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Sonic Generations II is an upcoming platforming title for the Wii U, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, and Nintendo 3DS platforms, being developed by Sonic Team.  The release date is said to be sometime October 2016, and commemorates Sonic's 25th anniversary, much like how its prequel, Sonic Generations, celebrated Sonic's 20th.



Much like its predecessor, gameplay is separate for the game's Sonics. However, all three Sonics do the same thing: They must reach the goal before their time limit of 10 minutes expires, and must not lose any lives. Like in previous games of the series, Sonic must collect rings to prevent death from enemies, spike pits, etc. Upon getting hit with no rings, Sonic loses a life. Losing all lives means game over.

Classic Sonic has 2D gameplay and takes the place of Act 1 in this game's zones. He faces mostly classic obstacles such as spikes and bottomless pits, and has abilities such as the Insta-Shield and Super Peel-Out that his successors do not possess.

Adventure Sonic has 3D gameplay and takes the place of Act 2 in this game's zones. Unlike Classic Sonic, he does not come across many spikes or bottomless pits but faces a lot more enemies and has more gimmicks, such as grinding and gliding. While losing some of the speed his predecessor had, he has the homing attack and light speed dash.

Modern Sonic has a blend of 2D and 3D gameplay and takes the place of Act 3 in this game's zones. He retains the Homing Attack that Adventure Sonic had but loses the light speed dash, but is able to do the stomp attack and is faster than the other Sonics.


Classic Sonic

The old and silent version of Sonic.  His levels are based upon two dimensional platforming.

Adventure Sonic

The clever and rude Sonic from the Adventure days.  His levels are two dimensional platforming, with some puzzle bits.

Modern Sonic

The modern and intelligent Sonic, seen in more modern games like Sonic Colors.  His levels are both two dimensional and three dimensional.

Dr. Eggman

The main antagonist of the Sonic series as well as this game.  He has resurrected the Time Eater and is now harvesting its energy to blow up the universe in a massive black hole that sucks in time and space, ending not just Sonic but the universe.

Tails "Miles" Prower

Sonic's best friend and his advice buddy.  Together, Tails and Sonic venture throughout Sonic's time periods and attempt to stop Dr. Eggman.


Wii U Playstation 4 Xbox 360 3DS
Classic Era
Green Hill (Tutorial)
Spring Yard Star Light Bridge
Metropolis Mystic Cave Aqua Lake
Tidal Tempest Palmtree Panic Tidal Tempest Robotnik Winter
Ice Cap Launch Base
Adventure Era
Emerald Coast (Tutorial) Route 99 (Tutorial)
Windy Valley Twinkle Park Secret Base
Pyramid Cave Metal Harbor Pyramid Cave Music Plant
Hang Castle Casino Park Chaos Angel
Modern Era
Wave Ocean (Tutorial) Leaf Storm (Tutorial)
Kingdom Valley White Acropolis Kingdom Valley Altitude Limit
Dragon Road Jungle Joyride Haunted Ship
Starlight Carnival Asteroid Coaster Chaotic Inferno
Lava Mountain Sky Road Lava Mountain
Center of Time


Wii U Playstation 4 Xbox 360 3DS
Classic Era
Mecha Sonic Knuckles the Echidna Nack the Weasel
Hot Mobile Drill Mobile Giga Thomas
Adventure Era
Chaos Rouge the Bat Chaos G-Emerl
Metal Overlord Black Doom Egg X
Modern Era
Zavok Mephiles Blaze the Cat
Dark Gaia Egg Wyvern Dark Gaia Ghost Titan
Time Eater


  • The console versions have solely levels and bosses from the console games whilst the 3DS version has solely levels and bosses from the handheld games, with the only exception being Green Hill and the Center of Time.