Sonic Rivals: Triple Dash is an upcoming video game for the Nintendo 3DS meant to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog.


Team Heroes Story

Sonic and Tails have word that Chao have once again been going missing. Believing that Dr. Eggman is up to his old tricks again, the two venture across Angel Island and South Island for answers.

Team Wild Story

Knuckles was lying around, guarding the master emerald. Suddenly, Tikal appears out of the bushes. She tells him that Chaos has been kidnapped. If some evil force were to take advantage of him, the world could be destroyed. Not wanting anyone to suffer, the two head out to rescue him.

Team Dark Story

Shadow and Rouge receive word from G.U.N. thata strange dimensional rifts is forming. The two are assigned to find the source and stop it before it collapses on itself.

Team Rose Story

Amy finds Cream and Cheese crying because Chocola has been kidnapped. Hating to see her best friend suffer, Amy decides to help her look for the two chao.

Team Future Story

Blaze has found out that Eggman Nega has taken the Sol Emeralds and will use them to create dimensional portals. Following him (although losing him later), she runs into Silver, who has travelled back to the past to stop Eggman Nega. The team agree to help eachother restore the future and get the Sol Emeralds back.

Team Mech Story

After he was locked up and had his identity stolen by his descendant, Eggman sends Metal Sonic after Omega, telling him to pretend he wants to stop the scientist to get Omega to help him take down Nega. Accepting that Metal Sonic has become rebellious towards the doctor, the two hunt for what Omega believes to be the real Eggman.


The Gameplay is similar to the first and second Sonic Rivals games for the PSP. One new feature is that each character is classified to a Speed, Fly or Power type category similar to Sonic Heroes. There are certain paths that only one type can enter (Using Grind Rails for Speed Types, Flying Breaking, Breaking Stone Walls for Power)

Basic Commands:

Control Pad/D-Pad: Move Left and Right/Look Up/Crouch

B/A: Jump

L/R: Use Special

Speed Type Characters:

B/A (twice) (when no enemy or rival is nearby): Jump Dash

B/A (twice) (when enemy or rival is nearby): Homing Attack

Down & B/A or X/Y: Spin Dash

Other: Grind on Rails

Fly Type Characters:

B/A (Hold in mid-air): Fly (will run out in time)

X/Y: Close Range Attack

Power Type Characters:

B/A (Hold in Mid-Air): Glide

X/Y: Punch/Kick

Other: Climb/Walk up Walls



Character Type Team Bio
[[Sonic the Hedgehog|
SLW New Sonic
Sonic the Hedgehog]]
Speed Heroes The world's fastest, coolest, and bluest hedgehog. Sonic has a good heart and a bad attitude. Although he seems cocky and full of himself, he will never refuse to help someone in need.

His special ability, Sonic Boom, will allow him to become invincible and move at high speeds.

[[Miles "Tails" Prower|
Tails (Sonic Lost World)
Miles "Tails" Prower]]
Fly Heroes Sonic's sidekick and, more importantly, best friend. Tails is a scientific genius (on par with Dr. Eggman) and can use his twin tails to fly at ease. Although he used to want to be like Sonic, he has learned to follow his own path.

His special ability, Missile Launch, will launch missiles to nearby enemies and rivals nearby.

Knuckles the Echidna Power Wild The guardian of the Master Emerald and one of Sonic's rivals. He tends to be independent and hard headed, but he will allow the help of his friends when he needs it. He is the last of his species other than Tikal.

His special ability is Knuckles Slam, where he punches the ground and creates a force field around himself.

Tikal the Echidna Fly Wild The daughter of the chief of the ancient Echidna tribe. She is a pacifist and hates seeing the suffering of others. She sealed herself and Chaos in the Master Emerald years ago, but Chaos has since reformed.

Her special ability is New Hope, which will take all rings the opponent has and give them to herself.

Amy Rose Speed Rose Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend, she has been following Sonic since the adventure in Little Planet. She may seem dainty and helpless, but those who say so think different after witnessing her Piko Piko hammer.

When using Hammer Time, she will use her hammer and become a power type character temporarily.

Cream the Rabbit Fly Rose After Sonic and company saved her and her mother, she has been friends with the whole gang (especially Amy). She was raised by her mother to be a polite girl and is rarely seen without her pet Chao, Cheese.

She is a Friend of All Chao, and can call upon their help so they will beat up nearby robots and rivals.

Shadow the Hedgehog Speed Dark The Ultimate Life Form created on the Space Colony ARK, he has recently been teaming up with Rouge as a G.U.N. agent. He is Sonic's arch-rival and frowns upon most of his views, but overall they respect each other.

He can use Chaos Control to slow down time, leaving his rivals and robots in slow motion.

Rouge the Bat Fly Dark A seductive treasure hunter and secret agent, Rouge will do anything to get what she wants. She is quite flirty (especially to Knuckles and Shadow) and is the closest thing Shadow has to an actual friend.

