I Didn't Mean It!
TV Series Sonic Rush Saga
Season Number 1
Episode Number 3
Writer(s) Kayla Martin
Airing Date(s)
January 26, 2016
Runtime 22 minutes
Preceding Episode Modest or Girly?
Following Episode Emerald Beach

"I Didn't Mean It!" is the third episode in the Sonic Rush Saga anime series. It was aired on January 26, 2016.


Eggman creates a potion that will make people say the opposite of what they mean, and Sonic accidentally consumes it.


The story opens with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Blaze sitting outside of Cafe lé Chao in Mobotropolis, talking. Amy and Cream walk out of the cafe, both of them holding a platter with 3 drinks on them and chocolate chip cookies. They both sat their platters down on the table, then took a seat. "So, what did we miss?" Cream asked, grabbing her Moomoo Milk off of the table. "Nothing much, just discussing concepts for combo moves we could try in future fights." Knuckles replied. "Ah, I see." Cream said, now grabbing a chocolate chip cookie. "So," Blaze started, "I was thinking..."

In the background, Eggman is standing across from Sonic and his friend's table, wearing a large coat to hide his identity. He pulls out a bottle in his pocket, which contained a pink liquid. "This is it! Something that will separate Sonic from his friends for good!" he exclaimed. Slowly yet calmly, Eggman walked towards the table, making sure he didn't catch anyone's attention. Then, secretly, while no one was looking, he poured the potion into Sonic's coffee drink, then walks away like nothing happened. A few seconds later, Sonic reaches for his cup and takes a sip, suddenly gagging and coughing.

"Are you okay, Sonic?" Amy asked. Sonic was silent for a few seconds, then stopped coughing. "Perfect!" he replied. Sonic's hand suddenly covered his mouth. "Wait a second, I didn't say that...", he thought. "Are you sure?" Cream asked worryingly. Sonic smiled. "Of coarse i'm not sure. It's not like I know my own feelings or anything." he replied abruptly. Everyone at the table gasped, and Cream started to whimper. "I-I'm sorry Mr. Sonic." Cream said sadly, turning away. "Hey, what's wrong with you?!" Knuckles asked meanly, towering over Sonic. "What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you? Your breath smells, and I want you to get away from me." Sonic said. He suddenly covered his mouth with both hands.

"Oh, so that's what you think?" Knuckles said, cracking his knuckles. "That's exactly what I meant. I-I mean, Tails! You're dumb, you can't solve this!" Sonic blurted out. His body was shaking. He didn't know what was going on, and his friends were getting angry. "Now hold on Sonic, maybe we can fix this if you told us-..." Amy suggested, but was cut off. "Or maybe you can fix yourself, starting with that disgusting outfit." Sonic replied. Amy gasped, her eyes filled with sadness. "Y-You think..that?" she asked. Blaze was the most ticked off, walking up close to Sonic and getting in his face, her eyes filled with anger.

"Stop being a jerk, what is wrong with you?!" she yelled. Her anger started to take over her powers, Blaze's hands starting to form flames around them. "Haha, says you. You left an entire kingdom behind that was under your rule, and where are they now? So much for a princess." Sonic replied. He already knew that once he said that, it was the final straw. Blaze gritted her teeth, her entire body now looking like it was on fire. She grabbed Sonic's arm tightly, and a small sizzling could be heard as Sonic let out a yelp. "Take it back!" Blaze demanded. "Never!" Sonic replied. Blaze's grip only got tighter after that, her flames getting bigger, causing Sonic to practically scream. "Blaze, stop!" Amy said.

Blaze looked into Sonic's eyes coldly, and even thought it seemed like her entire body was burning, small tears formed in her eyes. Listening to Amy, she let go of Sonic, leaving a huge burn mark around his arm. Blaze started to breathe heavily, turning and running off, leaving nothing but cries of misery behind. "B-Blazey!" Marine called, chasing after her lavender friend. Everyone remaining looked at Sonic angrily, but Sonic looked confused yet sympathetic. "Guys..." he said. "I want- I mean don't want to hurt...I do, I don't!" Sonic said angrily, pulling at his ears. Tails scratched his chin, tapping his foot. "Something's not right...Sonic," Tails said, holding up 3 fingers, "How many fingers am I holding up?

