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The game's final logo.

Sonic Revolution is an upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog Wii game. It is the fourth Sonic game to receive an E10+, after Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 and Sonic Unleashed. It was devoloped by Sonic Team USA and AGaming and will be published by SEGA. AGaming joined the project halfway through production, as they had planned to take over production of the game completely. The game is expected for release on 10 July 2009. It is the first main Sonic game to feature Shadow as the main antagonist, as well as being a playable character, hence its tagline "The ultimate speed meets the ultimate life form!".


The gameplay is reminiscent of Sonic Unleashed's daytime play, but has been revolutionized, hence the game's title. The main new feature is the inclusion of Action Stages. These are small minigame style parts of each level that require different movements of the Wii Remote. Other new features include the new V-Device, a watch-like contraption developed by Tails, which Sonic uses to perform different new moves, such as Sonic Slash and Sonic Boost. As well as this, you can now run faster by drumming with the Nunchuck and Wii Remote, enabling you to run over water and more. Story Mode consists of two modes of gameplay; Stage and Exploration. Stages are normal, like other Sonic games, Exploration allows both Sonic and Shadow to explore their current area, find items, do side-quests, find new stages and more. When an Exploration Hub(such as Crystal City, the first Exploration Stage), you have to go to the stage portal to activate and play the stage, much like Sonic Unleashed. Sometimes, you may have to complete one stage to unlock the next portal. If you already have more than one stage, they can be played in any order, but to advance the story, they all must be completed. The gameplay switches between Sonic and Shadow at different parts of the story, every three stages or so. Bosses are more scattered than previous games, instead of popping up after a certain amount of stages. During the game, some levels will require you to play as other characters, including Knuckles, Rouge and Espio. The game features one of the largest character rosters in Sonic history. In the game, Sonic is mentored by Tails, while Shadow is mentored by one of Eggman's old robots, named Axel.


The story begins in the middle of nowhere, in Eggman's base. Eggman has gathered all of the Chaos Emeralds in his base, and after getting his new assitant robot, AXEL, to make the final calculations, he starts up his new contraption. Immediatly, mechanical arms begin to extract energy from the emeralds, storing it in Eggman's generator. Just then, Shadow the Hedgehog bursts in, smashes the mechanical arms, and attempts to steal the Emeralds. Eggman tries to warn Shadow, but it is too late. By smashing the machine, Shadow caused the chaos energy to corrupt, and an explosion causes him to be blasted out of the base. As Shadow falls, AXEL lands in his arms, and they land together. The force of the explosion cause the Chaos Emeralds to break into shards, and creates a new branch of Negative Energy, also known as V-Energy. Enraged by his failure, Shadow flees into the distance, with AXEL behind him. Eggman frowns, and picks himself up from the wreckage.

The next morning, Sonic is sprinting across a grassy plain near Tails' workshop, when Tails lands the Tornado-1 near him. He tells Sonic that his toolbox dropped at the other side of Oak Forest, (the tutorial stage, where you are taught how to do things step by step), and Sonic dashes off to retrieve it. When he gets to the end of the zone, he finds the toolbox, but is attacked by an angry animal, which is the first boss, V-Bear. When the bear is defeated, Sonic returns to Tails, who tells Sonic that a strange layer of V-Energy has built up under the atmosphere overnight, and it's corrupting the planet's energy sources. Sonic mentions the bear, and Tails figures out that the V-Energy is affecting life too. Tails says that he can build a machine that can solve the problem, but he needs a better energy source. The V-Energy seems powerful enough, so Tails decides to visit Dr. Brady, a friend of his who specializes in energy types.

Sonic and Tails fly to Crystal City, the first hub. There, the first stage you play is Twister Run. The second is Speed City. After these two stages, you reach Dr. Brady's lab, and he shows you an Emerald Shard that he found. He explains that the energy inside has been corrupted, and explains his theory that he can restore the Emeralds by collecting all twenty-eight shards, which now becomes the main object of the game. Sonic says that he and Tails will restore the Emeralds, which will hopefully power the machine that will get rid of the V-Energy. Dr. Bray hands over the Emerald Shard. Suddenly, V-Energy surrounds the city. The final stage in Crystal City is Crystal Chaos.

Gameplay now switches to Shadow, who is having a considerably worse time. He ends up in a town called Shineton, and AXEL tells him that Shadow is his new master. Shadow doesn't care, until AXEL scans the atmosphere and explains about the V-Energy. He tells shadow that the energy is released by V-Crystals, small jewels completely made out of V-Energy, and that, judging by the amount of energy, there are at least 10 crystals. Shadow believes that he can harness the power of the Crystals, and AXEL's readings tell of one in the area. The first stage in Shineton is V-Hunt. The next is Shine Mines, and the final is Mine Rush. When Shadow finds the V-Crystal, a large GUN Robot attempts to attack him, starting the second boss stage V-GUN 1.0. After the boss is defeated, Shadow is confronted by Rouge, who tries to steal the V-Crystal. No further info so far.

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