Sonic Rush 3D is a Nintendo 3DS platform game and sequel to Sonic Rush Adventure. It's gameplay is just like that of the previous Sonic Rush titles, only it has improved 3D graphics and new gameplay features. This time, Tails and Cream are playable alongside Sonic and Blaze.


Sonic, Tails and Cream are riding the Cyclone, scouting a chasm in the middle of Splash Hill, when all of a sudden, a giant hole opens up in the ground and the sky turns green and lightning strikes the hole. It sucks Sonic, Tails and Cream into it and they find themselves in a hot, magma-filled area. Upon waking up, they find Blaze, who has just had the same experience before arriving where the heroes are now. They learn about a new villainous group of cats called the Frostbite Fellowship, who kidnap Tails and Cream, poising Sonic and Blaze to go save them. After their friends are rescued from a giant enemy cyborg, they learn that the Frostbite Fellowship are the reason they are in this mess, and the evil felines are trying to cause environmental collapse in both Sonic's world and Blaze's world, and they found out that only Sonic and Blaze can stop them, which is why they sealed them in a Caged Underworld. Now, Sonic, Blaze, Tails and Cream must work together to find 7 mystical keys to escape their colossal danger filled prison and chase after their new enemy.


The gameplay is like that of the Sonic Rush games, only now, Sonic and Blaze aren't the only playable characters. After a certain condition is met, Tails and Cream (the characters' supporters in the original Sonic Rush) can be played as. Sonic's gameplay is basically unchanged from the previous Sonic Rush games, only now, he can use the Stomp move from Unleashed, Colours and Generations, and he can use the Light Speed Dash and the powers of the elemental shields (the fire shield, the bubble shield and the lightning shield, which have all returned from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles). Blaze is also pretty much the same, only now, she can use her double jump from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and her fireball attack without being in her Burning form. Tails plays much like he did in earlier 2D Sonic games, with the ability to fly and the ability to slash forward with his tails. He can now also freely maneuver underwater by spinning his tails while submerged, and he can sometimes take control of vehicles like a land mech and a submarine. Cream's gameplay is just like her gameplay in Sonic Advance 2, only she now has the ability to skip across the surface of any body of water when she's moving fast, and she can now do a dive kick while she's in flight mode. Each stage consists of 2 regular acts and a boss, which must be defeated to progress to the next stage. In the hub world, the four heroes can do missions or explore the Caged Underworld for one of the keys or new locations. Once all seven of the keys are found, a special event will happen.


  • Heat Ridge
  • Blue Summer
  • Botanical Citadel
  • Eerie Zoo
  • Sludge Quay
  • Virtual Resort
  • Planet Frostbite
  • Destructive Void
  • Frontier Palace

Voice Cast

Roger Craig Smith as Sonic the Hedgehog

Laura Bailey as Blaze the Cat

Kate Higgins as Miles "Tails" Prower

Michelle Ruff as Cream the Rabbit

Karen Strassmen as Freeze the Cat

Steve Kramer as Chilly the Gryphon

John DiMaggio as Cyberjack the Cyber Terrier

Scott Menville as Tracy Bison

Tara Strong as Deborah Terrier

Frank Welker as various male Frostbite Fellowship members

Cindy Robinson as various female Frostbite Fellowship members

Mike Pollock as Cloaked Medic #1 and Cloaked Medic #2


"Don't be hasty! Not until I see those Mobians pummeled to dust! Which should be any moment now!" - Freeze the Cat to Cyberjack the Cyber Terrier while watching Sonic, Blaze, Tails and Cream fight the boss of Virtual Resort.

"UGH! Pink water! It's all coming back to me..." Tails regarding the pink water at Sludge Quay.


  • This is the first Sonic Rush game to not have the 4Kids voice cast, but rather the newer voice cast that has been voice acting for the Sonic games since 2010.
  • This is the first Sonic game to have the option to turn the voices (voice acting in story cutscenes, text cutscene voice clips and gameplay voice clips) on or off.
  • The traditional robot enemies are replaced with completely organic enemies, cyborg enemies and giant bioweapon enemies which have to be hit 4 four times before they are destroyed.


Heroes (Playable Characters):

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