Sonic Party 2 is the sequel to Sonic Party 1

I will finish editing this after finishing Sonic Party 1


I will finsih the boards after Sonic party 1


A haunted house area where all the places look scary and crypti. If you land on a happening space  then a ghost will come and ask you wether of not you want to have the ghost hant another character,choose someone to go in reverse, or be taken to begining

Pyramid Rush

A desert area. If you land on a happening space then you will be eaten by quick sand then appear on the other side of the board. there are also to host (one is a mirage) there is also a part where you can jump over cacti with the A button if you hit one you go to a safe zone

Amy's room

Amy's room is a room full of pink stuff and pictures of sonic everywhere. happening spaces access free for all mini games

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