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Developer(s) Sega, Iceboys12co.
Publisher(s) Iceboys12co.
Platform(s) Wii, PS3, XBOX360
Release Date(s)
Sometime in 2007
Modes that you don't even...
Age Rating(s)
Canon: T for Teen

Fanon: OBSM for One Big-ol' Sick Mess

Genre(s) Action, Action, and More Action.
Media Included Disks. That's it.

Sonic Heroes: Heavy Metal is a Sonic Game made by Iceboys12co. for Nintendo Wii, PS3, and XBOX360. SEGA gives the Company permission to make a Sonic game. This game involves Dr. Eggman is angry at his defeat at "Sonic Heroes" (And the other Sonic games for that matter), so he decides to take over the world and mess it all up with unusual images, but he got captured and brainwashed by "Textured". Sonic Heroes: Heavy Metal is originally a sequel of "Sonic Heroes", but It’s officially a spin-off and called It "Sonic Heroes: Heavy Metal" even though It have absolutely nothing to do with Heavy Metal. This game is also rated T for Teen, which might should be rated OBSM for One Big-ol' Sick mess.


Like before, the story involves Dr. Eggman is angry at his defeat in multiple Sonic Games, thus he decides that he’ll take over the world by messing it with unusual Images that not even Sonic can figure out what going on, but He got captured and brainwashed by Some guy named Textured, so he’ll take over the plot. He started by capturing humans and make them his puppets, then stole the chaos emeralds, and use them to create his secret weapon while Dr. Eggman was forced to wait for anyone who managed to reach to the ship so-called "The Egg Craze" with the secret weapon of his own. It's now up to the "Sonic Heroes" and the other 5 Teams to kick Dr.EggMan's Butt once again, and kick Textured's butt along with him. nuff said.


Like the original game, they have teams including a final story which that is unlocked when the player complete the game with all the teams.

Team Sonic

Sonic(Speed), Tails(Fly), Knuckle(Power)

Team Rush

Blaze(Speed), E-123 Omega(Power), Sliver(Fly)

Team Dark

Shadow(Speed), Rouge(Fly), T-1000 Omega(Power)

Team Rose

Amy(Speed), Cream(Fly), Big(Power)

Team Chaotix

Vector(Power), Espio (Speed), Charmy(Fly)

Team Boom

Mighty(Speed), Ray(Fly), Bark(Power).


Basically All of the teams(except the final story) have a same story.

Strangely, None of them (Except maybe Team Rush, Team Sonic, And Team Dark) are really willing. And if they were, It could be deprived from the game to keep the rating from being consulted than it needs to be.


1.Seaside Hill (Boss: Clone Team Sonic)

2.Pumpkin Hill (Boss: Clone Team Dark)

3.Jungle Maze (Boss: Clone Team Rush)

4.A Blank Road (Boss: Clone Team Rose)

5.Cyan City (Boss: Clone Team Chaotix)

6.The Ship of Eggs (Boss: Clone Team Boom)

7.The Egg-Craze (Boss: Dr. Eggman’s unnamed Robot Machine)

8.The Ruined Egg-Craze (Boss: Textured) [Only in the Last Story]

9.Outer Space (Boss: Anti-Ultra-Super Cruel Text-Sonic) [Only in the Last Story]



If you’re still reading this at this point, you’re one sick mess. Okay, basically all the bosses except the last 3 bosses are clones of the playable teams. Are you seriously interested in seeing The Sonic Characters beats up the clones of their selves and beat up some unoriginal original character named Textured?

Clones Teams - The Clones of the Teams are basically, the easiest bosses in the entire game. They uses the same abilties of their original counterparts, but their colors are chosen randomly (Ex:Team Sonic: Red Blue White Team Dark: White Red Black Team Rose: Pink Blue Yellow).

Dr.Eggman's Unnamed Robot Machine - Dr. Eggman's Robot Machine is a large boss and more interesting boss than the clones. It's shoot missile, Lasers, and maybe...Omochaos? Wow, This is getting weird.

Textured - Textured is, you guess it, the main villain of the game, who brianwashed Dr. Eggman to do his biddings instead. Textured is a green, black, and red recolor of Sonic, his origins are COMPLETELY unknown. He is also a interesting boss. But the only way to actually hurt him that you put yourself in the cannon and blow into him.

