Modest or Girly?
TV Series Sonic Rush Saga
Season Number 1
Episode Number 2
Writer(s) Kayla Martin
Airing Date(s)
January 19, 2016
Runtime 22 minutes
Preceding Episode Sol Crises
Following Episode I Didn't Mean It!

"Modest or Girly?" is the second episode in the Sonic Rush Saga anime series. It was aired on January 19, 2016.


Once Blaze and Marine get settled in on Mobius, Amy, Cream, and Marine try to make Blaze stop acting so serious and more like a girl.


The episode begins with Blaze sleeping peacefully on the floor of Cream's bedroom in her pajamas which Amy loaned her. Cream was sleeping in her bed, while Marine and Amy was sleeping on the floor as well, and all four girls were fast asleep. As Amy is sleeping, she starts to sniff a food aroma in her sleep, and smiles. "Mmm..." she exclaims in her sleep. Amy opened her eyes slowly, leaning upwards and looking at her friends, who were still asleep. Quietly and cautiously, she tried to step around Cream's toys so she wouldn't wake up the other two. Unfortunately, this failed, as her foot landed on a dog toy which let out a barking noise.

Blaze shot up from her place on the floor, scattering and climbing onto the nearest wall, hissing from where the sound. Her claws were out, ready to strike. Cream woke up from all the commotion as well, sighing. "Calm down, Blaze! It's just a toy, not a real dog..." Amy said, showing Blaze the dog down. Blaze hissed when Amy brought it into sight, but stopped once she saw how small it actually was. She jumped form the wall, where a few claw marks were left behind. "My bad." Blaze apologized, scratching the back of her head awkwardly. Marine finally awakened from her sleep, yawning and stretching. "Nothing like waking up to dogs barking and royal cats having hissy fits." Marine groaned annoyingly, looking up at Blaze. Amy giggled, putting the dog down and walking out of Cream's bedroom door. Cream and Blaze walked behind her.

Once the four girls reached the bottom of the stairs, all of them gasps. In the dining room sat Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, who were at first talking but then drew their attention to the girls. Blaze looked down at herself, then quickly placed one hand over her mouth to prevent screaming and the other one to pull her night gown over her knees, blush growing on her face. "Hello Mr. Sonic, Mr. Tails, Mr. Knuckles. What are you three doing here?" Cream asked sleepily, rubbing her eyes. "Your mom invited us over; she said she wanted to make a welcoming breakfast for the arrival of Blaze and Marine." Tails replied.

Blaze ran into the living room, grabbing a cover off of the couch and wrapping it around her. "Not to rain on anyone's parade, but, what about the sol emeralds?" she asked. Amy chuckled, placing her hand on Blaze's shoulder. "Tsk tsk, you're way too serious. Act like a girl for once." Amy said. Without warning, she ripped the cover off of Blaze and revealed her night gown again, this time causing Blaze to let out a short scream. Knuckles chuckled in the background, but Sonic elbowed him in the stomach. "I-I am not too serious!" Blaze retaliated. "I beg to differ..." Marine quickly said under her breath. Blaze gasped in surprise, looking at her sidekick. "You too Marine?!" she cried. Marine whistled, looking away.

"It's official! We're having a total girls day!" Amy announced. "Yay!" Cream and Marine cheered. The two high-fived each other, but Blaze still looked dumbfounded. "Uhh, girls day? No thank you." she said, shaking her head. "Uhh, yes thank me. I'm gonna arrange the entire think, you just wait!" Amy replied proudly. Blaze sighed, grabbing her plate from the counter and sitting at the island, picking at her food. Sonic jumped up next to Blaze, swirling around in his chair. "Soo, you're really gonna go through with this?" he asked. "I have to, just to prove i'm not always serious." Blaze replied. Sonic laughed, stealing the biscuit off of Blaze's plate. "Give it back!" Blaze yelled at Sonic, trying to get her food back. "Nah ah ah, what are the magic words?" Sonic asked teasingly. "Hmmm, give it back or i'll kill you." Blaze replied, a ball of fire forming in her hand. Sonic quickly put the biscuit back and backed away slowly, sitting back at the table.

The scene shifts to later on in the day, where Blaze is sitting in the living room and writing something in a journal. Suddenly, Amy, Cream, and Marine run into the room, dressed up with dog ears and tails, paw print stickers on their cheeks. The three of them plopped on the couch next to Blaze, Amy grabbing the TV remote and turning on the television. Blaze looked up annoyingly from her writing. "Do you mind?" she asked. "Of coarse not Blaze!" Amy replied, followed by a laugh. Blaze scoffed, looking back at her journal. Just then, the theme song to a show started to play on the TV as well as the opening.

