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Front Cover

Sonic Riders Advance is a new game of Sonic Riders Series , not a port of the game. The game features new gameplay style , new stages , boss fights (in original Sonic Riders , only have a one boss fight) , and more.


Three years after the original Sonic Riders , Sonic and your team started look for Eggman (because , Eggman dropped a letter in Tails' House) , and suddenly , Eggman appears and stole Sonic's Chaos Emeralds. Sonic chases Eggman and finds Jet (who also is chasing Eggman for get the Emeralds). The two colides and starts a race for get the Emeralds. Amy and Shadow appears during the Emerald Hunt.


The gameplay is more like a 2D Version of the game but features a new skill , the "Board" skill , in this game , the riders board are opitional (by pressing L or R). This Board skill is about the control of the board. During the game the player can do special moves during the gameplay.

Game Modes

Story Mode

In this mode , you go to various race courses. During the story mode , you fight with Robotink.

Free Mode

Is a normal racing mode.

Time Trial Mode

A mode to get the best time. When you get a good time , you can save a ghost.

Multiplayer Mode

  • 1 vs. 1
  • 2 vs. 2
  • 3 vs. 3
  • Ghost Trade


  • Amy Rose , the Sonic "girlfriend"
  • Jet , the Babylon Rouge member
  • Knuckles , the Master Emerald Guardian
  • Shadow , the ultimate life form
  • Sonic , the fastest thing alive
  • Super Sonic , the ultimate form of the fastest thing alive.
  • Super Shadow , the ultimate form of the Sonic Clone.
  • Tails , the truth sidekick;

Starter Characters

  • ===Sonic the Hedgehog===
  • Description : "The our hero , fast and alive. Blue , five spikes and pure coolness! - Sonic Riders Advance Manual"

​Stats :

  1. ​Speed : 8
  2. Jump : 9
  3. Board : 6

Special Ability : Dash - Give Sonic more Speed (Hold A)

  • Advantages : Good jump and speed , The Dash ability is good to control.
  • Disvantages : Not recommended for starters players , because of crap board skill , the dash ability can cancel a jump.
  • ===Miles "Tails" Prower===
  • Description : "The sidekick , a eight-old red fox , with a genius brain to create incredible machines!. Two Tails is better than one! - Sonic Riders Advance"

Stats :

  1. Speed : 7
  2. Jump : 8
  3. Board : 4

Special Ability : Fly - Make Tails fly (Tap A in Air)

  • Advantages : Good for starters players because the Fly ability.
  • Disvantages : Horrible board skill , not so good for linked 1 vs. 1 battle.
  • ===Knuckles the Edchina===
  • Description : "The Master Emerald guardian , mysterious and powerful , can glide on walls. - Sonic Riders Advance"


  1. Speed : 5
  2. Jump : 8
  3. Board : 5

Special Ability : Glide - Can make Knuckles fly and grab on walls (Tap A in Air)

  • ​Advantages : Gliding , good jumping , good in boss battles.
  • Disvantages : Average speed and board control.
  • ===Jet the Hawk===
  • Description : "The leader of a group of bandits called the Babylon Rouges , the second most hated Sonic Rival , have good board control. - Sonic Riders Advance Manual


  1. Speed : 6
  2. Jump : 8
  3. Board : 10

Special Ability : Hawk Fly - Like Tails' fly , but can stays on air more time. (Tap A in Air)

  • Advantages : Good jumping and boarding , Hawk Fly is good.
  • Disvantages : Average speed , the hawk fly cannot be controled.
  • ===Amy Rose===
  • Description : "The Sonic "girlfriend" , the only female character in game , have a good jumping and a scary hammer - Sonic Riders Advance Manual."


  1. Speed : 6
  2. Jump : 9
  3. Board : 7

Special Ability : Piko-Piko Hammer - Amy use the hammer to make the enemy dizzy (Press B)

  • Advantages : Good jumping , Piko-Piko Hammer ability.
  • Disvantages : Average Speed and Boarding , Piko-Piko Hammer only can be used if the opponent is close the her.
  • ===Shadow the Hedgehog===
  • Description : "The mysterious clone of Sonic , the ultimate life form , good speed and created by Gerald Robotink - Sonic Riders Advance Manual."


