Sonic Rush Heroes is a 2D/3D handheld and mutiple game for Nintendo 3DS and it's the next installment of Sonic Rush Series and its like Sonic Heroes and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Heroes.


This game gives you the ability to control three characters, who are available at any time to choose from, as the player may switch the party's leader freely whilist the other two characters follow. Each character has an indvividual ability and new moves:

  • Speed-type characters are for fast stages and they have new moves: Insta-shield, peel-out, air tricks, slide and extra boost.
  • Flight-type characters are for reaching high places and they also have new moves: Lift, fly, swim, carry either or both Speed-type and Power-type and tail-swipe.
  • Power-type characters are for breaking objects and they have new moves as well: Stomp, glide, climb and triple tornado attack. 

Speed, Flight and Power can now be any color of each team and this game has elemental shields: Fire shield, bubble shield and lightning shield. the player must use these abilities and new moves to traverse Eight Zones and Extra Zones just like the ones from Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic Rush. Each team also has a Team Blast Skill which be performed when the Team Blast gauge is full. This can be achieved by performing such actions as destroying enemies.


in addition to controlling three characters the player may select one of six teams however two of the six teams: Team Sonic and Team Blaze, who are both available to use at the beginning of the game, Team Dark, Team Rose, Team Chaotix and Team Babylon are unlockable teams just like Sonic Free Riders. Each team has one member capable of the aformentiond skills, which are Speed, Flight and Power but follow a different, yet interwined storyline. each team also has a unique Team Blast Skill that has major power and additional effects.

Team Sonic

  • Speed: Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Flight: Silver the Hedgehog
  • Power: Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Head of the Team: Sonic the Hedgehog

Team Blast: Sonic Overdrive

This team blast has Shadow grab Silver by the feet, then Silver grabs Sonic by the feet as well. All three characters then spin around. Upon release Silver kicks Sonic, who then yells "Bombs Away!" and Sonic starts bouncing around the area at astounding speed destroying all enemies in the area. After the performance Sonic can perform Light Speed Attack on additional nerby enemies and using Sonic with Thunder Shoot or Fire Dunk gives a similar effect until the team blast gauge resets.


Silver finally caught up with Sonic and Shadow in the Tornado 2. Sonic, Shadow and Silver receive a message from Dr.Eggman and Eggman Nega that their newest weapon will be ready in five days. Once the weapon is complete, the two will rule the world and build Eggmanland. The Eggmen challenge them, and Sonic accepts. So the Three Heroes must band together again and foil Eggmen's plan once again.

Team Blaze

  • Speed: Blaze the Cat
  • Flight: Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Power: Knuckles the Echidna
  • Head of the Team: Blaze the Cat

Team Blast: Blaze Armada

This new team blast has Tails whistle, causing a tons of Ocean Tornados to appear, then Blaze and Tails spin dash into the cannons and Ocean Tornados shoot a ton of shots, including Blaze and Tails, in and out repeatedly destroying all enemies in the area. After the performance, cannon fire will continue to fire on the the ground and a tons of Blaze's flames will appear destroying additional enemies until the Team Blast gauge resets.


Blaze, Tails and Knuckles are on the Ocean Tornado, enjoying a vacation, until all of the sudden their ship was shot down by a cannon fire and bringing them to Southern Mobius again. The Sol Emeralds that Blaze were holding scatter. After they woke up they found themselves in Southern Mobius, which Knuckles has never been to before so this is his first time exploring the place, and the ship is damaged, with the Sol Emeralds scattered as well. It is soon revealed that Eggman's robots fired the cannon, so the three must work together to get all the Sol Emeralds, get some parts to repair the Ocean Tornado, and find and defeat the Eggmen.

Team Babylon

  • Speed: Jet the Hawk
  • Flight: Wave the Swallow
  • Power: Storm the Albatross
  • Head of the Team: Jet the Hawk

Team Blast: Babylon Strike

This team blast has Jet pull out a ring from the Ark of Cosmos and perform Babylon Strike. Wave then lifts Storm with his Type-S Blaster off the ground and Storm spins his troso around while shooting a powerfu blast attack from his arms to destroy all enemies in the area. After the performance, time will be stopped which means all enemies, doors and switches will be frozen in place until the Team Blast gauge resets.


During the night, Jet is standing on top of the skyscraper watching the city below. All of a sudden, the electricity goes off and a huge screen appears on the skyscaper. Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega appear on it and inform the world that in days to come the entire world will witness their newest weapon being unleashed to this city. Jet heads to the G.U.N. headquarters and reports what to Wave, Storm and the Commander. However, they already got the message and sent troops to their base to stop them, however, none of them return. Jet decided to find Eggmen along with Wave and Storm so the three Anti-heroes head to confront Eggmen and rescue the soldiers.

Team Rose

  • Speed: Amy Rose
  • Flight: Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao
  • Power: Big The Cat
  • Head of the Team: Amy Rose (Metal Madness Battle only)/Big The Cat (Story Mode only)

Team Blast: Flower Festival

This team blast has Big bounce Amy and Cream on the surface of his umbrella. Amy and Cream then hop up to form a tower with Big, with Cream balancing on Amy, Amy balancing on top of Big's umbrella and Big holding his umbrella as high as he can. Cheese then begins showing flowers and petals, destroying all enemies in the area. After the perfomance each member is granted a Power Core while the team itself is granted a shield, a fire shield, a bubble shield or a lightning shield and become invincible for a short time before the Team Gauge resets.


