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Sonic Draw
Sonic Draw Logo
Developer(s) User:AGaming
Publisher(s) Sega
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
March 13 2008
Single Player, Multiplayer, Challenge, Time Trial, Nintendo WFC
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platforming
Media Included Nintendo DS Cartridge
Sonic Draw is a Sonic the Hedgehog (series) video game for the Nintendo DS. It was released in early 2008 for the Nintendo DS. The game is the first 2D Sonic game for the DS, and is compared to the likes of the Sonic Advance series.


The gameplay, while retaining the basic nature and features of every previous game in the series, has the added inclusion of touch screen controls.

Basic Features

- Rings; the staple item of every Sonic game. Sonic collects these to make him go faster. Collect 100 rings adds another life.

- Spin Dash; Sonic's signature move returns. Dash round loops, pummel enemies and speed through levels with this technique.

- Homing attack; Jump in the air and press A again to launch Sonic at any unfortunate enemies.

- Sonic; All of his basic abilities. Super fast speed, loop the loops, running on water, you know the drill.

New Features

- Touch screen; Flick on the touch screen to flips, smash though objects and perform unique Sonic moves like never before.

- Sonic Boost; After passing certain amounts of rings(15, 25, 40, 50, 60, etc.), you will be given a short speed boost.

- Puzzles; During levels, to move on, you may have to solve puzzles using the touch screen, and sometimes the DS microphone.



Sonic posing on the Green Gorge stage.

The layout and design is just like any other handheld Sonic game. All of the action happens on the touch screen, so as to allow players to perform touch screen moves. The top screen is used to display the HUD, and also allows characters such as Tails and Knuckles to contact Sonic mid-level. There is a World Map which serves as the main access to areas. When you select an area, you'll go into a smaller map where it will display all of the stages in the area. Once you have selected a stage, you can choose either Play Level or Time Trial. Once you have completed the stage, you then can choose between Challenge Mode and Free Play. Challenge Mode requires you to complete a certain mission(e.g. Collect 500 rings) before you reach the end of the stage. Play Level affects your overall stage grade(S,A,B,C,D OR E) and the main story. Once you have completed all of the stages in an area, the Boss Stage becomes available. Once the boss is defeated, the next area(s) become available for play. There are 10 areas, with 3 stages and 1 boss in each. This format is different to other Sonic games of its type.


Sonic Draw has no apparent storyline. Eggman has a plan and Sonic has to stop him.

Touch Abilities

These abilities are available initially at the start of the game. More are unlocked as the game progresses.

-Sonic Loop; Draw a loop around Sonic to make him backflip. In air only.

-Sonic Leap; Draw a straight or curved line in any direction and Sonic will take a massive leap in that direction.

-Sonic Burst; Draw circles around Sonic to charge up power so he can perform otherwise impossible abilities(e.g. Charge to run on water for longer). The more you charge, the more powerful Sonic is.

-Sonic Slash; Draw a line from Sonic to an enemy and Sonic will slash at them.

-Sonic Bounce; When Sonic is in the air, draw a straight line downwards towards the ground to make him bounce upwards. Each time you bounce, he goes higher. Used to jump to high ledges.


You can compete online via the Nintendo WFC or DS to DS. Up to 7 other people can play using one cartridge using DS Download Play. Modes included are:

- Race; A race through any selected stage.

- Party; A race tournament that gives you points for winning races.

- Battle; A battle using touch screen abilities to get the opponent's ring count down to zero. Each player begins with 100.

- League; Only available on Nintendo WFC. Plays like Time Trial, except your score is added to your Local League table. If you choose, you can add your score also to your Country League table, Continent League Table, and World League Table.


This is the only mode where Sonic is not the only playable character.

* refers to a character who has no other relation to the game other than Multiplayer mode.






-Shadow *

-Espio *

-Charmy *





-Hero Chao

-Dark Chao

-Regular Chao

-Rouge *

-E102 *

-Metal Sonic *

Chao Garden

The Chao Garden mode returns for Sonic Draw. There are loads more Chao types, different ways to raise them, and new gardens to unlcok. You can also transfer your Chao to and from Chao World Wii.

Initial Gardens

-Green Garden

-Street Garden

-House Garden

-Happy Garden

Unlockable Gardens

-Space Garden

-Mine Garden

-Cave Garden

-Cool Garden

-Future Garden

-Hero Garden

-Dark Garden

-World Garden

Chao Trade Station

The data for every Chao is recorded on an in-game trading card(name, date of birth, sex, type, etc.). These can be traded online via the Nintendo WFC. When you receieve the card, the Chao appears in your trade garden, from which you can place it in one of your unlocked gardens. If there is no-one to trade with you, Chao Auction House allows you to leave your Chao on an auction like site, where it will be valued, and acutioned off to the highest ring bidder.