Sonic Heroes: Return of Heavy Metal, is the sequel to Sonic Heroes, It has all the original teams plus 6 new ones


  • Team Sonic - Sonic (Speed), Tails (Flight), Knuckles (Power)
  • Team Rose - Amy (Speed), Cream (Flight), Big (Power)
  • Team Chaotix - Vector (Power), Espio (Speed), Charmy (Flight)
  • Team Dark - Rouge (Flight), Shadow (Speed), E-123 Omega (Power)
  • Team Badnik - Scratch (Speed), Grounder (Flight), Coconuts (Power)
  • Team Boom - Bean (Flight), Bark (Power), Fang (Speed)
  • Team Alternate - Blaze (Speed), Tikal (Flight), Silver (Power)
  • Team Forgotten - Vanilla (Speed), Mighty (Power), Ray (Flight)
  • Team Eggman - Dr. Eggman (Speed), Chaos (Flight), Eggman Nega (Power)
  • Team Metal - Metal Sonic (Flight), Silver Sonic (Speed), Mecha Sonic (Power)


All of the original teams stories have the same storyline, but is diffrent

  • Team Badnik: Scratch, grounder and coconuts are told to help dr.eggman catch sonic, but they don't know where sonic is so they go on a journey to find him
  • Team Boom: Bean and Bark see Fang trying to steal the master emerald, Bark forces Fang to work for money, and he develops a bond with them, they find out that Eggman's out-west so they're on their way!
  • Team Alternate: Silver, Blaze and Tikal are brought to the present and hear that Eggman's the cause, So they go out to stop him.
  • Team Forgotten: Mighty and Vanilla are having lunch together, when Ray flies in and shows them a poster which has Cream's Face saying 'Missing', Vanilla, Mighty and Ray go to find Cream.
  • Team Eggman: Metal Sonic betrays Eggman, Causing Eggman to being forced to bring Chaos and Eggman Nega to the present, The two agree to help and they rush off.
  • Team Metal: It is unlockable in Multiplayer, It does not have a storyline of it's own.
  • Last Story: Every team watches Metal Sonic, Silver Sonic and Mecha Sonic morph to Become Anti-Super Sonic, They all battle them.

Entire Stories

Team Sonic

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are laying down near the Master Emerald When a note drifts in.

Tails: Hey Sonic, It looks like it's from Eggman!

Knuckles: And he wants us to come to his base

Sonic: and he's not tellin where!

Tails: Let's go!

Knuckles: All right

Sonic: Lets party!

Seaside Hill (Water vs. Team Sonic)

Sonic: W-w-water???

Tails: Come on!

(Knuckles and Tails grab Sonic and begin to pull him)

Knuckles: Hmmmmmph...

Sonic: I won't go!

Tails: Oh yes you are!

Sonic: All right...

A whale jumps past

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles: YIKES!!!!

(various running occours)

Knuckles: Phew. We got away.

Tails: I see a palace over there.

Sonic: Let's go!!

Ocean Palace (Sea Royalty???)

Sonic: This is awesome!!!

Knuckles: Kings and Queens ruling the sea?

Tails: Yup.

Team Dark

Team Rose

Team Chaotix

Team Badnik

Team Boom

Team Alternate

Team Forgetten

Team Eggman

  • 1P Mode - Standard Game
  • 2P Mode - Together or Apart
  • Mixed Story Mode - Mix up the Stories.

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