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Sonic Mobius is a platformer/level creator designed by Laughball Interactive for the V², using the classic Genesis/Mega Drive games as a base and allowing players to design their own Zones. The game comes with a variety of assets built in, and supports modifications to add more, allowing players to build new sprites, items, bosses, and characters to go with their stages.

Much like B.O.K.O, everyone can add onto Sonic Mobius if they want to. If you're going to add to this page, please keep these basic guidelines in mind, and ask im the comments if you need clarification;
  • Try to be descriptive about what you're adding.
  • Non-Sonic characters are allowed, but no outright joke characters.
  • When adding a Zone or a Round, please follow this style guide for title text.



Sonic Mobius closely follows the direction of the classic Sonic titles as a 2D platformer with heavy focus on momentum. Characters all have special abilities, such as the Spin Dash, flying as Tails, or climbing walls as Knuckles, and the game's UI makes it easy to toggle abilities, allowing you to skew gameplay more towards the original or its followups.


Building a level in Sonic Mobius is done in a user-friendly UI akin to Super Mario Maker, but with key differences, and several advanced options underneath. To start, players pick an existing Zone as a starting point for textures. Because the terrain in Sonic games often has natural slopes and curves, players draw the terrain using the left stick while holding down the V2Action Purple button, although basic terrain blocks can be set down using the V2Action Green button instead, and advanced structures like loops, corkscrews, and falling platforms can be found in the Building Materials menu. Players can also set down items and enemies.

Advanced scripting options are available right away, but aren't recommended for beginner use. This system works by selecting objects and giving them their script and 'power channel'; for example, if a switch is set to power on anything on channel B, and a block is set to lift when channel B is powered, the block will lift when you hit the switch.

Online Functionality

Once your Zone is complete, you can put it up online to be played. Completing a level allows you to vote for it on the Zone Leaderboards, which keeps track of average completion rates, how many people have played a Zone, and how many people have liked a Zone. The Zone Leaderboard also allows you to access Rounds, Challenge Rounds, and Random Rounds. Turning on search filters for Zones or Rounds lets you look for newest, most popular, or most difficult options.

Playable Characters


Image + Name Info
SMobius Classic Sonic

Sonic (Classic)

The blue blur himself, representing his appearances from the classic 16-bit games. His physics are an emulation of those games, and he can perform the Spin Dash, Super Peel-Out, and even the Drop Dash from Sonic Mania.

Unlocked by default.

SMobius Modern Sonic

Sonic (Modern)

As the years race by, Sonic's learnt some new tricks and gone through a different look or two. This version of Sonic controls a little more precisely, and can use the Homing Attack and Boost to run through Zones.

Unlocked by default.

SMobius Golfer Sonic

Sonic (Golfer)

Huh? I... guess Sonic plays golf sometimes? This version of Sonic plays similarly to Modern Sonic, but his only special ability is to hit golf balls off as arcing projectiles. His jump height is lower, too.

Unlocked by downloading 15 different Zones.


Sonic (Vapor)

It's Sonic, wearing some all-new (not really) Nike Vapors! He's ready to take down "the opposition". 'Vapor' Sonic has some pretty critical differences; since he's from an auto-runner, you can't stop moving forward, only jumping and controlling velocity. He jumps higher, though.

Unlocked by beating an Act without stopping your movement.


Image + Name Info Created By
Shard the Metal Sonic
A modified version of Sonic's robotic clone that is reprogrammed to be a hero, Shard plays similarly to Sonic, although he is slightly slower due his robotic body. He has the same abilities as Modern Sonic, with the exception of the Homing Attack, which is replaced by the Charger Shot, which he can defeat opponents by shooting at them. .vectorDestiny
Rush the Rabbit (Blur)
Rush is based off an old concept art for a Sonic design before the final design that we all know was picked. Rush has the same abilities as Sonic, sans Light Speed Dash and Homing Attack and he has the ability to double jump and fly in the air for a short time, like Tails, although he stays in the air for a shorter time than Tails but he can flight higher. .vectorDestiny
Somari the Adventurer
The fastest plumber alive!...? Somari the Adventurer is the hero that saved South Island from Eggman in the Russian bootleg market. Somari has the same playstyle as Classic Sonic, with the addition that he can also shoot fireballs. He doesn't loses rings when hit, he shrinks and if hit again, he loses rings. He can become big again by collecting 10 rings. .vectorDestiny



Image + Name Info


Image + Name Info Created By



Image + Name Info


Image + Name Info Created By



Image + Name Info


Image + Name Info Created By



Image + Name Info
SMobius Green Hill Zone

Green Hill Zone

SMobius Act One

The classic first level. Winding paths, rings galore, and the iconic shuttle loop that sends you flying through the air.

