Sonic Party is the first installment in the Sonic Party series. The game was released on December 23 1999, a year after Sonic Adventure and is based upon the format. the game feautures eight unique playable characters as they try to save a world in need of dire help.

Sonic, Tail, Knuckles, Amy,                        Cream, Tikal, Big and Nights

Unlockables include

Chaos, Omochao, Gamma and a Custom-made-character


Sonic Party is essential a virtual boardgame where the players roll dice and go across the spaces on the board to reach a certain spot where they can buy an emerald shard from the game "Host." Emeral Shards cost 20 rings. After each player's turn is up, a minigame insues which hands out 10 rings as a reward for the winner. 

at the end of the game, bonus emerald shards are handed out (Always in story mode, optional in other modes) then the winner is the person who has the most emerald shards at the end.


The game feautures eight playable characters who are listed as following: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Tikal, Big and Nights. Each character has their own skills and special abilities.


Sonic is the blue blur, the fastest thing alive. In minigames, he runs the fastest


Miles "Tails" Prower the fox, is Sonic best frined the smartest person you will meet. He can jump the highest in minigames, most likely due to his two twin tails that allow him to fly.


Knuckles the Echidna was formerly Sonic rival but is not his very good friend, His has the strongest and most accurate punches in the game.


Amy the Hedgehog is Sonic's "self-proclaimed" girlfriend. She has the fastest recovery time (if she is hurt or weakened) Her CPU is very sneaky


Cream the rabbit likes to think of herself as a princess. Cream is the luckiest player, in games of chance, she will usually win.


Tikal the Echidna is a very spiritual girl who loves the planet. She tends to get items in Minigames.


Big the Cat is the fun loving creature that everyone loves. The CPU will be less likely to attack him.


Nights is a strange and mysterious person. Nights has the ability to earn 5 coins (if random generator works), if it came in second place


 Green hill zone

A nice forest with streams and bridges. happening spaces are of robotic fishes who jump on the player. If the player presses the A botton repetedly to shake it off If you don't then the player will run away screaming back to a safe zone

Station Square

A bustling city with cars and people. there are more shops and banks here. happening spaces have cars coming to hit the player. if you press A at the right time you'll jump over the car if you miss then you get hit and fly back to a safe zone

Wave beach

A dock, similar the first level of sonic shuffle and SA. happening spaces are of an Orca who tries to suck you into its mouth. you have to press A to try to swim away. If you get eaten, the Orca says you taste bad then spits you out of his mouth back to a safe zone

Dark Cave

A cave where scary dark things appear. happening spaces are when bats cover you. you have to tap A multiples time to swat the bats away if you don't you run away to a safe zone

Story Book

A childrens book with markers and Crayons on it. If you land on a happening space an eraser will try and grab the player if you press A at the right time then you jump and miss the eraser. if you miss then the eraser erases you and then you are redrawn in the safe zone.

Lava Reef

You jump on rocks and lava blocks to walk across. if you land on a happening space then the rock wil break and you'll have a split second to press A to jump or fall in the lava and fly over to the other side (parallel lines)

Egg Carrier

the final level mostly resembling the carrier from SA and SH. happening spaces involve thethe player having to make a choice between 4 buttons, If the right one is chosen then you can progress. if the wrong one is pressed then you will blown off course by a missile.


Sonic  and friends are in the middle of a fight between Doctor Eggman. Sonic then declareshat he's the best because he's the fastest, Tails who is helping him fight says that he's the best because he can fly the highest.

Then Cream and Cheese come up from behind and Cream says that she's not trying to be arroggant but she can fly the highest and that she is the best. Cheese agrees. Knuckles mentions that he's the best because he's the strongest.

Amy says she's the cutest and that she's the best. Big and Froggy come from no where and Big mentions that he and froggy are the best because they are best friends. Tikal comes in spirit form and says that she came back to earth to gather the heroes. She states that the world of Nightmaren is in trouble and she took the universe's best. A ray of light covers the screen.

Afterwards the characters end up in a space like realm where they meet Nights (A resident of Nightmaren) who says that in her world there are dream emeralds ( 7 emeralds and a dream master emerald) that was kept by the guardians. it protects the world and helps it grow.