Sonic looked at first, then answered proudly, "Negative 3." "Aha! I knew Sonic wouldn't act this way." Tails said, walking up to Sonic and grabbing his hand. "What do you mean Tails?" Knuckles asked suspiciously as they followed the fox. "For some reason, Sonic's saying the opposite of what he means, or even stuff he doesn't mean at all!" Tails replied, "We're going to my workshop to find a cure." Amy thought about it for a few seconds, then gasped. "So that means...You like my dress?" she asked head over heels, leaning towards Sonic. He started to blush. "N-No!" he replied. Amy giggled, and everyone continued to walk.

The scene changes to Sonic sitting inside of Tails' lab as Tails was making some type of potion, Amy, Cream, and Knuckles sitting around and waiting. After a few seconds, Tails walked over to Sonic holding a blue drink. "This should change you back to normal!" Tails said, smiling. He handed the drink the Sonic, who after a few seconds, gulped it down. At first, he didn't say anything. "Soo?" Tails asked, everyone standing up. Sonic looked at them, and without warning, let out a long, large belch. "Oh, gross!" everyone said in sync. Sonic laughed, and took everyone into a hug. "Haha, I feel better than ever!" he said. Everyone laughed as well, but then Marine came bursting into the lab and breathing heavily, the tip of her ear burned.

"Marine, what happened?!" Amy question, running over to the raccoon and grabbing her arm, sitting her down. "It's Blaze matey, she's really upset. I tried to follow and comfort her, but she fought me off." Marine replied, placing an icepack on her burned ear. Everyone looked at Sonic, who was looking at Marine and then at them. His expression grew scared. "Whoa whoa! I don't wanna go mess with her!" he said, already knowing what they were thinking. "Sonic, you have to, even though you didn't mean to hurt Blaze. She seems really sad, and I think it would be the best choice." Amy replied, "Where was she heading, Marine?"

"I dunno, uhh, somewhere near north of Green Hill." Marine replied dizzily. Sonic sighed, walking out the door. "If I die, I blame all of you." Sonic said, pointing to his friends. He walked out the door, taking in a deep breath and running off.

The scene changes again to Blaze sitting on the edge of a cliff, staring into the orange sunset of Green Hill Zone. Her eyes were red and weary, breathing softly and sniffling. Her ears started to twitch, meaning that they were detecting a sound coming closer to her. Blaze turned around, and Sonic appeared out of the wind, standing there. Blaze growled, turning her attention back towards the sunset. "What do you want?" she asked annoyingly, her eyes now narrow. Sonic stepped closer, his heart racing. "I-I wanted to apologize." he replied. Sonic sat next to Blaze on the ledge, looking at the sight in front of him. "Beautiful sunset." he said. Blaze tried to pay no attention to the blue hero, but couldn't help it. "Why'd you say all those mean things?" she asked.

Sonic sighed, looking down and kicking his feet. "It wasn't me, Blaze. I don't know who it was, but i'd never say anything like that to you. You're an awesome princess, and I know whatever happened to your kingdom, you didn't mean it." Sonic replied. Blaze looked at him, letting of a soft smile. "D'aww, stop it. You're making me blush." she replied, her cheeks actually turning slightly pink. Sonic chuckled, and the sun started to disappear as night fell upon them. "Soo, wanna head back to Cream's house?" Sonic asked. Blaze shook her head. "I kinda wanna go star gazing. You see, we don't have stars on my planets, only huge moons." Blaze replied. Sonic stood up, turning his back. "Well, i'll see you soon. Goodnight Blaze." he said, waving his hand. As Sonic prepared to run off, Blaze quickly hugged him from behind, then quickly faced back towards the sky. "G'night Sonic." she replied. Sonic smiled, and with that, he left back for home. The camera moves up to the sky, where a shooting star passes and the scene ends.



  • Even though Mobotropolis was completely destroyed in the previous episode, it is in perfect condition in this episode.
  • This is the first time Green Hill Zone is seen at night.