2013 Sonic Game Concept Crappy Doody Poopy Thinger

Concept box art depicting all 15 playable characters, the game's original planned release year, and the game's tagline.

Sonic Final Battle Genesis is a 3D platformer in the Sonic the Hedgehog video game franchise that is being developed by a studio called Fusion Thunder Games instead of Sonic Team. It was to be released on December 1, 2013 to honour Sonic's 22nd anniversary, but due to technical difficulties, it is now set to be released in November of 2016 in commemoration of Sonic's 25th. It features Sonic characters from both the games and the comics. It's being developed for the Nintendo Wii U, Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and Nintendo 3DS. The game's story takes place a year after Sonic Generations, Sonic and all of his friends have been living peacefully because of Dr. Eggman being trapped in limbo with no way to escape, and their lives have undergone some changes over the past year.

Gameplay (Unique Character Abilities)

Team Heroes

Sonic the Hedgehog:

Spin Dash: Revs up in a ball and speeds off at sonic speed, damaging any enemies Sonic touches.

Super Boost: Uses Light Cores picked up from defeated enemies and broken capsules to move at amazing speeds and blast through any enemies that Sonic touches.

Bound Jump: Rolls up into a ball, pounds the ground and bounces up high into the air. The ground pound can be used as a Stomp attack, and there's no limit to how high Sonic can bounce.

Homing Attack: Curls up into a ball and smashes into any enemies or objects that have a reticle marked on them. Can be charged up for the Light Speed Attack.

Double Jump: After a jump, another jump can be peformed while in the air. This has less height than the regular jump, but it's useful for precise platforming. If a reticle isn't marked on anything nearby, Sonic will use this instead of the Homing Attack, though the Homing Attack can still be performed after this second jump.

Air Dash: Sonic uncurls and dashes forward in the air. If Sonic has Light Core energy, this move will become a Super Air Dash.

Axe Kick: Sonic can use this move while running to attack nearby enemies if he doesn't have any Light Core energy. He does a somersault kick forward.

Light Speed Dash: Can only be used while near a trail of rings. Sonic moves through the rings at lightning speed. This is also an attack.

Sonic Wind: Sonic spins around in the air to create a giant whirlwind that will send enemies airborne and likely destroy them if they're light.

Sonic Overdrive: Sonic's super attack. Sonic will turn into a blue fireball and fly all over the place at the speed of light, destroying every enemy and breakable object around him. After this move is used, Sonic will get a Level Up and temporarily have the ability to use the Light Speed Attack without charging it. It does massive damage on bosses.

Super Sonic: Unlockable. Sonic will transform into Super Sonic and get a boost in speed, jump height and attack power. He can also use the Light Burst Air Dash, which is an Air Dash that creates a burst of light that destroys all surrounding enemies and breakable objects. On top of that, if he wanted to, he can Fly, like he would in a final boss stage.

Miles "Tails" Prower:

Rapid Tails Attack: Tails winds up and then releases an attack which he spins around and swipes his tails around repeatedly.

Flight: Tails spins his two namesakes around like helicopter blades and flies up into the air. He can only fly for a certain amount of time before he gets tired and descends. His tails can hurt enemies while spinning.

Dive Kick: Tails can use this move while flying. He dives downward, kicking with his feet. This will do damage to any enemy who comes into contact with him from the front.

Arm Cannon: Tails makes an arm cannon manifest on his right arm and fires a single energy shot forward. This can be aimed in any direction.

Magic Hand: Tails summons a white gloved hand from the ground using a button on a remote control. This can spawn in any part of the ground nearby, but it has limited range.

Tail Spin Swim: While submerged, Tails can rapidly spin his tails as he were going into Flight mode, only while in the water, he can freely move in any direction and never get tired. This will only stop if he touches the ground or gets hit. When he exits water, he will automatically go into Flight mode.

Sea Fox: In certain underwater sections, Tails can call upon his Sea Fox submarine to help him travel while submerged. This provides him with unlimited air, torpedos to attack and a shield. However, the Sea Fox will break down and disappear if it takes too much damage.

Road Fox: In certain sections on land, Tails can call upon his Road Fox vehicle to help him travel faster. This will increase his speed and provide him with a shield and a machine gun. If it takes too much damage, it will break down and disappear.

