Sonic KNIGHTS is a new game starring Sonic the Hedgehog to be released on the Wii, developed by Sega.


The United Federation Presidential Election is coming up, and Dr. Eggman has just began his presidential campaign. Sonic and Tails try to sabotage his campaign because they know he's up to something, but they get taken away by G.U.N. and are labeled Terrorists. However, they are let out by Johnathon Smithy, another person running for president, who says he will pay Sonic and Tails 10 million rings to assassinate Dr. Eggman and help him win, at first Sonic and Tails disagree, but Smithy wins them over. Thus, Sonic and Tails are exempt from the law and sent on a mission to destroy all of Dr. Eggman's robots that he has been using front organizations to terrorize the country with.


The levels are very linear, mostly long paths with few alternate ways to go. Each level has many gates through which you can only go if you have enough points, so the main point of the levels is to collect points. To collect points the Player must destroy enemies and do tricks. When used, tricks also increase Sonic's top speed. Tricks can only be done when going off ramps or when turning, when turning tricks are done by drifting, and when in the air they are done by hitting different buttons. If you don't have enough points when going through a gate, you will be taken back to the start(or the last gate you went through).

The game uses Sonic's classic health system, the Player must collect rings, and if an enemy or another obstacle hits the Player they will lose all the rings they have, if they are hit when they have no rings they will die and restart at they're last check point, or have to replay the entire level if they have run out of lives.

In some areas of the game, the Player has to be going a certain speed to do something(to get over a hill, to get across a gap, etc). To show the Player how fast they are going, the game has a speedometer, which has a line drawn on it at the speed you need to go to get through areas as you come up to them. This makes it so Players don't have to guess, and thus won't waste items.


Move Jump Left Drift Right Drift Crouch
Wii Remote and Nunchuck Analog Stick A Z B C or Shake
Classic Controller Analog Stick B or A L R X or Y
Wii Remote Directional Pad 2 Shake Shake 1 or B

Other moves

  • Homing Attack - Done by hitting the jump button again after jumping, homes in on enemies, powerups, switches, or other things.
  • Spin Dash - Charge up by tapping the jump button while holding the crouch button, this will make Sonic roll into a ball, and when you release the crouch button Sonic will dash off at high speeds.
  • Roll - Press the crouch button while running to roll Sonic into a ball, Sonic will stay rolled into a ball as long as you hold the button down. Some areas require you to roll through to break things or fit in small areas.
  • Bounce - Press the crouch button while jumping, and Sonic will speed down at the ground and than bounce back up. It can be used to destroy things in the ground that Sonic normally simply walks over, and that the Homing Attack does not home in on.
  • Light Dash - Done by pressing the crouch button in front of a line of rings, it will carry Sonic to the end of the line faster than he could run, collecting all of them in the process.

Game elements

  • Check Gate - The previously mentioned gates that you must have enough points to get through. If there is a alternate path that goes around a Check Gate, than the Player will not need to have enough points to get past that gate. Going through a gate also gives you points depending on how fast you go.
  • Goal Post - A large signpost that says "GOAL". When the Player runs into it, it will begin spinning, and will keep spinning as long as the Player runs through it. When it stops spinning, it will show your score(which depends on your time and how many points you had, and will not change no matter how long you keep the post spinning for).
  • Ramp - A ramp will send the Player flying through the air. The Player must be going at a certain speed to get over the area between ramps, naturally depending on how far the area is the speed will be higher or lower.
  • Spring - A spring. It will send you higher depending on how far up you jump on it from(when using the Homing Attack they always have a set height).


Unlike previous Sonic games, Sonic does not automatically use items he gets, instead they are saved to his inventory, and the most recent item you got will be automatically used when you press the - button, a full list of the items you are carrying will be shown in the pause menu(+ button). You can carry up to 15 items.

  • Shield - A basic force field that will protect Sonic from one hit before being destroyed.
  • Magnet Shield - The same as the Shield, but it also attracts rings, and gives the homing attack a longer range.
  • Bubble Shield - Same as the Shield, but allows Sonic to breath underwater.
  • Orbit Shield - Four small spheres will orbit Sonic, enemies can slip through them sometimes, but it gives you four hits instead of one. Naturally, with every destroyed one, it becomes easier for enemies to slip through.
  • Speed Shoes - Makes Sonic's top speed higher for a limited time.
  • Dash Shoes - Same as Speed Shoes, but faster.
  • Boost - Acts line a spring behind the Player and boosts them forwards.
  • Bomb - Does two points of damage to all on-screen enemies.
  • Ring Box - Holds a set number of rings.
  • Point Box - Gives the Player a set number of points.
  • 1-Up - Gives the Player another life.
  • Invincibility - Makes the player immune to all enemies and obstacles for a short time.
  • Disguise - Disguises the Player as a random common enemy, which tricks most enemies, but if you run into an enemy or obstacle they will still hurt you, and the disguise will come off.
  • Knuckles - Summons Knuckles. Knuckles will follow Sonic and destroy obstacles, item boxes, and enemies. However, Knuckles isn't as fast as Sonic, and will eventually be left behind if Sonic goes at top speed(which is required by a lot of areas). Knuckles is not afraid of anything, and will attack any enemy, including bosses.


  • Palm Pier Zone
    • As the name implies, Palm Pier Zone is a tropical level that takes place mostly over the water.

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