Sonic Forces is a upcoming Sonic Game for Wii and Nintendo 3DS.


In order to save the world from being taken over Sonic the hedgehog and Dr.Eggman must team up in an adventure to stop an unknown villan from controlling the world.

Dr.Eggman has various plans to defeat Sonic and take over the world,but everything he does is something Sonic can stop,one of Eggman's robot's remind him that metal Sonic hasn't been used in a few days and Its a good idea for stopping Sonic,so Eggman takes Metal Sonic out of his lab,meanwhile Sonic is running through green hill zone like he usually does when he runs into Eggman who is running towards Sonic for his help,Metal Sonic escaped Eggman's lab and has an evil plan to take over the world.At first Sonic thinks its a trick but Sonic believe's that Eggman is telling the truth so they theam up for one time only to stop Metal Sonic from taking over the world,but what Sonic and Eggman don't realize is that Metal Sonic is making everyone obey him.


Playable Characters

  • Sonic The Hedgehog - Sonic is played as since the first level
  • Dr.Eggman - Dr.Eggman is played as since the first level
  • Amy Rose - Amy is first used when you fight Eggman and various other times.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog - Shadow is used in the final zone.
  • Super Sonic - Only during the final boss

Nonplayable Characters

  • Miles Tails Prower - Tails is only playable when you hack things.
  • Knuckles the Echina - Knuckles is only usable when being tossed by him
  • Cream the Rabit - Cream is usable when needed protection
  • Silver the Hedgehog - Silver can protect Tails when hacking.
  • Blaze the Cat - Blaze can protect Tails when hacking
  • Big the Cat - Big can protect Tails when hacking


  • Dr.Eggman - Play as Amy in Green Hill Zone.
  • Evil Tails - Play as Sonic in Green Hill Zone
  • Evil Knuckles - Play as Dr.Eggman in Lost Jungle


  • This is the first time Egg Man is a playable character in a non-side scrolling Sonic game.