Sonic Overdrive Arc
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Developer(s) Darklight Studios 3
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Platform(s) Visus Sphere
Age Rating(s)
OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) 2.5D Platformer, Action-Adventure
Series Sonic the Hedgehog
Predecessor Sonic Lost World
Sonic Overdrive Arc is an upcoming 2.5D Action Adventure Platformer game for the Visus Sphere that is part of the Sonic the Hedgehog Series. it contains solely 2D Level Designs although uses 3D rendering as well as for certain sections of levels. The game returns to the simplistic story telling of the first games.


While resting on Angel Island, Sonic is met up by Tails who informs him that Dr. Eggman has been strangely absent from being evil lately to which Sonic agrees noting that either Eggman's planning something really big or he's been needing a long time to recover from his previous beating. Suddenly however Knuckles arrives to inform Sonic that he shouldn't be around the Master Emerald as it leaves Knuckles agitated due to his promise to protect it. Sonic laughs off Knuckle's concerns telling him there's no way that he'd ever be responsible for the Master Emerald being stolen however of course as Sonic explains this to Knuckles Dr. Eggman arrives in his Egg Flyer, a new mech he's built and snatches the Master Emerald out of its pedestal greeting the trio telling them that he's figured out how to tap into and steal the energy of the Master Emerald, much to Knuckles shock.

Although Sonic skeptical on why that's relevant to Eggman asks what it's for which causes Eggman to begin monologuing about how he'd been researching a sample of the grass around Angel Island and found that there was a residue created from the Master Emerald that encouraged rapid growth in the plants and figured that he'd be able to use the cells of animals he'd collected to create monsters that would serve him as he took over the world, however during this time, Sonic dashes at the Master Emerald causing it to fall from the mech and crack into 10 pieces, Sonic and Knuckles quickly grab one of the pieces however just as they haul it back to a safe distance from Eggman, the mad doctor had already scooped up the remaining ones and fled.

Knuckles yells at Sonic telling him that not only is Angel Island in danger of falling due to the Master Emerald being shattered but if Dr. Eggman drains the energy from the Master Emerald it will have unforseen effects. Sonic once again brushes off Knuckles concern telling him not to worry and that he'll get it back before Angel Island even thinks about falling, however just as he and Tails are about to head off, Knuckles grabs Sonic's arm and tells him that he's not going to let Sonic cause any more trouble and tells him that he's coming along as well, to which Sonic just smiles and tells Knuckles to make sure he can keep up.


Returning to the gameplay style of the older Sonic Games the player controls Sonic, Tails or Knuckles in a 2.5D environment moving across levels to reach the end to catch up to Dr. Eggman and recover the stolen pieces of the Master Emerald. The player will find that they can find multiple paths to each level allowing them to complete the level in a variety of ways, along the way the player can gain points by freeing animals from their robotic shells as well as from the capsules dotted across each level. The player gains a rank for each level depending on how well they performed.

  • S Rank - 100 Rings Collected, 50 Animals Freed, Complete Level within 2:50
  • A Rank - 85 Rings Collected, 40 Animals Freed, Complete Level within 3:15
  • B Rank - 70 Rings Collected, 35 Animals Freed, Complete Level within 3:40
  • C Rank - 55 Rings Collected, 25 Animals Freed, Complete Level within 4:10
  • D Rank - 40 Rings Collected, 15 Animals Freed, Complete Level within 4:30
  • E Rank - 25 Rings Collected, 8 Animals Freed, Complete Level within 5:00
  • F Rank - No Requirements


Playable Characters

There are 3 main playable characters in Sonic Overdrive Arc; Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles (Tails) Prower & Knuckles the Echidna. The player can play as any of the three characters for any level except the last level which is required to be played as Sonic.

Character Speed Attack Power Traction Jumping Power
Sonic the Hedgehog
SLW New Sonic
5 4 3 4
Miles (Tails) Prower
Tails (Sonic Lost World)
4 3 4 5
Knuckles the Echidna
Chara knuckles
3 5 5 3