Tornado 2: In certain stages, Tails will board his Tornado 2 plane to take part in aerial combat. In the Tornado, Tails can use a shield, a machine gun, a homing laser cannon, rocket boosters, and even do a barrel roll. If the Tornado takes too much damage, it will light on fire and crash.

Cyclone: Tails' super attack. Tails calls upon his new and improved Cyclone mech and gets inside it. He unleashes all of its weaponry on his surroundings, destroying any enemy or breakable object that happens to be around. After the use of this move, Tails will get a level up and a ride on the Cyclone for a short period of time. On the Cyclone, Tails can shoot vulcan missiles, fire rockets, use homing missiles, hover, shoot bombs and fire a giant laser that needs to be charged. The Cyclone is invincible. It does massive damage on bosses.

Super Tails: Unlockable. Tails will transform into Super Tails and get a boost in speed, jump height, Flight duration and attack power. His Rapid Tails Attack creates tornados and his Arm Cannon becomes a Chaos Energy Bullet shooting Minigun. On top of that, he can summon golden Flickies to help him attack enemies.

Mina Mongoose:

Katana Slash: Mina slashes her Katana forward and the blade emits a fiery wave that can also damage enemies. This move can be used in succession 5 times.

Katana Drive: Mina does a drilling motion in the air and thrusts her katana forward while she's running. It ends with a somersault slash.

Slide Kick: Mina falls down on her back and slides across the ground with her feet forward. Mainly used attacking lower enemy weakspots and getting under tight spaces. Mina can do a backward somersault kick by jumping while sliding.

Rocket Kick: In the air, Mina will fly into any enemy or object marked with a reticle and kick them, followed by a katana stab to the face if the enemy has more than one hit point.

Stomp: Originally Sonic's move, Mina will kick her feet downward, putting her weight into it to enhance the gravity, hitting the ground with a strong stamp. A shockwave is created when she hits the ground.

Song Attack: Mina sings a small melody into her microphone and sends musical notes forward, causing damage to any enemy and causing any destroyed enemy to drop some rings.

Spin Attack: Mina spins multiple 360 spins with her sword and flies into the air for a short period of time. This can damage any enemy from any direction and is a great double jump.

Song Bubble: Which underwater, Mina can sing to form a bubble around her to help her breathe underwater. While in this bubble, she can use the Bubble Bounce and make any projectiles bounce off of her. This will pop if it takes damage or when Mina emerges out of the water.

Dark Mina: Mina thrusts her hands forward and a dark clone of her appears. This clone will attack enemies, take rings or other power ups off of them, help Mina solve certain puzzles, and even find in-game secrets. When it's done, it explodes into a cluster of black balls that damage anything (except Mina).

Songoose Melody: Mina's super attack. The stage goes dark and a spotlight appears over Mina. She sings a beautiful song while doing some elegant movements. This destroys all breakable objects, while any enemy in her surroundings will fall in love with her and give her rings (1 hit point enemies release 10 rings, 2 hit point enemies release 20 rings, and 4 hit point enemies release 40) before their "love drives" overload and they explode. This does massive damage on bosses.

Super Mina: Unlockable. Mina will transform into Super Mina and get a boost in speed, jump height and attack power. In this form, Mina's Dark Mina will become Super as well and have increased attack power and a larger explosion, her Spin Attack releases waves of fire in all directions and has increased height, and her Song Attack makes enemies drop 10, 20 or 40 rings, depending on their number of hit points (like Songoose Melody).

Team Echidna

Tikal the Echidna:


Knuckles the Echidna:

Team Blossom

Amy Rose:

Fiona Fox:

Bunnie Rabbot:

Team Freedom

Rotor Walrus:

Cream the Rabbit:

Big the Cat:

Team Chaotix

Espio the Chameleon

Ray the Flying Squirrel

Mighty the Armadillo


Team Descriptions

Team Heroes

Originally Team Sonic. Knuckles has disbanded and has his own team now. Sonic and Tails' teammate is Mina, who has a big crush on Tails. They go on an adventure when they hear that a new Mongoose villain named Apocalina is messing with the climate around the world and seeks out Mina, for she has something that she is trying to keep away from her. Sonic and Tails help her out by tracking down every trace of Apocalina and destroying it.