"♪~We are fuzzy! We are puppies! We are fuzzy fuzzy puppies! We love to play, we love to sing, we love everything! K-K-K-Kawaii!~♪"

Amy, Cream, and Marine were singing happily, dancing and jumping around. Blaze began to stand up, but Amy grabbed her arm and started to dance around. "Sing, Blaze!" Amy cheered, giggling. Blaze rolled her eyes and acted annoyed for a few seconds, then starts to grin, singing to the song. Everyone starts to cheer, and they all sing,

"♪~Fuuuuzzy Puppies! Pillow fights, flashlights, alright!~♪"

The next morning, the four girls are all tired out from the previous night of partying about fuzzy puppies, all fast asleep on the couch. There is a knock on the door, and at first, no one answers it. It stops, and then continues again. Cream's eyes opened as she sighed, dragging her body off the couch and walking towards the door. When she opened it, Tails was standing outside with a worried expression. "Why are you sleeping?! Don't you know that there's an attack on the city?!" he asked. Cream has a black, sleepy expression on her face. "Uhh, what?" she asked. Tails sighed in annoyance, walking inside. "There's an ATTACK on the CITY!" he announced loudly.

The other three girls woke up, all groaning in tiredness as they rolled off the couch. "Can't you get Sonic to handle it?" Blaze asked in annoyance, laying her head on the coffee table and trying to fall asleep. "I did, and he needs help! There's no way only me, him, and Knuckles can handle it." Tails replied, pointing outside. A huge stomp made the ground shake in a pattern as the others stood up. "Oh! Sonic's in trouble?! Let's go!" Amy chanted, her Piko Piko Hammer appearing in her hands. Blaze sighed and crossed her arms. "You know, fighting isn't very ladylike? I'd hate to get my clothes dirty." she said. "Well, we're heroes, and we're gonna save the day!" Marine replied, running out the door. Everyone ran towards the city, already knowing what to expect.

As the group arrived at the city, tons of citizens were running in a panic and away from danger, nearly knocking them down. In the center of Mobotropolis was a huge, metallic robot with long arms and sharp claws that stood at the height of the buildings. Indeed, Sonic and Knuckles were already there trying to hold it off, but their attacks seemed to have no effect. Being caught off guard, Knuckles was swatted into a wall. "Knuckles!" Cream cried. She flew towards the hurt echidna, while Amy, Blaze, and Tails stared at the robot. "Tails and Marine, you guys go help Cream get Knuckles to safety so he can heal. Amy and I will help Sonic. Now!" Blaze commanded. Tails nodded, leaving the girls. They ran up close and personal, where Sonic was spin dashing into the robot, only to be bounced back.

One of the arms then shot towards the ground, grabbing Sonic and bringing him into the air as he struggled to break free. "Sonic!" Amy shouted. She jumped up high into the air, performing a spin and swinging her hammer into the robots arm with great force. The arm vibrated, shaking out of control. Amy landed back on the ground and skid a few feet back, Sonic landing next to her. "Thanks Amy." Sonic said. Amy smiled, but then turned her attention back to the robot. "Who's piece of scrap metal is this?!" she asked, swinging her hammer at a arm that'd tried to capture her. Blaze ran up and performed a flare axis, colliding with another arm but bouncing off. "Well, whoever's it is, we're not hurting it at all." Blaze replied.

"We could try a combo." Sonic said to the girls, and they looked at him in confusion. "Sonic, we've never tried any combo moves before. How do you know it'll work?" Amy asked. She hit yet another robot arm, starting to grow tired. "Just listen. I'll form a spindash, and Blaze will engulf my body in flames-", Sonic started, but was interrupted. "Wait wait wait, you want my to ENGULF you in flames?! You'll burn to death!" Blaze said. "Trust me, Blaze, i'll be fine. Amy, you have to hit me with your hammer and aim for the robot. If we do it right, we might take it down." Sonic finished.

Both girls looked at each other, then nodded in agreement. Sonic took his mark on the ground, forming into the shape of a spiky ball and spinning at super fast speed. Blaze looked worried at first, but then determination crossed her face as she lit fire in her hands, shooting them at Sonic as the flames gathered around his quills. "Now Amy!" Blaze yelled. Amy took her hammer, tossing Sonic into the air and then launching him into the robot. He was moving even faster now, looking like a huge fire ball. His flaming quills cut right through the robot's metal, landing on the other side with burn marks on his fur. The robot toppled over into a nearby building, smoke spewing out of it. Amy and Blaze high-fived, running over to Sonic.

"You okay, Sonic?" Blaze asked worryingly. Sonic grunted, his arms shaking as he lifted himself off of the ground. "Never better." he replied, following by a cough. He fell back onto the ground in exhaustion, and the girls giggled. "Maybe we can get back in time for Fuzzy Puppies?" Blaze asked. Amy nodded, standing up and starting to walk back to Cream's house along with Blaze. Tails walked towards Sonic, helping him off the ground. "Sometimes, I don't get girls and their Fuzzy Puppies..." Sonic admitted, getting on his feet. Tails laughed, starting to walk with Sonic back to their house. "Hey, all girls aren't like that, Sonic. Like Blaze, i'm sure she'll be back to her mature, focused way in no time." Tails replied. Sonic stared down at his feet, "I hope so..."



  • Fuzzy Puppy Con actually originated from the Sonic Boom TV series.
  • At the beginning of the episode, it is inferred that Blaze has a fear a dog like most cats. This is forgotten about as the episode progresses.
  • This is the first time Amy, Cream, Marine, and Blaze are seen without shoes on.
    • This is also the first time Blaze has showed her legs, revealing they are lavender like the rest of her body. Her hair is also seen straight down instead of in a ponytail.