Anti-Ultra-Super Cruel Text-Sonic - Anti-Ultra-Super Cruel Text-Sonic, or "AUST-Sonic" for short, is a.......Random large weird colors raindowish british robotic android homo-sexual robot thingy copy of Sonic. He keeps thinking he's a REAL god. He slaps Textured off the stage when he's first created in the LARGE energy ball. He's throw raindows, care bears, missles, Omochaos, Weird Picture of machomen, and etc. He's easy to defeat that most of the time you don't need to turn Super to defeat it. He's also claim as a Lamest Boss of the game due to him as the anti-climax final boss and easy to kill, Much LAMER than the clones no dout.

Last Story

This section of this article causes spoliers, since this game is crazy.

So Sonic and his friends arrived at the ruins of the Egg Craze, and Textured came to tell them that He's the one who brainwashed Eggman, and Sonic thinks he's just a unoriginal recolor that the company is lazy to complete him, which mock Textured for some reason. He attacks and kills T-1000 Omega making the heroes think that he don't count and it was his only debut anyway, and the first-to-last boss fight begins. In Textured's Boss Fight, you have to uses the teams in order: Team Rose, Team Dark(without T-1000 Omega), Team Chaotix, Team Boom, Team Rush, and then Team Sonic. After you beated him, there was a large energy ball and slaps Textured away in the skies along with Dr. Eggman, who was lying in front of the ruins entire time. Anti-Ultra-Super Cruel Text-Sonic appears and he saids that he can turn the world into his Vison of peace and wonder(which it's about Girls and Guys loving him, and the world is all pink, blue, green, purple, white, and red). The Heroes won't let that happen, so Sonic thinks he's gonna be easy to beat up and think that the chaos emeralds is optional if he get too strong. After the cutscene, The True final boss fight begins. You first off being Super as Team Sonic(It's Super Sonic and once again Tails and Knuckles have to have golden glowing aura around him), you have to collect rings to prevent you from turning back to normal and bumps into AUST-Sonic(You should know that formula of that by now!). But if you ran out of rings, you turn back to normal and you're no more super, but for some strange reason, you don't lose a life. Instead, you can still fight him anyway. After that LAME easy final boss, AUST-Sonic died, and the peace come back. Shadow, Rouge, and E123-Omega thinks it's the time to plan T-1000 Omega's Funeral, Silver thinks that It's best for hang out with Sonic and Shadow, and Sonic ran off and said "WE'RE SONIC HEROES!!!", and then the game ends with Knuckles and Shadow punch Sonic in the face. THAT'S IT. THE END.

After the credits, Textured and Dr. Eggman fly around Space, and then a red glowing light glows around them, and then it's disappears and sending Dr. Eggman to whatever the light come from, and then Textured revives and wonders what that happen, hinting a Sequel. 

Fanon Reception

Various Game Critics reviewed "Sonic Heroes: Heavy Metal", giving it mixed reviews. Some gave it 6/10, saying that nothing much more special and kinda unoriginal gameplay which kinda the same as the original Sonic Heroes' Gameplay, and it's too easy and the fact that the story is too messed up and confusing despite being short and supposedly simple, and have nothing to do with Sonic The Hedgehog, and also stating that it's was Iceboys12co.'s weirdest and ridiculous attempt to publish a Sonic game, even though the company is well-known for their other better games. Others gave it 3.5/5, saying that It’s nothing special about, and it has few shameless flaws, claiming that the game felt like it need to be more than it is, but it isn’t or it couldn’t, and it’s at least more better than the 2006 Sonic The Hedgehog game. And some dude gave it 1/5, and the review is as thus: "Yawn"

It's so strange and so misleading than it need to be, only some people know about it. It was infamous for it's weird storyline, sometimes pointing fun at what the Sonic series and fanbase and such


Due to the game's inpopulary, A rumor and the game's true ending of course, states this game states a sequel, which is now in development. When It will releashed is litterally unknown.


Beware of Gallery of possible Images that Iceboys12 able to find!




(Reviews are here)

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