SMobius Act Two
Head through waterfalls and over log bridges in a somewhat vertically aligned environment. Watch out for spikes, and keep on the fast track.

SMobius Act Three
Spring your way through treacherous terrain to reach a boss fight against Dr. Eggman and his wrecking ball.


Image + Name Info Created By

Building Materials


Image + Name Info
SMobius Shuttle Loop

Shuttle Loop

It just wouldn't be Sonic without this iconic loop. Set this down and it blends with the terrain texture.
SMobius Sonic Goal

Goal Plate

It shows Eggman on one side, but run on by to make this sign your own, finishing off an Act!
SMobius Capsule


Want a more climactic ending? Jump on top of this Capsule to free the animals Dr. Eggman has trapped.


Image + Name Info Created By


Rounds are essentially level packs for Sonic Mobius, downloaded from the Zone Leaderboards. There are three types of Rounds; the basic Round, Challenge Rounds, and Random Rounds. A Round is simply any collection of Zones and modifications, a Challenge Round features goals such as "complete three Zones in 12 minutes", and a Random Round randomly selects five Zones.


Image + Name Info Type
SMobius Mobius Classic

Möbius Classic

Run through Sonic's classics with this collection of pre-built Zones!

Green Hill Zone
Collision Chaos
Chemical Plant Zone
Ice Cap Zone
Lava Reef Zone

Classic Sonic, Classic Tails, Classic Knuckles

Basic Round
SMobius Mobius Modern

Möbius Modern

Take a trip through history with this collection of pre-built Zones!

Sky Deck
City Escape
Sky Canyon
Dragon Road
Silent Forest

Modern Sonic, Modern Tails, Modern Knuckles, Golfer Sonic

Basic Round
SMobius Eggmanland Classic

Eggmanland Classic

Monitors that dish out damage? Obstacles at every turn? These five Zones can only be the work of Robotnik.

Green Hill Zone (modified; higher difficulty)
Collision Chaos (modified; higher difficulty)
Chemical Plant Zone (modified; higher difficulty)
Ice Cap Zone (modified; higher difficulty)
Lava Reef Zone (modified; higher difficulty)

Classic Sonic, Classic Tails, Classic Knuckles

Basic Round
SMobius Eggmanland Modern

Eggmanland Modern

Tackle five modified Zones, all with hordes of Badniks and new hazards.

Sky Deck (modified; higher difficulty)
City Escape (modified; higher difficulty)
Sky Canyon (modified; higher difficulty)
Dragon Road (modified; higher difficulty)
Silent Forest (modified; higher difficulty)

Modern Sonic, Modern Tails, Modern Knuckles, Golfer Sonic

Basic Round
SMobius Metal Mayhem

Metal Mayhem

Metal Sonic won't stop until Sonic is obliterated! Beat all four Zones in 15 minutes while being chased by your robot doppelganger.

Green Hill Zone
Chemical Plant Zone
Sky Deck (modified; level design more suited to Classic Sonic)
Stardust Speedway

Classic Sonic

Challenge Round


Image + Name Info Type Created By


  • The title is intended to be both a reference to a 'möbius strip', a piece of paper looped so it just has one unending side, and to the Archie comic adaptation, where Mobius is the name of Sonic's world.
  • The terminology for Rounds was inspired by Sonic CD, where Acts were referred to as Zones and Zones were referred to as Rounds.
  • Sonic's face on the Goal Plate is changed to a picture of him smugly leaning back if a level is beaten between 10pm on Friday and 3am on Saturday, relative to the system's set time.

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