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This article is about the first Sonic Party game for the 3DS. For information about the Sonic Party series as a whole, see Sonic Party (series).

Sonic Party is a video game based on a board game, and the first of the expansive Sonic Party series. Players choose one of 18 characters and move around the board. As they go around, they collect rings and various other items that can help them or hinder others in their quest to collect Chaos Emeralds.

What sets this game apart from others is the mini-games that follow each round. The players will be grouped together in groups of two, three against one, or everyone for themselves. They then compete in a game that tests their reflexes, puzzle solving skills, or plain luck. The winners will be awarded rings and the losers may lose rings.


One day Sonic decides to buy a chilli dog from a nearby stand. Just when he's about to eat the chilli dog, Dr. Eggman appears and traps Sonic with he's other friends on a game board. Sonic and he's friends must find and use chaos emeralds to get out.


There is a total of 68 Mini-Games in the game. Each game can be played by up to 4 players.

  1. The Final Countdown
  2. Go-Kart Derby (Course 1)
  3. Go-Kart Derby (Course 2)
  4. Go-Kart Derby (Course 3)
  5. Pizza Toss
  6. Blast Off!
  7. Deep Sea Drivers
  8. Alien Imitation
  9. Chop Chops
  10. Eggbot of Doom
  11. Skating Scamper
  12. Bumper Karts
  13. Jump Rope Scheme
  14. Home-Run Stadium
  15. Buffalo Rodeo
  16. Give and Take
  17. Capture the Pole
  18. Dog Shearing
  19. The Ballroom of Fun
  20. Hide-and-Sneak
  21. Building Breakers
  22. Waterfall Danger
  23. Go-Go Snowboard!
  24. Croco Eater
  25. One Day or Another
  26. The Hedgehog That Time Forgot
  27. Wheel of Woe
  28. Car Washed
  29. Plate Balance
  30. Sonic Matrix
  31. Going Fishin'
  32. Ice Cream Fever
  33. Butterfly Blitz
  34. Chicken Chase
  35. Sheep Shuffle
  36. Bake-a-Cake
  37. Game Stuck
  38. Sonic Live
  39. Hippity Hoppity Froggy
  40. Snowball Effect
  41. Whack-a-Bot
  42. Shake n' Burp
  43. Take me to your Beaver
  44. Lumberjackers
  45. Ice Moves
  46. Swimman Olympics
  47. Balance the Ball!
  48. Pancake Lake
  49. Platform Peril
  50. Fowl Play
  51. Mooving Along
  52. River Rapids
  53. Move to the Music
  54. Whale Warning
  55. Juice of Wonder
  56. Jello Bello
  57. Blue Away
  58. Sky Flyers
  59. Granite Getaway
  60. Sonic Boom!!!
  61. Fireworks of goodness
  62. Bird Seeder
  63. Snow Ride
  64. Scarpener
  65. Spagetii Roll
  66. Swing-a-Ling
  67. Freeze Frame
  68. The Skeleton Key!


Playable Characters

Image Name Biography
Sonic 2006 pose Sonic the Hedgehog The fastest hedgehog alive in the universe. He's now back to the game to party! He used to be a rival to Mario, but Sonic started being 3rd party. He is also a character recommended for beginners.
[[File:Sonic_Channel_Sally.png230px]] Sally Acron Sonic's love interested since 1993. She is the princess at the Acorn Kingdom, and She can help with Sonic and Tails are the good mission perfect skills. So, she's speed to party in this new game.
Tails Miles "Tails" Prower Sonic's sidekick since 1992. He can help people fly from one place to another, but when he gets tired, he goes down. Now he's flying to party in this game.
250px-Knucklesdecal Knuckles the Echidna The Red Rad comes back! He's the strongest guy that's a friend and rival of Sonic. He can break rocks and climb, and he joins to party.
Amy Rose Amy Rose Sonic's autoproclammed girlfriend also joins the party! Amy is relatively strong and fast, but she's an balanced character. She seems to have the magic power to use her Piko Piko Hammer many times. Now she makes her way on the party!
Shadow-the-hedgehog Shadow the Hedgehog The ultimate lifeform also makes an appearance to help Sonic and his friends! He's the second most fastest character in the game besides Sonic.
Rouge Rouge the Bat The female, seductive and sassy bat also joins the party! She's an skilled character so you can make luck with her! Maybe she will appeal us with her moves on the party?

Unlockable Characters

Image Name Biography
Cream2 Cream the Rabbit The cute, polite and gentle girl also is here to help an hand for Sonic! Cream was invited to the party with the permission of her mom and she agreed. Now she's with us!
Silver Silver the Hedgehog The future hedgehog came from the future to the past again! He's gonna help Sonic and forget the rival moments. He will do?
Blaze. Blaze the Cat The pyrokinetic cat also joins to the party! As being an balanced character, she's a good one for begginers.
EspioNew Espio the Chameleon The secret ninja also makes a comeback since Sonic's birthday! He is gonna dazzle with his ninja moveset in this party!
Charmy(Modern) Charmy Bee Since when we saw that hyperactive bee! Since a long ago! and he's here with Espio and Vector! They made a commision so he can be playable without them.
Vector Vector the Crocodile The music lover crocodile is also here! Vector hates seeing friends on troubles so that's the main reason why he's here.


  • +3 Space: Grants 3 rings to the player.
  • -3 Space: Trades 3 rings from the player and gives it to another player.
  • Mini-Game Space: Lets everyone play a mini-game.
  • Capsule Space: Gives an item to knock out another player from the space they're standing on to backwards.
  • Duel Space: Lets 2 random players play a duel mini-game.
  • Green Space: Something would happen. It will make you lose rings, get rings, steal items, etc.
  • Sonic Space: Move 30 spaces on the next turn (automatically).
  • Chaos Emerald Space: Get a Chaos Emerald for 150 rings. There are 7 Chaos Emeralds on each board. If the player gets all of 7 Chaos Emeralds, he/she will win.
  • Eggman Space: Losing half of the player's rings, divides it and gives it to the other players and the player that landed on it gets sent back to the start.