Sonic Heroes 2: The Revenge of The Tails Doll is a game that takes place after Tails Doll's death.


The game functions more like Sonic Heroes,only next-gen upgraded.You play as five teams and the game has a multiplayer function,much like its predescor,Sonic Heroes.


Team Sonic

The fantastic trio of Sonic,Knuckles and Tails,the three have come back to stop Eggman once and for all.Their Team Blast is Super Sonic Transformation,where Sonic transforms into Super Sonic and have Temporary invincibility.If you have more than 1 ring,you can keep the transformation.

Team Dark

The strong trio of Shadow,Rouge and Omega(yes,he returns).Anyway,the team regrouped after finding Omega stranded in the Desert of Shamar(yes,they were in Sonic Unleashed).Really,the database of this team is unknown,I'll update it in a few days.Team Blast is Chaos Control Blast,where Shadow goes hypo and gives his chaos powers to the Team.

Team Rose

The lovely group of three with Amy Rose,Cream The Rabbit and Big The Cat.After almost losing Sonic to Silver,Amy quickly wanted to find Sonic,but noticed that she was alone.She pulled Cream with her but was too young.They needed someone big,like Big.The Cat.So they set off to Find Sonic.Team Blast is Flower Show,where Amy dances everywhere by spinning into ememies.

Team Badnik

Scratch, Grounder and Coconut's still want to catch sonic, but sonic is in Future land So the Badnik's once again go on a journey to catch sonic. The Badniks have a long way to go. They go through zone's such as Marble zone, green hill zone, and a new zone called future zone. To get there they have gotta be really smart. Scratch is the speed person, Grounder is the flight person, and Coconuts is the power person. They're team blast is to make all the enemy's slow so they can attack the enemy's.

Team Evil

Dr.eggman and eggman nega and also metal sonic, are going on a journey to collect all 7 of the chaos emerald's, if they find them all they can turn into their super form and catch sonic and the others. Dr.eggman is the speed person, Metal sonic is the flight person, and eggman nega is the power person. They're team blast is to shrink all the enemy's so team evil can squish them.


Green Hill Zone

This level is full of loops,flowers and Trees,this level makes a majestic return,in 3-D!In this level,you face off against Mephiles The Dark.

Psycho Splitter Zone

This level is sure to split your head open.The area is one of Eggman's factories and here you face off with Silver Sonic Mk 3.

Crazy Castle Zone

This here zone will spook you out!Here,you'll find puzzles and crypts that can lead you to the goal ring,and more importantly,hidden Booty!At the last act,you face of with Metal Knuckles.

Super Mario World Zone

Here,there isn't really a description,just beat Mario and you're finished.


This page has copyright to The Tails Doll Killer and I will soon start a talk page about This Game.I haven't finished yet,but soon will.

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