PrincessRosalina Mariofan45's fan game!

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This is a Icey Inc. fan-game being made by Mariofan45 (tbc). To rate it or disguss it, go here.

1. No editing without my permission, unless your a sysop or patrooler. 2. No spamming on my games. 3. No cursing the article. 4. Leave your username on the talk page so I know who you are! 5. No flaming on the game's talk page.

Sonic Line Adventure Search is an upcoming game for the DS. It's for Icey Inc..


Sonic and the gang are taking a vacation by Tuba Island. Nobody was captured. Mario, and his non-scary friends were allon Isle Delfino. But suddenly then, Bowser Jr. instead of Bowser grabbed Peach. Mario and the gang ran after Bowser Jr. and his evil enemies. One day, Porky Minch destoyed Onett and captured Paula. One day, something terrible happened. The weaping thing that was in Bowser's castle was Kamek disguised as Princess Toadstool! One day, a huge Magikoopa appeared in Bowser castle and spilled out white paint. More to come...


  • Amy - Playable
  • DK - Playable
  • Bowser - Playable (Only if you defeat him)
  • Magikoopa - Playable (Only if you defeat him)
  • Paula - Playable (Only if rescued from Porky)
  • Porky - Playable (Only if you defeat him)




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