Emerald Beach
TV Series Sonic Rush Saga
Season Number 1
Episode Number 4
Writer(s) Kayla Martin
Airing Date(s)
February 2, 2016
Runtime 22 minutes
Preceding Episode Modest or Girly?
Following Episode Emerald Beach

"Emerald Beach" is the third episode in the Sonic Rush Saga anime series. It was aired on February 2, 2016.


The Sonic gang hang out at the beach, and they try to help Sonic with his fear of water.


It was a normal, sunny day on Mobius. There were no clouds in the sky, and the temperature reach a high of 90 degrees. Blaze yawned and stretched, sitting on top of Creams bed with her hair out of it's normal ponytail, and now fell straight down. Amy was standing next to the door, tying the back of Cream's swimsuit around her chest tight enough so that it wouldn't fall off. "Ouch! Amy, that hurt!" Cream complained, trying to loosen her bikini top, pulling her hair from being stuck between the straps. "Sorry Cream, I just don't want your top slipping off. That would be embarrassing, now wouldn't it?" Amy replied, smirking. Cream blushed, thinking of her top accidentally drifting off into the ocean and having to run back topless. "Not funny..."

Marine couldn't bear but to let out a laugh, tightening the straps on her one-piece swimsuit. "Am I the only one that wears these?" she asks, admiring herself in the mirror. "Yes." the other girls said in sync, then giggled. Marine rolled her eyes, grabbing a towel off of the side of Cream's bed and walking out the door. Blaze slipped into a pair of flip flops, also grabbing a towel and sunscreen. "You ready guys?" she asked. Amy stood up strait, and then the two of them nodded. Grabbing the last of the towels, the rest of the girls ran downstairs, where Marine was standing next to Vanilla, who was also wearing a one-piece swimsuit. "Ha! I'm not the only one!" she said proudly. Amy crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. "Whatever, Marine." she said, followed by a laugh.

Vanilla grabbed her sunhat off the counter, placing it on her head. "You girls ready?" she asked, grabbing her car keys. Everyone nodded, walking out the door to the blue convertible waiting in the driveway. They stopped when they noticed there was one passenger seat and three seats in the back. They all looked at each other, but Cream simply sat in the back. "I'm not old enough." she admitted. "And i'm the oldest." Blaze announced, walking over to the passenger side. Amy groaned, sitting in the back with Cream and Marine. "At least I don't have my booster seat anymore, or you really wouldn't have any space." Cream said, trying to lighten the moment. Vanilla hopped into the car, placing the key in ignition lock, and the car let out a powerful roar. Placing on her sun glasses, the car sped out of the driveway and down the community street.

The scene changes to Tails cleaning the X-Tornado with a wash cloth, making the airplane sparkle. "Ready guys?" he asks, looking back. Knuckles gave a thumbs up, but Sonic had an annoyed look on his face, arms crossed. "Eh, lighten up, Sonic. What could be better than seeing babes running on the beach all day?" Knuckles asked jokingly, but Sonic scoffed and rolled his eyes. Tails jumped into the front seat of the X-Tornado, Knuckles jumping onto one of the wings. "Come on, Sonic! We don't have time for this." Tails yelled. Sonic jumped into the back seat of the X-Tornado. "Alright, but if anything bad happens, it's your fault." Sonic argued. "I'm fine with that." Tails replied. Without another word, he pulled out of his workshop garage and lifted into the air without problem.

Finally, the setting shifts to Emerald Beach. There are tons of other Mobians hanging out on the beach as well, building sand castles, getting tans, swimming, and lots more. Amy was getting a sun tan, laying on her towel in the soft, tan sand. Cream and Marine were building a sand castle metropolis, trying to build it as high as they could. Blaze was collecting sea shells, digging through the sand as far as her cat claws would let her. While searching, Blaze came across something shining. She dug in the spot where she thought it was coming from, and found a silver medallion with a star in the center. "Ooh, pretty." she admired. Blaze placed the medallion around her neck, and it fit right on her. After staring at her reflection in the medallion for a few seconds, she heard an engine revving behind her, and turned around to see Tails landing his X-Tornado.

"Sonic! Tails! Knuckles!" Cream yelled, waving her hand wildly to get their attention. Tails waved back, jumping out of his place and running onto the beach in his swim shorts. Sonic jumped out of his seat along with Knuckles, who jumped off the wing of the plane. Sonic was holding a pair of uninflated floaties in his hand as he sat under the umbrella next to Amy. The pink hedgehog pulled down her shades and looked at Sonic, cocking her eyebrow. "Aren't you gonna go do something?" she asked, placing her shades back on. "No." Sonic replied, leaning his head on his knees and sighing. Amy leaned upwards and took her shades off, standing up and tugging at Sonic's arm. "W-What are you doing!?" Sonic questioned as they left the umbrella and got closer to the water. "You are going to have fun, and enjoy it." Amy replied. "HEY EVERYONE, THE WATER'S FINE!" she yelled across the beach.

