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Mario Kart Double Drift is the 10th installment (11th if including MK8 Deluxe) in the Mario Kart Series. The game, while retaining many aspects of previous Mario Kart games, including the underwater, gliding, and anti-gravity. Two characters handle a single kart, where one character steers and the other deals with items, and they can switch positions if necessary as always. However, like Mario Kart 8 & Wii, there will be 12 racers



Characters Item
Mario & Luigi
Peach & Daisy
Yoshi & Birdo
Yoshi Egg Item
Toad & Toadette
Mega Mushroom-0
Wario & Waluigi
Bob-Omb Item
DK and Diddy Kong
Giant Banana-1
Bowser & Bowser Jr.
Bowser Shell-0
Koopa Troopa & Paratroopa
Triple Ice Shell-1
Baby Mario & Baby Luigi
Chain Chomp-1
Baby Peach & Baby Daisy
Cape Feather-0
Baby Wario & Baby Waluigi
Magnet Mushroom
Kamek & Hammer Bro
Freezie Item


Characters Item How To Unlock
King Boo & Petey
Win 150cc Mushroom Cup
Wiggler & King Bob-Omb
Cannon Box
Win 150cc Flower Cup
Dry Bowser & Dry Bones
Metal Shroom
Win 150cc Mega Mushroom Cup
Dreambert & Sprixie Princess
Gold Flower Item
Win 150cc Star Cup
Funky Kong & Dixie Kong
Banana Bunch
Win 150cc Special Cup


New Tracks

Fire Flower Item
Mega Mushroom-0
Special Crown
Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Mega Mushroom Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Mushroom Raceway Mario Circuit Luigi Circuit Desert Ruins Sugar Speedway
Peach Orchards Toadette's Music Room Pirate Cove Sherbet Island Superstar City
Cheep Cheep Coast Sprixie Circus Ten-Pin Alley Blossom Temple Pipeline Sewere
Donut Island Cocoa Cliffs E. Gadd's Garage Acorn Plains Bowser Castle
Honeyhive Park Airship Cloudway Wiggler Stadium Bowser Jr's Playroom Rainbow Road

Retro Tracks

Note: Some retro tracks from previous Mario Kart games will reappear a second time.

Green Shell-0
Super Leaf Item
Lightning Item Image
NS Mario Circuit 3DS Wuhu Loop GCN Sherbet Land GBA Sky Garden NS Sawmill Workshop
SNES Bowser Castle 1 Wii U Thwomp Ruins NS Oilfield Outpost N64 Choco Mountain 3DS Wario Shipyard
DS Desert Hills NS Retro Road Wii Wario's Gold Mine SNES Mario Circuit 3 GCN Bowser Castle
GCN Daisy Cruiser N64 Toad's Turnpike 3DS Maka Wuhu NS Rock Candy Mines GBA Rainbow Road

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