Non-Playable Characters

Character Description
Dr. Eggman
Dr. Eggman (Sonic Lost World)
A bit of an egotist to say the least, Dr. Eggman is confident in his plans even if they are at times rather insane and/or impossible. The villainous Dr has been fighting Sonic for many years now but doesn't seem to have lost the passion he had for taking over the world. Having constructed an underground base, Dr. Eggman has been working in secret lulling Sonic and his friends into a false sense of security.
Espio the Chameleon
Espio 3D
Espio trains his mind and body through meditation although often is distracted by his closest friends; Charmy Bee & Vector. Espio, being a chameleon is able to turn invisible and can use this talent to aid Sonic, Tails and Knuckles in Lost Forest, Enchanted Cavern & Vortex Desert Zones, he appears to be very protective of the creatures of these zones and will give the trio secrets if they rescue enough animals.
Charmy Bee
Charmy is a young, hot-headed bee who often tags along to help out Sonic and his friends whenever he can, Charmy is easily exciteable and at times naive sometimes considering the reward of a task to be more important than the task itself. Normally he is kept in check by his buddies, Espio & Vector although he can fare quite well on his own. Thanks to his ability to fly he can help Sonic, Tails & Knuckles in Flying Seas, Storm Chase & Magnetic Fortress Zones.
Rouge the Bat
Rouge the Bat
Treasure Hunter extrodonaire, Rouge is known for using her silver tonge (not literal silver) to acquire any treasure regardless of whether she finds it or if someone else does. She does however know the importance of keeping the Master Emerald safe and will help out when she can. Rouge appears and can help in Ghostly Labyrinth, Crystal Mines & Submerged City Zones.
Amy Rose
Amy Rose isn't one to shy away from adventure, her crush on Sonic has lead her to accomplish feats many would stray away from. She has a knack for finding secrets that are normally well hidden and her Piko Piko Hammer lets her smash through giant pillars and enemies with ease. She doesn't fear any monster and will help Sonic, Tails & Knuckles in Spider's Chasm, Volcanic Vent & Flowery Mountain Zone.
Vector the Crocodile
Vector Rio2016
Vector is the loud mouthed leader of the Chaotix, significantly bigger than Espio or Charmy he is the brawn behind their operations. Vector can be stubborn at times resulting in him putting himself in harms way, he does mean well however. Vector can help Sonic, Tails & Knuckles in Modern Castle, Snowy River & Frozen Beach Zone.


Boss Zone Description
1 Centiroller Lost Forest Zone A large robotic Centipede capable of rolling up into a ball and ramming its targets, it has multiple energy cores on its body which must be attacked to be destroyed. In addition the needles that form its legs can be fired on the chains they're attached to for a ranged attack.
2 Captain Komo Enchanted Cavern Zone A large Mole-Robot, Captain Komo possesses a large drill for one arm and has three long claws for the other arm. It is able to burrow through the ground and propel itself into the ceiling and through the floor via rockets attached to its back. In addition it has several holes on its chest which it can fire missiles from which must be redirected back at Captain Komo to beat it.
3 Swordskie Flying Seas Zone A Robotic Fish-Bird hybrid, the Swordskie has two long bladed arms which it is capable of attacking with at a blinding speed. In addition the robot is able to hover in the air thanks to its fan-like tail. It appears that destroying the tail renders the Swordskie unable to fly and therefore relatively ineffective at fighting.
4 Cybertross Storm Chase Zone A large flying Robotic Fortress in the shape of an Albatross, the Cybertross has large missile silos on its back which can target sonic as well as multiple laser cannons, Cybertross' main control room contains a massive crystal powering the robotic entity and although it must be destroyed to stop Cybertross the giant mechanical bird is able to use internal defenses as well as charge up a large gust of air to blast Sonic out.
5 Spectretrap Ghostly Labyrinth Zone It's not known how Dr. Eggman was able to make this ghost robot but the robot is able to phase in and out of reality, disappearing from sight and appearing through floors or walls. Its shadow can still be seen though and it seems Spectretrap can only be hurt by it charging into the energy generators in its arena which allow it to disappear.
6 Rubydodo Crystal Mines Zones A robotic bird powered by the crystals of the mine, the Rubydodo is able to fire powerful lasers from its eyes as well as hop around and ground pound the floor to cause boulders to fall. The Rubydodo has a protective case around its main core which can only be broken by the aforementioned boulders.
7 Arachannon Spider's Chasm Zone An arachnid robot, Arachannon is able to hold itself onto the walls and ceilings of its arena and can fire a laser cannon from its abdomen. In addition Arachannon has protected plating except for its underbelly making it very difficult to damage the machine.
8 Blasterfeld Volcanic Vent Zone A giant fortress of a robot, Blasterfeld is so large that Sonic must traverse within it, destroying its internal security systems to destroy its core. The robot is no pushover either as aside from its security systems it is also able to shift around the sections of its internal body at will to make traversing it even more difficult, effectively making it a maze.
9 Rattle Knight Modern Castle Zone A hubris robot, Rattle Knight was specially designed by Dr. Eggman to protect the Modern Castle one of Dr. Eggman's Fortresses. Rattle Knight may not be particularly large although posseses a longsword capable of skewering anyone or anything it touches, in addition it can throw the mid section parts of its body like Boomerangs although this leaves it's core exposed to attacks.
10 Lonetome Snowy River Zone A mysterious robot, Lonetome appears to be somewhat humanoid in appearance although is within fact completely cybernetic, however heavily hides this by wearing a complete cloak, only allowing his orbital eye to gleam. Lonetome has the ability to condense the energy around its hands into projectiles to fire at an incredible rate. Thanks to its single eye it can easily follow its target and get accurate shots on them.
11 Hermfort Frozen Beach Zone A large robotic Hermit Crab that doubles as a fortress, the shell it inhabits has many holes allowing it to attack from a variety of areas, in addition its large claws allow it to grab and crush anyone or anything that gets too close. Although its shell is incredibly sturdy, it appears to have built in locks to allow Hermfort to escape although these locks can be easily broken.
12 Camosquid Submerged City Zone A robotic, giant squid using the energy of the city it inhabits to power itself. The Camosquid is capable of turning its tentacles invisble when it attacks as well as firing lasers from the suction cups on them. Its body has been constructed to be very sturdy as the only way to hurt it is from the inside.
13 Gigobolf Vortex Desert Zone A cybernetic wolf monster, the Gigobolf has a pair of Tesla Cannons attached to its back which it can fire in quick succession, although they can be reflected back at him with reflective surfaces allowing Gigobolf to be disabled temporarily, making it vulnerable to attack. In addition it is capable of charging across the room and jumping up walls.
14 Egg Colossus Magnetic Fortress Zone A massive robotic fortress constructed by Eggman's Robots, this behemoth is personally flown by Eggman whom armed it to the teeth with laser cannons, artillery and numerous traps. Getting around the outer shell for which most levels of this zone take place on, reveals the inner machine which Eggman fights Sonic with directly although almost as large as the complete fortress, the Egg Colossus is incredibly fast and thanks to teleportation technology can easily fake out an attack on Sonic.
15 Tulechanis Flowery Mountain Zone A large mechanical flower, Tulechanis has giant chains that act as both restraints and weapons, allowing it to swing around its arena using the chains to swing into any target. It also comes equipped with a variety of weapons; laser cannons within buds, missiles with petals and explosives in the shape of rose thorns. It would appear behind the machine face is its weak point although this would require blasting the face off Tulechanis.
16 Vultear Mirage Desert Zone A vicious robotic commander for Eggman, Vultear has been given greater AI allowing it to speak, taunting Sonic in his attempts to stop Eggman. Vultear has massive clawed talons and an Ion Spark Cannon beneath its beak which it can use to grab prey and then blast them with heavy reprucusions. Vultear's ability to fly however has come at a cost as his armour is weak enough to be directly attacked at high speeds.
17 Cyberlith Vivid Pyramid Zone A mechanical wonder from ancient times, it is said the original Cyberliths were created by an ancient civilization to act as guardians for their settlements however were deactivated and mostly destroyed due to a lack of use over the years. Eggman however has reconstructed one and although heavily modified is incredibly dangerous. It's body is completely protected thanks to the mysterious Black Stone material it is made out of, only its single eye is vulnerable. It is equipped with numerous laser cannons as well as having robotic legs attached to its body that can crush Sonic in one hit.
18 Egg Core Eggopolis Zone The Mother computer of the entire Eggopolis, Egg Core is heavily guarded and although immobile is heavily resistant to damage. Egg Core has lasers and heavy machinegun-fire to protect it as well as being able to summon elite Eggbot Guards to protect it. In addition the machine is able to release pulse waves of energy at various heights in an attempt to deter attackers.
19 Egg Revenant Ancient Egg Zone A large Power Suit/Robot built specifically by Eggman to protect himself and defeat Sonic. The Egg Revenant feeds off the energy produced by the Chaos Emeralds using them or whom ever uses them as a power source, it is incredibly powerful being equipped with Rocket Launchers, a massive Energy Shield, a Drill Cannon as well as a massive Laser Cannon in its Chest which gradually prepares to fire over the course of the battle. The only way to damage the machine is to destroy the control section where Dr. Eggman is situated.