  1. Speed : 10
  2. Jump : 7
  3. Board : 8

Special Ability : Chaos Control - Can make Shadow teleports (Press B + Left)

  • Advantages : Best Speed , good jumping and boarding.
  • Disvantages : Chaos Control only teleports in short distances.

Secret Characters

  • ===Super Sonic===
  • Description : "The ultimate form of Sonic! , the best of the best , the real hero! - Sonic Riders Advance Manual"
  • How to unlock : Win 100 races with Sonic


  1. Speed : 10
  2. Jump : 9
  3. Board : 9

Special Ability : Super Dash , upgrade of original Dash (Hold A)

  • Advantages : Good jump and speed , The Super Dash ability is good to control.
  • Disvantages : Super Dash can cancel a jump.
  • ===Super Shadow===
  • Description : "The dark also have Super Form! , the bad of the badass anti-heroes! , the real anti-hero!"
  • How to unlock : Defeat 50 times Super Sonic with Shadow.

Stats :

  1. Speed : 10
  2. Jump : 9
  3. Board : 9

Special Ability : Dream , can make all opponents sleep (Hold B for a short time , then release)

  • Advantages : The best character
  • Disvantages : The most difficulty secret characters , Dream ability needs charge unlike any other Special Ability.

Worlds and Race Courses

World 1 - Sky Sanctuary Zone

'First Apparence : 'Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Genesis - 1993)

Last Apparence : Sonic Generations (PC , Xbox 360 and PS3 - 2011)

Race Course 1 - Sky Way

1 - Sky Way

All starters characters landing at the end of Sky Way.

Difficulty : Easy

Best Characters for this Course : Tails , Knuckles and Jet

The first course start with booster launching lall players , from then , the riders needs get giant rings to get booster , at the end of race , all players needs land (pressing Down). After this need open the capsule.

Race Course 2 - Hidden Walk

2 - Hidden Walk

Hidden Walk featuring Super Sonic and Super Shadow.

Diffculty : Easy

Best Characters for this Course : Shadow and Sonic

This course don't use any board , because , can slow your (that's way Jet is not recommended in this stage.) In this stage the player needs to be faster to don't fall , because the plataforms will fall. Shadow and Sonic are the most speed of starter characters.

Race Course 3 - Jump Over Here

3 - Jump Over Here

Jump Over Here , first section.

Difficulty : Medium

Best Characters for this Course : Amy and Shadow

This race is all about jump , all plataforms a have ledges , in this ledges the player needs jumps , the course is filled of endless pits. This the first medium difficulty course.

Race Course 4 - Just Up!

4 - Just Up!

Super Shadow using Dream during the third section of Just Up!

Difficulty : Medium

Best Characters for this Course : Sonic and Tails

This race is about jump and speed (that's why Sonic and Tails are the best in this stage). Sometimes a plataform can fall. Super Shadow have some support in this stage (because , this stage can make the Dream ability charge more faster)

Race Course 5 - Free Fall

5 - Free Fall

Free Fall , final section.

Difficulty : Hard

Best Characters for this Course : None

This race is like Jump Over Here , but , the sections only have jumping plataforms. The jumps are pure lucky , that's why the stage don't have best character for this course (it's the only stage to don't have this). Is the first Hard difficulty course.

Boss - Eggmobile

Boss (6) - Eggman

Knuckles vs. Eggmobile

Hits to defeat : 8 (Normal) , 12 (Hard)

Character : Knuckles

It's very simple stage , Eggman will flying and shoots metal balls , use Knuckles' punch to retrive the ball. In the hard mode , Eggmobile also have a dash.

World 2 - Sunset Hill Zone

First Apparence : Sonic Advance 3 (Game Boy Advance - 2004)

Lastest Apparence : Sonic Advance 3 (Game Boy Advance - 2004)

Race Course 1 - Loop-de-Loop

1 - Loop-de-Loop

Loop-de-Loop first section.

Difficulty : Easy

Best Characters : Sonic and Shadow

It's the first course to feature a loop-de-loop (that's way the name of stage) and also is the only stage to be reversed , left from right. During the stage , Eggman appears exploding.

