Sonic Momentum
Developer(s) Blender Maximum
Sonic Team
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Wii U Game Disc

Sonic Moment is an upcoming 3D platformer to be released for the Wii U. The game presumably celebrates the 25th anniversary of the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the SEGA Genesis. Despite being a 3D title, the game is heavily inspired by the original trilogy, Sonic CD, the Archie comic series, and, to an extent, Sonic R and the 2006 reboot, Sonic the Hedgehog. The game is partially a reimagining or reboot of the franchise, featuring new gameplay mechanics, slight redesigns for characters, and a more "simple" atmosphere.


Sonic Moment is very different from past Sonic games. The player controls Sonic via the left control stick or the D-Pad. Sonic will move at a high speed while using either of these, but holding the ZR button while moving will make him move even faster, performing a move called the "Midway Peel Out." If Sonic is standing while pressing the ZR button, he will perform his classic Super Peel Out instead, identical in every aspect except that it doesn't require a running start. The R button will also allow for use of Sonic's classic Spin Dash. When moving, Sonic is not only able to run on the ground, but he can also run up walls and on ceilings. However, in addition to speed, the game is also focused on Sonic's spectacular agility. The A button gives Sonic the ability to jump from any platform at any moment. His jump is higher and faster than any iteration before this, allowing Sonic to even reach the ceilings of some rooms. On the ground, the B button moves Sonic slightly to the left or right in order to dodge any incoming attacks, but it also stops his movement immediately. In midair, however, the B button causes Sonic to perform a Spin Flip, flipping Sonic around which can either be used as an attack or allow Sonic to flip around onto the ceiling. This aspect partially replaces Homing Attacks. The X button gives access to Sonic's normal Spin Attack rather than his Spin Dash, and, when he's in the air, allows him to slam into the ground to perform a small shockwave called the Sonic Boom. The Y button will give Sonic the ability to use his Light Speed Dash, blasting through lines of Rings. Rings are the main source of Sonic's life. When Sonic is hurt, he will drop all of his rings, losing a life if he has zero. These make Rings an essential part of the game. At the beginning of the game, Sonic can only collect a total of 100 rings, but this amount will increase throughout the course of the game. If there is not a trail of rings ahead of Sonic, he will drop up to five of his Rings in front of him and blast forward immediately, required that he has collected Rings.

In some levels, Sonic can team up with friends such as Tails and Knuckles to complete the level. Although these friends can be controlled with the GamePad, a second player can come in to take control of them. Each friend has a special ability.

  • Tails is able to fly using his two tails. He can also Spin Dash and spin his tails around as an attack.
  • Knuckles has spikes on his fists that make him stronger. His gameplay is more combat-based as he can punch enemies, but he also has a new Drill Move. Like Sonic and Tails, he can Spin Dash.
  • Amy will use her hammer to complete puzzles and defeat foes. Amy is different from other friends in that she is not directly controlled by the player in all levels, but her moves can be utilized by Sonic's moves.
  • Blaze moves through fire and can shield Sonic from harm, but she cannot do this while shielding herself as well. She can also swim through pools of lava.
  • Vector uses the beat of the music to his advantage with gameplay similar to that of a rhythm game. It has currently not been announced how this will completely work.
  • Shadow usually rides on a vehicle of some sort, whether it's a mine cart or a motorcycle. However, this isn't always the case. Shadow is able to use his unique Homing Attack when jumping towards enemies, and this is substituted for use of his gun when he's just riding along. He can also use his special Skate Dash which only differs from the Spin Dash in that it controls a bit more smoothly but slower.
  • Cream has gameplay inspired by Ristar, using her ears to stretch out, allowing her to perform acrobatic techniques, hurt enemies, and hover. She can also send out Cheese to take care of enemies far away.
  • Storm rides around on a hoverboard that can go over any surface. He can also perform "tricks" on halfpipes, but it is currently unknown what use this will have.
  • Emerl-C can convert enemies' powers into his own. However, the enemy must stay alive to have its powers converted. If any other of Sonic's friends are around, he can also copy their abilities, and Emerl-C can also use some of Sonic's powers such as his speed and Spin Dash.
  • Espio is the final friend in the main game. He controls nearly identically to Sonic, but he is slightly stronger and he is able to both disappear and teleport. However, Espio's sections of gameplay are mostly used for unique platforming styles.
  • Mystery Friend 1: Only present in bonus levels
  • Mystery Friend 2: Only present in bonus levels
  • Mystery Friend 3: Only present in bonus levels
  • Mystery Friend 4: Only present in bonus levels

More friends will be added later.



All zone descriptions are given in-game by Tails, accessed by the menu.