World Levels Boss Chaos Emerald Master Emerald Shards
1 Lost Forest Zone 2 Centiroller Green Emerald 1
2 Enchanted Cavern Zone 2 Captain Komo None 2
3 Flying Seas Zone 3 Swordskie Blue Emerald 1
4 Storm Chase Zone 3 Cybertross None 2
5 Ghostly Labyrinth Zone 3 Spectretrap None 3
6 Crystal Mines Zone 3 Rubydodo None 3
7 Spider's Chasm Zone 4 Arachannon Red Emerald 2
8 Volcanic Vent Zone 4 Blasterfeld None 3
9 Modern Castle Zone 5 Rattle Knight White Emerald 3
10 Snowy River Zone 5 Lonetome None 4
11 Frozen Beach Zone 5 Hermfort None 4
12 Submerged City Zone 6 Camosquid Turquoise Emerald 3
13 Vortex Desert Zone 6 Gigobolf None 5
14 Magnetic Fortress Zone 7 Egg Colossus Yellow Emerald 4
15 Flowery Mountain Zone 7 Tulechanis None 5
16 Mirage Desert Zone 7 Vultear None 5
17 Vivid Pyramid Zone 7 Cyberlith None 6
18 Eggopolis Zone 8 Egg Core Purple Emerald 5
19 Ancient Egg Zone 8 Egg Revenant None 6


  • This is the first Main Series Sonic Game since Sonic Heroes where the core Somic Team are all playable
  • Interestingly Several Sonic Characters don't appear in this game at all;
    • Cream the Rabbit
    • Big the Cat
    • Shadow the Hedgehog
    • Silver the Hedgehog
    • Blaze the Cat