Race Course 2 - Bridge de Tour

2 - Bridge de Tour

Tails using Board in section 4 in Bridge de Tour

Difficulty : Easy

Best Characters : All

It's very simple plan stage. At the end of section , have a elevator , this elevator leaves the player to the next section , also , jumping and using board , you gain extra boost.

Race Course 3 - Jump de Fun

3 - Jump de Fun

All characters jumping into springs at the first section.

Difficulty : Easy

Best Characters : Amy

It's a stage of jump , all characters start jumping , the player needs moves by springs. Amy Rose is the best character for this race , because , the jump is the best.

Race Course 4 - Grap for Looping

4 - Grap for Looping

The eight section of Grap for Looping.

Difficulty : Easy

Best Characters : Tails and Knuckles

This is stages by far is the most funny , the player grabs at "thing" and goes to the looping , some "things" are much far away. That's way Tails and Knuckles are the best of stages. Jet cannot use Hawk Fly

Race Course 5 - Egg-grab

5 - Eggrab

Egg-grab , seventh section , you play as Eggman.

'Difficulty : Hard'Best Characters : EggmanSURPRISE! , in this Stage you play as Eggman , this is the most longer race course in the game , is twelve sections. Eggman can shoots into opponents. You cannot win this race , will need go to second place. ===Boss - Egg-Snake===
Boss - Egg Snake

Shadow vs. Egg-Snake

Hits to defeat : 10 (Normal) , 14 (Hard)

Character : Shadow

Eggman is piss , because he lose the race , now he will take the revenge , the have a tail with two spike-balls , use this spike-balls to reach at Eggman and hit her. In Hard mode , he have fifth spike-balls.

Neo Green Hill Zone

Sonic Advance (Game Boy Advance - 2001)

Sonic Advance (Game Boy Advance - 2001)

Race Course 1 - Sun Bridge

1 - Sun Bridge

Super Shadow in 2nd Place in Sun Bridge. (Note : See the Dream Meter.)

Difficulty : Medium

Best Characters : Jet and Sonic

The Sun Bridge is based in First Boss Arena in Sonic Advance. Jet and Sonic are the best , also , the "Board Boost" trick can make the race course been more easy.

Race Course 2 - Green Apollo

2 - Green Apollo

Hitted by Amy in Green Apollo.

Difficulty : Medium

Best Characters : Amy

Green Apollo is like a mix of Jump Over Here and Just Up. In this stage , Amy jump is good and also , the plataforms are smaller , perfect for Piko-Piko Hammer ability!

Race Course 3 - Beach de Reach

3 - Beach de Reach

The Last Section of Beach de Reach

Difficulty : Hard

Best Characters : Sonic , Shadow and Amy

This is stage are about jumps in perfect timing. Sonic and Amy have a good jump and Shadow have a good speed. Jet is also good , if you use the "Board Boost" trick.

Race Course 4 - Forest Bridge

4 - Forest Bridge

Knuckles in 4th at the second section of Forest Bridge

Difficulty : Easy

Best Characters : All

Is a fun-only stage , is easy to win. Use the "Board Boost" trick. The best , best , best character in this stage is Super Shadow , who can get at seven section in 7 minutes.



  • American and European Front Cover
  • Cartidge.
  • Amy Rose.
  • Jet the Hawk
  • Knuckles the Edchina
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Super Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Super Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • GodzillaNerd , creator of game.
  • Sonic Team , productor of game.
  • Jason Griffith , voicer of Sonic , Jet and Shadow (North America)
  • Junichi Kanemaru , voicer of Sonic (Japanese)
  • Ruo Hirohashi , Voicer of Miles "Tails" Prower (Japanese)
  • Amy Palant , voicer of Miles "Tails" Prower (North America)
  • Dan Green , voicer of Knuckles (North America)
  • Nobutoshi Kanna , voicer of Knuckles (Japanese)
  • Lisa Ortiz , voicer of Amy Rose (North America)
  • Taeko Kawata , voicer of Amy Rose (Japanese)
  • Koji Yusa , voicer of Shadow the Hedgehog (Japanese)
  • Yuji Naka , director and creator of Sonic.


  • Scar Industries - B : Awesome

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