Sonic In Da House is a 2015 computer-animated/live-action film featuring characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series made by SEGA. The film is about Sonic the HedgehogShadow the Hedgehog, Silver the Hedgehog, Ashura, Amy Rose and many other hedgehogs throwing a party at Sonic's house. The voice cast include Jason Griffith, Pete Capella, Lisa Ortiz and David Wills. 

The film is set to be released on 15 July 2015 in 2D, RealD 3D, IMAX 3D, and IMAX 4 (IMAX 4D).


Sonic is on the phone calling up his friends and inviting them to his house for a massive party. As the guests start arriving, the party had already begun. But when the house becomes a full-scale party rock house, Sonic and his friends are bound to have the time of their life!

For plot, click here: Sonic in Da House/Plot.

Voice cast

Jason Griffith - Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Voltage the Hedgehog

Pete Capella - Silver the Hedgehog, unnamed party rockers

Lisa Ortiz - Amy Rose, Naomi the Hedgehog, unnamed girls

David Wills - Ashura the Hedgehog

Amy Palant - Miles Tails Prower

Michael Mcgaharn - Knuckles the Echidna, party rockers

Stefan Gordy - RedFoo

Skyler Gordy - SkyBlu

PSY - Himself


EpicHedgehog Studios was founded in 2010. During 2012, EpicHedgehog Studios made a deal with SEGA to make a party-themed Sonic movie. Filming and development started in early-mid 2013 and the film was completed early 2015. It was being directed and filmed by 99X.


Sonic 2015


Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic is the main character in this film. In Sonic in Da House, Sonic is a fun-loving 20 year old hedgehog who throws a massive party for all his friends. He loving hanging out with his mates and likes Schweppes Lemonade. He also loves music by Redfoo and Skyblu and enjoys playing on video game consoles.


Crush 40, Epik High, PSY, Redfoo, Skyblu and G-Dragon will compose the music for Sonic in Da House.

NOTICE: This chart is incomplete.

1 Party Rock Anthem ft. GoonRock, Lauren Benett Redfoo, Skyblu, 4:21
2 Gangnam Style PSY, 3:40
3 I'm Sonic and I Know It Redfoo, Skyblu, 99X, Crush 40,


4 Blue Frog PSY, G-Dragon, 3:30
5 Green Hill (House Remix) Crush 40, 2:28
6 Don't Hate Me Epik High, 3:44
7 Sorry for Party Rocking (Sonic Remake) Redfoo, Crush 40, PSY, 99X, Skyblu, 3:14
8 In Da House Mix Vol.1 ft. GoonRock, Lauren Benett Redfoo, Skyblu, PSY, Epik High, 99X, 19:24
9 Passionate Goodbye PSY, Sung Si Kyung, 3:36
10 Right Now PSY, 3:25
11 Up Epik High, 2NE1, 3:51
12 O.K B1A4 4:13


All of the early reviews were positive. SEGARules said this: 'Sonic in Da House is what fans really want of Sonic the Hedgehog. An epic film about a bunch of hedgehogs and a mad party is what we wanted to see from SiDH, and we did. We really hope EpicHedgehog Studios can make a sequel to this piece of pure epicness.'

Box Office

Sonic in Da House hit #1 on the box office charts, even beating the long-anticipated Star Wars VII. It grossed $679,346,742 in it's first week.


A sequel is rumoured to be in the works. SEGARules said that the unnamed sequel to SiDH will be most likely released in 2017 or 2018.