Sonic Masters
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Boxart for the game
Developer(s) Cyclone Games
Publisher(s) SEGA
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
TBR 2014
Story, Mission, Time Trial, Race, Battle, Online
Genre(s) 3-D Platformer
Series Sonic
Predecessor Sonic Lost World
Media Included Wii U disk
Sonic Masters is a 3-D Platformer that is like Sonic Adventure. There are 6 stories in Sonic Masters. Sonic's  story, Knuckles'  story, Shadow's  story, Silver's  story, newcomer E-106 Iota's story and Final Story. All stories have two playable characters except in E-106's story and Final Story. All the Stories have a certain way to play. Sonic and Shadow's stories are high paced, high actioned like all regular Sonic games except in Tails' levels where he builds together E-111 I(Iota)'s  exploded body. Knuckles' story is set on stopping Doctor Eggman getting the Master Emerald. Silver's story is a half puzzle, half Silver gameplay from Sonic '06. E-106 Iota is like E-102 Gamma's Sonic Adventure part. A new feature in this game that it switches into a different story when it is needed to fit the whole game so you don't need to switch stories to get the full adventure.


Sonic's  story

The story starts off with Sonic going around Station Square when suddenly, Doctor Eggman hacks into every computer, TV and all devices that he is going to conquer all of Station Square to make Eggman-land. Sonic decides to meet Tails at the other end of Station Square so that they can track him down to stop him.

After clearing Mach Speedway, Sonic meets up with Tails. Tails starts talking to Sonic when the Eggs-terminator comes out and we meet Eggman.

After beating the Eggs-terminator, Eggman is laughing. Sonic is wondering why he is laughing when Tails finds out that it was a dummy. Eggman tells them with his built in communications device that he is going to use the Master Emerald to destroy Station Square. 

Tails then notices an explosion coming from the Egg Carrier mk. II. They then find broken parts of a robot. In inspecting it, Tails notices that it is an E-series robot and its number is E-111 I. Then Tails decides to search Silver City to find another part of the Robot to mend together.

Rest TBA


In every story there are 10 stages (Except in E-106 Iota's story, where there are 8). Every character plays 5 stages, again, except for E-111 I (Iota).

Sonic and Tails'  stages

  • Mach Speedway - Sonic
  • Boss - Eggs-terminator - Sonic
  • Silver City - Tails
  • Jade Forest - Sonic
  • Dense Jungle - Tails
  • Boss - Rhino-Droid - Tails
  • Crystal Lake - Sonic
  • Hydro Seas - Tails
  • Boss - Egg-ilator - Sonic
  • Chilly Glacier - Sonic
  • Frozen Arctic - Tails
  • Boss - Ice Golem - Tails
  • Lava Ruins - Sonic
  • Magma Mountains - Tails
  • Boss - E-111 I - Sonic

Knuckles and Rouge's  stages

  • Boss - Egg Hawk - Knuckles
  • Ruined Temple - Knuckles
  • Unknown Plains - Rouge
  • Frozen Arctic - Knuckles
  • Chilly Glacier - Rouge
  • Boss - Egg Freezer - Rpuge
  • Jade Forest - Knuckles
  • Dense Jungle - Rouge
  • Silver City - Knuckles
  • Mach Speedway - Rouge
  • Boss - Egg Slammer - Knuckles
  • Hydro Seas - Knuckles
  • Boss - Egg Squid - Rouge
  • Crystal Lake - Rouge
  • Boss - Egg Angler

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