Sonic Pocket Adventure Remastered is a remastered version of Sonic Pocket Adventure, which came out on the Neo Geo Pocket Color first.


Playable Characters

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Non-Playalbe Characters

  • Dr. Eggman-Everyone's "least" favorite doctor is back, first in his classic form, and now in his modern form.
  • EggRobo-Knuckles' rival and replaces the Eggman bosses in Knuckles' story.

More coming soon...


Neo South Island Zone SPARMSTRD
  • Neo South Island Zone-A green island which is visually based on Green Hill Zone, but has the level layout of Emerald Hill Zone. (Sonic's Zone Order Placement: 1st/Knuckles' Zone Order Placement: 2nd)
  • Secret Plant Zone-Directly based on Chemical Plant Zone. There are purple chemical liquids found on Act 2 of this zone. (Sonic's Zone Order Placement: 2nd/Knuckles' Zone Order Placement: 4th)
  • Cosmic Casino Zone-This zone is based on Casino Night Zone. As Sonic, the player must navigate through a casino-themed area filled with bumpers and various other obstacles. (Sonic's Zone Order Placement: 3rd/Knuckles' Zone Order Placement: 5th/Amy Rose's Zone Order Placement: 1st)
  • Aquatic Relix Zone-A mild variation of Aquatic Ruin Zone. This zone, and Secret Plant, are the only levels in the game which feature underwater sections. (Sonic's Zone Order Placement: 4th/Tails' Zone Order Placement: 2nd/Knuckles' Zone Order Placement: 1st)
  • Sky Chase Zone-Similar to the original Sky Chase from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, here Sonic walks on the wings of the Tornado, conveniently piloted by Miles "Tails" Prower. (Sonic's Zone Order Placement: 5th)
  • Aerobase Zone-A flying fortress identical to Wing Fortress. This zone takes place on a very large flying warship in which Sonic must find a way to get inside. (Sonic's Zone Order Placement: 6th/Knuckles' Zone Order Placement: 6th)
  • Gigantic Angel Zone-This zone's background design has been taken from Scrap Brain Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog. This zone takes place in a large base full of traps and hazards, most of which are taken from Metropolis Zone. (Sonic's Zone Order Placement: 7th/Tails' Zone Order Placement: 4th)
  • Last Utopia Zone-This is the last proper zone (for Sonic) and is a stand-off between Sonic and Dr. Robotnik. Robotnik is in a flying battle machine which has a Chaos Emerald. (Sonic's Zone Order Placement: 8th)
  • Chaotic Space Zone-A hidden bonus level that must be unlocked in order to play. This zone plays similarly to The Doomsday Zone from Sonic & Knuckles. (Sonic's Zone Order Placement: 9th)
  • Lava Woods Zone-An zone which was similar to Hill Top Zone. There are lots and lots of lava in the caverns and something burning is going on here. (Tails' Zone Order Placement: 1st/Amy Rose's Zone Order Placement: 2nd)
  • Rumble Ruins Zone-This zone is based on the unused Sonic CD level, R2. This zone features antlions, Burrobots on foot, and a worm/snake robot, maybe? (Tails' Zone Order Placement: 3rd/Knuckles' Zone Order Placement: 3rd)
  • Metal Base Zone-This is the last proper zone (for Knuckles) and is a stand-off between Knuckles and Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic can use the Master Emerald to become Super Metal Sonic after you take 8 hits on him. (Knuckles' Zone Order Placement: 7th)
  • Microscopic Devil Zone-This zone is like an mix between Sonic 2's Metropolis Zone and Sonic CD's Wacky Workbench on the inside of it. This zone takes place in a small base in Act 1 and a area which bears a striking resemblance to Sonic 3's Launch Base Zone in Act 2. (Amy Rose's Zone Order Placement: 3rd)
  • Brass Playfield Zone-TBA (Amy Rose's Zone Order Placement: 4th)
  • Lost Labyrinth Zone-TBA
  • Bumper Madness Zone-TBA