says in a quiet voice, looking at her arch-nemesis. Doctor Eggman Nega lets out an evil laugh. "Indeed Princess Blaze. It's a pity that I had to destroy such a beautiful throne room when soon, I will have this castle." he says. "Ya know, if you really wanted something, you'd ask nicely. And as a member of the royal family, that's quite an insult." Blazw replied, clicking her tongue and shaking her head. "You WILL hand over the sol emeralds, and I WILL be the ruler of Solaria." Eggman Nega says. The bots start to close in on Blaze more. Blaze crosses her arms and rolls her eyes, jumping out of her throne. "And i'd do that, becaaaause...?", she ask sarcastically. "Because you have no other choice! Robots, attack!" Eggman Nega commands.

The robots charge towards Blaze at the same time, shooting missiles and swinging their metallic arms. Blaze jumps up towards the roof, performing her signature fire claw on the robots, which damages most of them. At the same time, she hears something behind her as a robot is about to suck all of the sol emeralds into a vacuum. "NO!" Blaze shouts. Surrounded by robots, Blaze shoots a fireball at the robot, which slams it into a wall and causes the room to shake and make the sol emeralds fall in slow motion. As they shatter into a million pieces, Blaze's look turns completely blank. "Whoops..."

"GAH! This is your fault, you pesky feline! Those emeralds were mine!" Eggman Nega yells, pointing at Blaze. The princess looks around confusingly on purpose, then points at herself. "My fault? This is my castle in my village. This is all YOUR fault." she yells back, pointing back. As they continue to argue back and forth, the emerald shatters start to glow, and then cast off a bright light. Eggman Nega tries to flee from the scene as Blaze gasps and covers her eyes, the bright light suddenly turning into a void, casting over the entire village and ending the scene is a bright, white light.

The scene reopens on Blaze falling through some sort of warp hole, swing her arms and legs wildly and screaming. After a few seconds, the portal opens an exit as she falls face first into the ground. Blaze struggles to get her head out of the ground, but soon breaks free and shakes her head, then dusts herself off and looks around. "Where the heck am I...?", she asks herself. The grass of the fields were blowing smoothly and swiftly, the breeze cutting through the sakura trees as cherry blossoms began to fall. Blaze sighed, following the line of Sakura trees that formed a path. As she was walking, something makes a noise in the trees. Before she can move, Marine falls out of the tree with a yelp, landing on top of Blaze. "Thanks for letting me fall of ya, Blazey." Marine said, standing up and off of the princess's back. Blaze let out a huge breath, blowing her bang from out of her face and laying on the ground.

At the same time, Sonic and his friends Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and Cream are all hanging out in Mobotropolis on Station Square. Sonic walks out of a nearby cafe and walks over to the table where his friends are sitting, bringing over drinks for everyone. "Alright, 3 Chaos Coffees and 2 Moomoo Milks. Everyone happy?" Sonic asked, sitting down. Tails looked up from his book and at the drinks, where Knuckles, Sonic, and Amy grabbed a Chaos Coffee. "Hey, I asked for a Chaos Coffee too!" Tails exclaimed, looking at Sonic. "Tails, you're too young for coffee.", Sonic said between sips. "Too young?! No i'm nooot!", Tails whined, hitting his head on the table. Cream gladly took her Moomoo Milk, observing quietly.

"Alright, may something hit me on the head right now if you're not too young for coffee.", Sonic said. Knuckles raised his fist slowly, and Sonic shot a mean glare at him. "Don't even think about it.", he said. Knuckles lowered his fist in disappointment, sipping on his coffee. A few seconds passed, and nothing happened. "Ha! I told you, your too-," Sonic prepared to say. But as he did, something glimmer in the sky and plummeted towards the surface, landing right on Sonic's head with great force. "Ow!" he yelped, rubbing his head. With is attention gone, Tails reached over the table and took Sonic's coffee, drinking all of it. "Sucker!"

"Are you okay, Sonic?" Amy asked. She leaned over towards Sonic, placing her hand on his forehead and trying to find a bruise. Sonic jumped to the side and towards Cream. "Yeah, i'm...fine. Just hurt a little.", he replied. Sonic looked around for what hit him, and picked up a yellow emerald. "What is this...?" he asked out loud, examining the object. Tails looked up, and suddenly went wide eyes, spitting out coffee all over Knuckles' face, who groaned in disgust. "A sol emerald!" he said in amazement. "A sol emerald...? Oh, those things Blaze had from her world, like the chaos emeralds? Ah, good times..." Sonic said, thinking about his past adventures with Blaze. "Now is not the time for memories Sonic! There's a sol emerald, here!" Tails yelled across the table.

"And it's rightfully mine." a familiar voice said above. Everyone looked up, seeing their enemy. "Doctor Eggman!" Cream exclaimed, balling up her fist. "Ah, but you've mistaken me. I am the glorious Doctor Eggman Nega!", he yelled, following by an evil laugh. A huge claw emerged from his eggmobile, grabbing onto the Sol Emerald in Sonic's hand, who didn't let go. The claw shook Sonic and the Sol Emerald around forcefully. "Get off, rodent!" Eggman Nega yelled. "N-Nev-verrrr!" Sonic said back in between yells as he was shook around. All the commotion stopped when Blaze and Marine appeared on scene. "Eggman Nega!", Blaze shouted.

Marine grabbed Blaze's hands, spinning her around fast. After gaining a lot of speed, Marine tossed Blaze into the air and towards the eggmobile. The princess glided gracefully in the air, twirling around and forming flames around her, using her signature move, the spinning claw. She collided into the claw of the eggmobile, the entire thing falling off and dropping Sonic, who was still holding the emerald. He charged up a homing attack, jumping up and hitting the eggmobile with force. Eggman Nega blasted into the sky, shouting, "I'll get you next tiiiiime!"

Sonic recovered from his homing attack and started to breath heavily, then looking beside him. Blaze was standing right there along with Marine, also tired from the fight. She looked up and smiled. "Good to see you again, Sonic." Blaze said, walking forward. "Good indeed, Mate!" Marine exclaimed, giving Sonic a pat on the back. "BLAAAAZE!" Cream cried, running forward as fast as she could. Cream jumped into Blaze's arms, shaking slightly as she cried tears of joy. "You're back, you're back, YOU'RE BACK!" she chanted happily. Blaze embraced the hug, and closed her eyes. "I missed you too, Cream.", she replied. Amy walked forward and placed a hand on Blaze's shoulder, smiling. "Welcome back, princess." she said. She looked at the boys. "GROUP HUG!", she squealed, pulling in Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. Knuckles picked up everyone in the group hug, and they all laughed as the scene fades out and the episode ends.