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Sonic Final Riders




Speed Type

Flight Type

Power Type



  • ====Octo-ink====

The rider has an Octus which can distort an opponents vision with ink. If the player screen is distorted with ink, they can motion to wipe away the ink.

  • ====Soda rocket====

A soda can that needs to be "shaken" up to use, provides a burst of speed.

  • ====Tee-shot====

The player swings as if playing golf, knocking an opponent slowing them down.

  • ====Bowling strike====

With a bowling motion to set off large green bowling balls which can cause harm to anyone in it's way, even the rider who bowled to begin with.

Target torpedo

A "throwing" item that homes into opponents that it is locked on to.

Exterme Gears

Sonic The Hedgehog - Blue Star

Miles" Tails " Prower - Yellow Tail

Knuckles The Echidna - Red Rock

Shawn Iverson - Great Eagle

Jet The Hawk - J-Type

Wave The Swallow - W-Type                                                                                                                                Storm The Albatross -S-Type

Kairi Sumaki - R-Type                                                                                                                                              Amy Rose - Pink Rose

Kioshi Sato - Eternal Star                                                                                                                                        Cream The Rabbit - Smile                                                                                                                                   Cosmo The Seedian - Flower Guradian

Shadow The Hedgehog - Black Shot                                                                                                                      Rouge The Bat - Temptation

Kenji Kazama - Power Fist

Metal Sonic - Metal Star

Silver The Hedgehog - Psychic Wave

Blaze The Cat - Flame Lance

Espio The Chameleon - Ninja Storm

Vector The Crocodile - Hard Boiled

Charmy Bee - Honey Mephiles The Dark - ???

Mighty The Armadillo - Pulse

Honey The Cat - Mr Yen

Ray The Squirrel - Whip Lash

Scourge The Hedgehog - Anti-Mobius

Sally Acorn - Princess Acorn

Fang The Sniper - Marvelous Queen

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