Mephiles is coming back for Sonic but this time he's brought company


Chaos Temple

Mephiles and Dark Sonic plan to steal the Master Emerald to free Chaos, after which he will summon other villains with it and Chaos Control.

Death Egg Zone

Mephiles plans to awaken Metal Sonic and Silver Sonic, he has sent Chaos to distract Eggman.

Chaos Temple Act 2

Mephiles has sent Metal Sonic to negotiate with Reala to assault the Chaos Emerald Temple and bring them to him but Knuckles is guarding them, Reala flies off with the Emeralds but Metal Sonic remains to settle a score, gorey, but Metal Sonic rips out Knuckles' brain.

Chaos Control!

Shadow: Hmm, I never thought I'd see you again, Mephiles: I mean business, Metal Sonic: This time you won't escape, Silver Sonic: Target Locked, Objective...Destroy, Chaos: Your power will be mine, Dark Sonic: You seem suprised to see us, Reala: Tell Sonic he's expecting visitors, Shadow: Chaos...Control!, Shadow uses his natural abilities to defeat his foes, Shadow: I would hate to be Sonic right now.

Unleash the Guardian

Nazo agrees to assist Mephiles in his revenge, Nazo: On one condition, I don't want to see anymore of those damn Chaos Emeralds!


Mephiles has ordered Eggman to make a robot of him, so when he's not around he can continue the plan, "Metal Mephiles".

Metal Defence

Metal Knuckles is assigned guard duty like his organic counter-part to guard the Master Emerald

The Gizoid Returns

Emerl or the Gizoid had absorbed all of Sonic's techniques then "Supposedly Exploded", Wrong, Chaos Control reincarnated Emerl, into a vicious killing machine, it repaired itself resulting in sub machine gun hands and a super transformation, then a shadow android arrives but is easily beaten.

The Beginning Of The End

Mephiles has collected all of the Chaos Emeralds, and now trancends his true form, Crystal Mephiles, He then tells everyone else to use there full power and destroy the planet.


Chaos Zero uses the Emeralds to become Perfect Chaos, a giant liquid monster.

Metalix S.

Metal Sonic uses the Emeralds to become Metal Overlord, agiant metal dragon.


Emerl uses the Emeralds to become Ultimate Emerl, The Gizoid's skills awakened

Metalix M.

Metal Mephiles uses the Emeralds to become Crystal Mephiles, Mephiles' equivilent to his final form.

Metalix K.

Metal Knuckles uses the Emeralds to become Mecha Knuckles, a stronger, smarter, more powerful form.


Nazo uses the Emeralds to become Perfect Nazo, Nazo's form after absorbing all negtive energy within all living things.


Reala uses the Emeralds to become Ultimate Reala, Reala's skills far outmatch Nights'.


Silver Sonic uses the Emeralds to become Neo Silver Sonic, Similar to Neo Metal Sonic but also very different.


Dark Sonic uses the Emeralds to become Super Dark Sonic, not many changes except invunrability and flight.


Mephiles has gathered everyone up, he then uses his fuse technique to mesh with everyone else except Perfect Chaos and Metal Overlord, but then they fuse together to create "Chaos Overlord".

Chaos Unify

Sonic and Shadow have to stop them,they easily defeat Chaos Overlord by turning Hyper, but when Chaos and Metalix fuse with Mephiles they form into "Chaos the Dark", so They must use Chaos Control and Tikal's Unification Technique to win.


"The servers are the seven chaos, chaos is power, power enriched by the heart, the controller is the one who "unifies" the chaos. Sonic&Shadow:Chaos Control! emerging from a bright light is one being,Chaos the Dark:Who are you!? "Shadic!", Shadic stops time and creates a HUGE energy ball and fires at Chaos it weakens him back to Mephiles and Chaos Overlord, who turns back into Metal Sonic and Chaos Zero, he then flies up high and uses the Super Emeralds to turn Hyper and then zooms into Mephiles turning him back into his Form that makes him look like Shadow, Shadic uses Chaos Spear to anialate him,

The world returns

Sonic and Shadow return to thier Super Forms and seal All the villans in the Master Emerald, but Tikal dosen't have to because of Shadic's interference, they return to the Chaos Temple and restore the Emeralds and bring Knuckles back to life, he and Tikal live on, Sonic and Shadow turn back into Shadic and fly off.

The End



Dark Sonic

Chaos Zero

Metal Sonic

Silver Sonic

Metal Knuckles




Sonic the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

Knuckles the Echidna

Tikal the Echidna


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