She can use Bat Guard to summon a swarm of non-anthropomorphic bats to use as a damage shield.

Silver the Hedgehog Speed Future A mysterious hedgehog from the future with telekinetic powers. He tends to time travel to create better futures. He first met Blaze at Sweet Mountain, and while they only met recently, they feel like they've known each other for years.

When he activates his Psychic Control, he will activate his telekinetic powers and become a Fly-Type character temporarily.

Blaze the Cat Power Future The princess of an alternate dimension and the guardian of the Sol Emeralds. She has pyrokinetic abilities and shunned the idea of friendship until she met Sonic and Cream.

Flames of Kilekion allow her to surround herself in a fiery tornado and and become invincible for a while.

Metal Sonic Speed Mech Dr. Eggman's greatest Robot. He is an exact replica of Sonc in lookes, speed and power. He once tried to betray Eggman and take over the world himself, but is now under Eggman's control again.

He has a special scanner called a Copy Cat device that will scan his rival's special moves and use them himself. When facing another Metal Sonic 3.0 or Omega, he will instead use Sonic Boom.

E-123 Omega Power Mech The 23rd and final robot in the E-100 line. He was locked up by Eggman in a storage warehouse and shut down. Afterwards, he was freed by Rouge and swore revenge against the doctor and his "worthless consumer models".

With Boost Activated, he will shift into speed-type character mode.

Classic Sonic Speed Genesis This is how Sonic looked from 1991-1997. You can't go wrong with the classics. He once teamed up with his future self to stop a strange time manipulating monster.

Just like his future counterpart, his special is Sonic Boom.

He is only playable in free play and multi-player mode.

Classic Tails Fly Genesis This is how Tails looked in Sonic's adventures through Westside and Angel Islands. He also helped in the adventure through White Space, but he didn't take part in the action.

He can use his Missile Launch just like his future self.

He is only playable in free play and multi-player mode.


Dr. Eggman: Sonic's Arch nemesis and a Mad Doctor with an IQ of 300. He has been kidnapped by his descendant and needs Metal Sonic's help.

Eggman Nega: Eggman's Future Descendant and an enemy of both Silver and Blaze. He is planning on destroying the world by combining the powers of Chaos and the Ifrit.

The Ifrit: A strange being from another dimension. It feeds on Chao to become stronger.

Chaos: The original guardian of the Master Emerald, he originally seeked revenge on humanity for hurting Chao, but has reformed in recent years.

Metal Sonic version 3.0: Eggman Nega's own version of Metal Sonic, he has been rebuilt and more powerful than ever.


Egg Pawns

Egg Flappers

Knight Pawn


Egg Guardian (Angel Island)

Egg Mega (Green Hill)

Egg General (Central City)

Egg Deity (Mystic Ruins)

EggRobo ver. 2.0 (Mad Gear)

Chafrit (Dimensional Rift)

Competition Types

Knock-Out:  Players start with three rings. The goal is to knock all of the rings out of the rivals and then attack them to win. Each time the rival is knocked out, a star is given to player. The first one to collect a certain amount of stars wins.

Ring Battle: Players have a limited time to collect as many rings as possible. The player with the most rings at the end of the time limit wins.

Capture the Chao: A Sonic themed version of "Capture the Flag". Players must steal a set number of Chao from their opponent's base and bring them back to their own base with their own Chao still there to win.

Race: The first player complete a set number of laps around the track wins.

King of the Hill: An Omochao is stationed at the top of the level with a light beam. Players earn points by simply standing under it. The first player to the set number of points wins.

Tag: A Sonic themed cross between Hot Potato and Tag. Each player has a time limit that drops when they hold the bomb. Players pass the bomb by attacking the other player. The first player to have their time limit expire loses.


The game is compatible with a new line of Sonic the Hedgehog amiibo. Using each amiibo will unlock a stage (for free play and multi-player) for that character (Metal Sonic for the Eggman amiibo) based on a previous stage in the series. Winning three challenges as the character will unlock a costume

  • Sonic amiibo (normal or Smash): Windy Hill: Unlocks Boom Outfit
  • Tails amiibo: Seaside Hill: Unlocks Boom Outfit
  • Knuckles amiibo: Sky Sanctuary: Unlocks Boom Outfit
  • Amy amiibo: Twinkle Park: Unlocks Boom Outfit
  • Shadow amiibo: Westopolis: Unlocks Lancelot Outfit
  • Dr. Eggman amiibo: Lava Mountain: Unlocks Neo Metal Sonic Outfit.


  • This is the first Sonic Rivals game on 3DS and not on PSP
    • It is also the first one released in Japan.
  • Espio is the only playable character in the previous game to not return.
  • The types and team names of the characters seem to be reused from Sonic Runners. The game shows Central City existing on South Island, previously also shown in the Non-Canon Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.
  • Of all the stages unlockable via amiibo, Sonic Lost World is the only one represented by two stages.
  • Race to Win is a returning track.