On a sunny day Amy, Cream, Cheese, Big, Vanilla, the Chao and all animal friends have gathered to celebrate and party. Big, Froggy and some animal friends are seen performing dress up for the children while the rest are watching. All of a suddenz one of Eggman's huge battleships emerge then attack and capture most of the Chao, animal friends and Vanilla. Amy, Cream, Cheese and Big then gather the strength and courage and embark on a journey to rescue them.


  • Dr. Eggman
  • Eggman Nega
  • Cubot
  • Orbot


  • Egg Pawn
  • Egg Flapper
  • Egg Hammer
  • Egg Magician
  • Klagen
  • Rhino-Liner
  • Cameron
  • Falco
  • E-2000
  • Buzzer
  • Chopper
  • Crabmeat
  • Crawl
  • Jawz
  • Moto Bug
  • Sandworm
  • Spiny
  • Mole
  • Batbot
  • Orbinaut
  • Burrobot
  • Bubbles
  • Spinner
  • Egg Shackles
  • Egg Typhoon
  • Egg Launcher


Each Zone has two acts and a boss and it has zone location map just like Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic Rush.

  • Ocean Hill Zone (First Zone)(Location: Beach)
  • Technical City Zone (Second Zone)(Location: City)
  • Casino Starlight Zone (Third Zone)(Location: Casino)
  • Desert Canyon Zone (Fouth Zone)(Location: Canyon)
  • Mushroom Forest Zone (Fifth Zone)(Location: Jungle)
  • Mystical House Zone (Sixth Zone)(Location: Haunted)
  • Egg Sky Fleet Zone (Seventh Zone)(Location: Airship)
  • Egg-X Zone (Eighth and Final Zone)(Location: Space)


Boss acts are so similar to the ones in Sonic Heroes and Sonic Rush.

  • Egg Bird (Ocean Hill Zone's Boss)
  • Team Battle: Team Sonic vs. Team Rose/Team Cat vs. Team Babylon (Technical City Zone's Boss)
  • Robot Jackpot (Casino Starlight  Zone's Boss)
  • Egg Swallow (Desert Canyon Zone's Boss)
  • Team Battle: Team Sonic vs. Team Babylon/Team Cat vs. Team Rose (Mushroom Forest Zone's Boss)
  • Robot Haunted (Mystical House Zone's Boss)
  • Egg Altitude (Egg Sky Fleet Zone's Boss)
  • Super Egg Robo MK2 (Egg-X Zone's Boss)

Special Stage

The special stages are similar to the ones in Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Sonic Rush, but this time the three characters of each team must work together to collect rings and obtain a Chaos Emerald. To get to a special stage, you must collect 50 rings or more and jump into a giant ring. Just like in Sonic Advance Series and Sonic Rush if the player get enough rings before reaching the half-way point they would be given higher ring count and would then collect that many by the end of the special stage to obtain a Chaos Emerald. There are bombs so make sure you avoid them and there are egg flappers. For each flapper destroyed, the team will get one ring to three rings. There is also a trick panel, which if the player hits it, will launch the team into the air and they will will have to touch floating numbers in their respective order to gain rings. They will get no rings if the time runs out or somebody gets hit by the wrong number.

Extra Zone/Final Story (Team Sonic & Team Cat)

You must complete all 6 teams' story modes, collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds and all 7 Sol Emeralds to get to the Extra Zone/Final Story

Team Super

  • Speed: Super Sonic
  • Flight: Super Shadow
  • Power: Super Silver
  • Head of the Team: Super Sonic

Team Burning

  • Speed: Burning Blaze
  • Flight: Super Tails
  • Power: Super Knuckles
  • Head of the Team: Burning Blaze

Team Blast: Super and Burning Power

This team is similar to Sonic Overdrive and Blaze Armada, but this time they are in their Super State and the they have no effect and no team blast resets. This team blast is the only way to defeat Super Egg King.


Their newest weapon Super Egg King is finally completed, Sonic and his friends are too late to stop them in time. Dr.Eggman and Eggman Nega said they will finally take over the world with this weapon and both Sonic and Blaze's World will collide into one and they will build Eggmanland together. Before they can do that the Eggmen are challanged by Team Sonic, Team Blaze, Team Dark, Team Rose, Team Chaotix and Team Babylon to a showdown which they accept. Blaze said they already got all the Sol Emeralds, Sonic told his friends if have all the 6 Chaos emeralds before his teammates show the Chaos Emeralds to Sonic. Team Dark, Team Rose, Team Chaotix and Team Babylon show up. Team Sonic and Team Blaze use all the 6 Chaos Emeralds while Sonic holds a Blue Chaos Emerald and Blaze holds all the 7 Sol Emeralds. Shadow, Silver, Tails, and Knuckles all distract the Egg King while Sonic turns into Super Sonic.


  • New Moon Zone/Super Egg King Part: 1(Extra Zone/New Moon Zone's Boss for Team Dark, Team Rose, Team Chaotix and Team Babylon)

After Team Babylon and Tenam Rose finish part 1 of the stage, the Super Egg King takes off. All of the heroes then touch the Chaos and Sol Emerals, then turn Super before chasing the Eggmen.

  • New Moon Zone/Super Egg King Part: 2 (Extra Zone/New Moon Zone's Boss for Team Super and Team Burning)

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