A fiend named Reala (an evil nightmaren) killed the guardians and was about to take the emeralds and claim Nightmaren. Nights (a decendant of the ancient guardians) split the emeralds into multiple pieces and hid them across the world.

She ask Sonic and friends to help him/her (Nights is of unkown gender). Sonic says yes but they wonder how they'll determine who's the best. Then Nights mention a type of game that the people of Nightmaren play to prove who's the best. Sonic and friends agree to play. The game spirit Illumia is the game host who says hi to everyone then creates a flash or light, With that flash of light, the game begins...


3 Items can be held at a time and can only be used once

Dark Items
Item Description chaoshop

Allows you to steal rings from any player you pass.

Eggphone A phone that allows you to calls Dr.Eggman and prank call as another character causing them to get the in trouble Dark
Fishing Rod You can catch the Emerald shard and toss it to a new location Dark
Poision Dice Causes you're Die to move 3 space or less Dark
Reverse Die Causes You're Die to move backwards Dark
Gaia Phone Alows you to call Dark Gaia and ask him to steal coins (10 rings) or Shards (50 rings) Dark
Item Magnet Steal an item from another player Dark
Item vacuum Steals all items (or two from a player (rare Dark
Super Sucker Sucks up all items from all players then thrown into a black hole (rare) Dark
Trade agreement Trades 1 item with another player Dark
Switch chest A treasure chest that switches all (or two) items from a player  (rare) Dark
Shovel Digs a hole for the player to dig then switches place with other player Neutral
Item Bag gives you three random Items. Neutral
Super Clock Starts Last Five turns automatically Neutral
Double Dice Allows you to hit the Die twice Good
Super Dice Allows you to hit the Die Three times Good
Gaia Block Blocks Gaia's power Good
Shopper's Cell Allows you to call Item shop (Good shop or Bad shop Neutral
Bank Card allows you to withdraw all money deposited in the bank Neutral
Magic Lamp sends player to host to buy a shard Good
Origin block A dice block that sends the player to the start of the map (rare) Good
Speed Keys Keys that allow you to open doors Good

Story Mode

In storymode the player does a campaign of all the boards and battles then cutscenes ensue which other players challenging you. The game ends when The player defeats the final boss, Eggman Illumia gives the player the pendant of dreams and grants then the superstar of the world. the player is sent back to the real world where a celebration in their honor is being held.  Afterwards you can see your face on a monument.

Minigame Tower

Minigame Tower is a single player only campaign where the player excalates up a tower. They do so by completing a Minigame. After every minigame is finished. the player will reach the top and face the boss. defeating the boss. 



Custom-Made-Character, Requirements: win 10 minigames

Gamma, Requirements: Beat story mode once. Gamma shares his ability with Big

Omochao, Requirements: win 1000 Rings in minigames. Omochao shares his ability with Tails

Chaos, Requirments: Win half of the minigames in minigame tower. Chaos shares his ability with Amy


You can buy music and cutscenes in the Dream Shop


You can unlock the board. "Eternal Dreams" ( A starry dream -like level with a rainbow road that takes place in outer space) You can unlock the board by beating story mode with four different characters (four faces on the monument like mount rushmore)


Boss Rush mode: A mode where you fight the bosses in a campaign. Unlock by beating Minigame tower

Duel Mode: Allows you to play a regular board but with only two people Unlock after beating story mode twice.


  •  Blue Space: plus 3.  plus 6 every last 5 turns
  • Red spaces: minus 3, minus 6 every last 5 turns
  • Eggman spaces: The character must use Eggmans roulette and decide their fate
  • Happening spaces: cause something to happen
  • Battle Time! Starts a batlte time minigame ( 1st place gets 70% of winnings, 2nd place gets 25% or 30% and 3rd or 4th place gets 5% or none)
  • Fate Space: this space can change the outcome of the game 
  • Bank space: Players must give 5 rings to the bank, those who land on it will get the money in the bank.
  • Shop Space: Players can buy or sell items.     


More coming soon...

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