Zone Description Friends Badniks
Neon Tunnel Zone An enclosed train tunnel with many bright colors to spice up the environment. This seems like a good place to start. Act 1

Act 2

Blooming Marsh Zone Certainly a pleasant sight, but the swampy areas might slow you down a bit… Maybe it's better if we take to places above the ground for this one. Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Tower Debris Zone A tower in the sky? Sounds a bit reminiscent of some other place we've been to… It seems like you can run on the clouds, too! Act 1

Act 2

Boss: Orbot Omega

Fun House Zone Ah, this would probably seem like a pretty fun carnival to be at if it weren't overrun by Eggman's Badniks. Is it just me or does this place seem kind of confusing? Act 1
Knuckles, Amy----

Act 2

Act 3
Tails, Knuckles

Rundown Rodeo Zone Hmm, looks like this is an old-timey Western place or something… well, I guess we better get moving. Maybe we'll find something hidden around here somewhere. Act 1

Act 2
Tails, Blaze

Act 3
Knuckles, Blaze

Act 4
Amy, Blaze

Lightning Strike Zone Sonic, you need to get out of there! It's not safe! Metal Sonic could go nuclear at any moment with all that electricity around! Act 1

Boss: Metal Sonic
Knuckles, Amy, Blaze



All boss descriptions are given through in-game dialogue by Dr. Eggman unless stated otherwise.

Boss Description Battle
Orbot Omega
Fought in Tower Debris Zone
Ah, you see, Sonic, I've given Orbot total control over my Egg Mobile! It was actually his idea, I'm surprised I didn't think of this before. Anyways, I've got to go now, so have fun destroying- er, I mean NOT destroying my Orbot Omega! Attack A: Orbot Omega slams into the ground, sending out a shockwave. Orbot Omega will then fly back up into the air.
Attack B: Orbot Omega sends five Badniks to attack Sonic.
Attack C: Orbot Omega flies down to the ground and rushes towards Sonic at a high speed. This can be counterattacked if Sonic rushes towards him at an even faster pace.
Attack D: Orbot Omega splits into two and performs an earlier attack- which is weaker, but faster- twice.----

To attack Orbot Omega, Sonic can either Spin Flip onto him and do a Spin Dash, Super/Midway Peel Out, or Sonic Boom or he can counterattack his Attack C by rushing towards him at a fast pace and mashing specific button controls.

Metal Sonic
Fought in Lightning Strike Zone
Yeah, Metal Sonic's back, baby, and so are some of his old friends! Remember them, Sonic? I've even created some new models, too! Like, erm, what was that girl with the hammer named again? Anyways, I don't want to be hurt here, physically or emotionally, so I'm just going to let you two fight now. Attack A: Metal Sonic shifts into a metallic ball form, rolling into a Spin Dash and attacking Sonic or his friends.
Attack B: Metal Sonic does a Midway Peel Out, running onto the ceiling and dropping obstacles down.
Attack C: Metal Sonic brings out Tails Doll, flying around and trying to attack Sonic by using his Super Peel Out in midair, something which Sonic cannot do. When he stops flying, he performs a Sonic Boom.
Attack D: Metal Sonic brings out Mecha Knuckles, latching onto him. This will erupt into Mecha Knuckles trying to brawl with Sonic and his friends. When the brawl is over, Mecha Knuckles will Drill Dash into the ground and try to attack from below.
Attack E: Metal Sonic brings out "Female Metal Sonic" (Amy) and fights along with her. Metal Sonic will continue using Attacks A, B, and C while Female Metal Sonic will use her Robo-Mallet, which has an added shockwave. Female Metal Sonic will need to be defeated if Metal Sonic uses this attack, and he can and will only use it once.----

Metal Sonic can be harmed by Spin Dashing, Spin Flipping, or performing a Sonic Boom in some parts of the battle, but Sonic will need to use his friends' abilities at some points. For example, Knuckles can punch and cancel Mecha Knuckles' Drill Dash by Drill Dashing into him, Amy can attack with her hammer to smash obstacles and other objects, and Blaze can attack Metal Sonic when he's flying.



  • The game was originally called Sonic Momentum, but the title was changed at the last moment before the reveal of the game.
  • The first three areas are somewhat based on the first three Sonic games; Neon Tunnel Zone doesn't have any Friends as Sonic was the only playable character in the original, Tails appears in Blooming Marsh Zone because he was first playable in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Tower Debris Zone has Tails in Act 1 and Knuckles in Act 2.
    • Furthermore, Tower Debris Zone as a whole is based on Sky Sanctuary from Sonic 3 & Knuckles. However, Neon Tunnel and Blooming Marsh Zone are not based on levels from the first two games although Neon Tunnel Zone is based on the Sonic Adventure games.

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