Tails and Knuckles stopped their game, Cream and Marine stopped making sand castles, and Blaze stopped collecting shells. Everyone ran towards Amy, splashing into the water and laughing. Sonic tried to pull away from Amy's grasp, backing away from the deep blue ocean. "I-I can't do it. I have water log." Sonic stuttered. A look of disappointment crossed Amy's face as she looked up at her blue hero. "Well, okay. Fine. You're the one missing out." she blurted. Amy ran into the water, splashing Blaze and Cream. Sonic looked at everyone and sighed, turning around and heading for his towel in the sand until he heard an engine. Sonic looked around, and then there was a loud scream from the east side of the beach as the lifeguard tower fell over.

Sonic didn't hesitate as he ran towards the building smoke, his friends noticing as well. Out of the smoke appeared a robot with Eggman's symbol on the front, and evil laugh being heard. "Eggman!" Sonic shouted. "Oh ho ho! Yes, it is I, the amazing Doctor Eggman. But I am not alone!" he yelled back. All of a sudden, another robot appeared out of the sky with the same logo, but with inverted colors. "Indeed." a similar voice said out of the other robot. "Eggman Nega! I thought I got rid of you!" Blaze yelled. "Well, you thought wrong." Eggman Nega replied. All of a sudden, a huge claw reached out from the robot aiming for Blaze. Blaze stood there and clenched her fist as if expecting something to happen, but looked surprised after a few seconds. "My flames! They're-..." she said, but the claw grabbed her and lifted Blaze into the air.

"Extinguished? Yeah, we knew this would be the perfect time to attack. From all the water, your clothes weigh down on you, therefor making you slower and weakening you." Eggman replied, laughing. "Put Blaze down!" Amy demanded, getting out her hammer and running up to the robot. But even she noticed that she wasn't running as fast, and was knocked to the side by Eggman's robot. "Amy!" Cream cried, running towards her friend. Sonic gasped, the gritted his teeth as he spindashed into the claw, knocking it away. "Gah! I'm getting suffocated over here!" Blaze screamed, trying to break free. "Eggman Nega! Put her down or else!" Tails yelled, flying into the air. "Put her down? Oh, fine." he replied. The claw holding Blaze spun around extremely fast, tossing Blaze far into the ocean as she fell into the water and caused a big splash.

"BLAZE!" Sonic yelled, running towards the edge of the water. Knuckles punched one of the claws on Eggman Nega's robot, causing it to fall off. Sonic looked into the water, his reflection mocking him as his body shook. "I-I have to save her, but-..." Sonic thought. He didn't see Blaze reappear on the surface, so after a few seconds of trying to build up courage, Sonic jumped into the water and under the surface. "Sonic, no!" Tails cried. He attempted to fly higher into the air, but the water in his swim short were weighing him down as he look desperately into the water.

Sonic almost lost complete control over his body, trying his best not to flail as he floated through the water, stinging his eyes and burning his nose. He caught sight of Blaze, who's hands were danging upward as she floated towards the bottom of the ocean. No bubbles were exiting her nose or mouth, as Sonic hurried to save her. He used all his strength to push his water logged body forward, grabbing Blaze's hand and pulling the two of them close together. "I'm here..." Sonic thought, but Blaze showed no response. Sonic attempted to float upwards, transforming into his spin dash form and rocketing upwards, leaping over the surface. When he landed back in the water, his body floated as he kicked his legs wildly, trying not to drown.

But then, Cream flew by, flopping her ears as she lowered towards the ocean. "Hang on Sonic!" she yelped, lowering her hands. She grabbed Sonic's arms as he held Blaze tightly, Cream flying back towards the beach as fast as he could as there was an explosion noise. As they landed on the beach, Knuckles was swinging Eggman and Eggman Nega's robots by their claw arms and threw them into the distance. He admired his strength, letting out a chuckle as he drew his attention to Sonic, Cream, and Blaze. Sonic placed Blaze on the sand as everyone surrounded her, worried looks on their faces. "Blaze?" Amy whispered. She placed her head against Blaze's chest, and her eyes grew wide. "Her breathing is very low..." she told her friends.

"Can anyone here do CPR?" Knuckles asked, looking around. Sonic thought for a second, a thought appearing in his mind. What if he got the chance to kiss Blaze, but for a good reason? He thought about how Blaze would call him a hero, worship him and adore him. Sonic's thoughts ended, but as he was about to volunteer, Amy was already giving her last mouth-to-mouth breath as Blaze's eyes opened. Sonic got a disgusted look on his face as well as the other boys, Amy leaning back as Blaze leaned upwards, looking around and then at Amy. "Did you just...kiss me?" she asked confusingly. Amy blushed, shaking her head quickly. "N-No, just CPR. Saving your life." Amy replied embarrassingly. Blaze shrugged, "I hardly remember anything anyway. As long as those Eggheads are gone," she said. Everyone laughed, but Sonic turned away and looked into the sun as the screen fades out.