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Sonic Mars
Sonic Mars
Developer(s) Expansion Corporations, Inc.
Publisher(s) SEGA
Platform(s) Sega Mega-CD 32X


Release Date(s)
Mega-CD 32X: 1995

Fandraxo: 2020

Age Rating(s)

USK: 6

Genre(s) 3D Platforming
Predecessor Sonic X-Treme
Successor Sonic Saturn

Sonic Mars is a 1995-1996 platforming game by Expansion Corporations, Inc. and SEGA. Originally released on Sega Mega-CD 32X, it was re-released on the Fandraxo, 15-14 years later.


Knuckles is tricked by Robotnik into kidnapping Tails and Bunnie D'Coolette and imprisoning them into a SC-3000 computer. Sonic must go in the Virtual World via a rocket and defeat Robotnik for once and all.

Stages + Bosses

Name Boss
Neo South Island Silver Sonic
Green Isle None
Game Chip Metal Sonic
Memory Card Anti-Sonic (no, not Scourge)
Three-Dimensional Blocks Knuckles the Echidna
Virtual Randomness Dr. Robotnik (EGG-HVC-001), first with bumpers, then dual pinchers
Last Utopia Big Arm Model No. 4


The gameplay is the same as Sonic X-Treme but only Sonic is playable.

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