Team Echidna

Knuckles' new team which he has with the time travelling Echidna girl, Tikal, and the rebuilt Gizoid, Emerl. They have created a new protective chamber for the Master Emerald, making sure it's protected everyday. Tikal senses a small planet in the distant being threatened by an ancient enemy from the Echidna Tribe's past known as Necrobius. So, she, Emerl and Knuckles travel to the planet to hunt down Necrobius.

Team Blossom

Originally Team Rose. Cream and Big are no longer Amy's teammates, because they got weary of Amy's bossy behavior. Amy is left alone for many weeks until she returns home one day, only to find that the Metal Series robots, Metal Sonic, Tails Doll, Metal Knuckles and Amedroid Rosebot have burned down her house. Fortunately, two Freedom Fighters named Fiona Fox and Bunnie Rabbot appear and fight them off, and they require Amy's assistance. Amy joins them in hopes she'll be able to regain her fighting spirit and be of use again.

Team Freedom

Cream and Big look for a new team after disbanding from Amy's team. Cream's mom, Vanilla, turns up one day, but her behavior has been warped. She is now an eerily polite woman who attacks good guys and leads an army of criminals. Rotor Walrus, a kind inventor, comes in and tells Vanilla to back awhile while he takes care of Cream and Big. After Vanilla and her new gang disappear, Rotor tells Cream and Big that he wants to help them fight evil and find a way to cure Vanilla. They are happy to have him as their teammate and agree to help him.

Team Chaotix

Vector and Charmy have decided to take the day off, because Vector wants to take some time off to try out his new computer room, and Charmy just wants to stay home and play with his candles. Espio, on the other hand, knows that evil is afoot, so when he hears of the murder of the president of Station Square (who is identified as an elephant in this game) caused by an unknown evil figure, he calls upon Ray and Mighty and convinces them to rejoin the Chaotix and help him in the team's latest detective adventure.

Stages (Confirmed so far)

Team Heroes

Stage 1: Splash Seaside

Team Echidna

Stage 1: Lava Mountain

Team Blossom

Stage 1: Emerald Outskirts

Team Freedom

Stage 1: Icicle Funland

Team Chaotix

Stage 1: Railway Grove

Bosses (Confirmed so far)

Team Heroes

Boss 1: Chain Beater

Team Echidna

Boss 1: Lady Ninja

Team Blossom

Boss 1: Mecha Fiona

Team Freedom

Boss 1: Snow Cobra

Team Chaotix

Boss 1: Gunner Roses

Voice Cast

  • Roger Craig Smith (as Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Kate Higgins (as Miles "Tails" Prower)
  • Stephanie Sheh (as Mina Mongoose)
  • Elara Distler (as Tikal the Echidna)
  • Johnny Yong Bosch (as Emerl)
  • Travis Willingham (as Knuckles the Echidna)
  • Michelle Ruff (as Amy Rose)
  • Ashley Johnson (as Fiona Fox)
  • Colleen O'Shaughnessey (as Bunnie Rabbot)
  • Mark Ballou (as Rotor Walrus)
  • Grey DeLisle (as Cream the Rabbit)
  • Kenny James (as Big the Cat)
  • Troy Baker (as Espio the Chameleon)
  • Tom Kenny (as Ray the Flying Squirrel)
  • Khary Payton (as Mighty the Armadillo)
  • Karen Strassmen (as Apocalina)
  • John DiMaggio (as Metal Sonic)
  • Kevin Michael Richardson (as Necrobius)
  • Tara Strong (as Vanilla the Rabbit)


  • Unlike most Sonic platformers, Dr. Eggman is not a major antagonist. Infact, in this game, he's not supposed to appear aside from a cameo.
  • Mina wears a red belly top in this game and has no piercings.
  • Lava Mountain is a combination of Lava Reef from Sonic & Knuckles and Red Mountain from Sonic Adventure.
  • Fusion Thunder Games decided to develop this game because they wanted the Sonic series to have new villains.
  • Sonic and Tails have clothes in this game. Sonic wears a t-shirt, and Tails wears shorts.
  • In this game, Sonic's world is referred to as Mobius instead of Earth.
  • This is the first time Vanilla the Rabbit will be a villain.
  • This game will have more playable characters than any other Sonic platformer.