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Sonic DS Blast
Console Nintendo DS
Release Date USA: July 9, 2009
JAP: July 17th, 2009
EUR: August 23, 2009
Publisher Sega
Developer Sonic Team Tokyo
Genre Platformer
Rating ESRB: E
PEGI: 7+

Sonic DS Blast is a 3D platformer for the Nintendo DS, developed by Sonic Team's Tokyo branch, and published by Sega. It was in development for almost two years. Utilizing the DS's internal clock and calender features, the game's hub worlds will change depending on the time of year and time of day, with the level of lighting changing throughout the day from morning, to daytime, to sunset, to nighttime, as well as having changing weather throughout the year. The game may get a sequel.


The game plays similar to Super Mario 64 DS or the 3D hubworld of Sonic Rush Adventure, using either the stylus or D-pad to control movement. In terms of basic gameplay, it operates identically to other Sonic platformers, with the same life system, items, mechanics etc. The game has four different control modes available for use, two using the D-pad and two using the touch screen. The modes can be switched in the pause menu. To allow for faster paced gameplay, control modes using the D-pad do not use a run button like in Super Mario 64 DS, instead, the character simply accelerates to max speed in the direction the D-pad is being held gradually. As in most of the modern Sonic games, your performance in a level or boss is ranked with a letter (S, A, B, C, D), S being the best and D being the worst.



A team based mode, playable only over local wireless. The levels are slightly re-designed to feature team based puzzles and segments that can only be traversed by a certain character with a switch a ways away, that will allow the other character to traverse the segment. Due to the limited space on the cartridge and the fact that levels must be different for each of the three combinations of characters (Sonic and Tails, Sonic and Tene, Tails and Tene) only three levels (Pine Shores, Ghost Foundry, and Hot Rythem) are playable in this mode.


A simple head to head race through any of the game's levels, with support for two players over local wireless or Nintendo WiFi Connection. All item boxes are replace with items exclusive to this mode that either help the character who gets them or hinder the other character.

Modes and Controls

D-Pad, Top Screen

The default mode, the action is displayed on the top screen, and movement is controlled by the D-Pad.

D-Pad: Movement

A and B buttons: Jump

X and Y buttons: Attack/Special

L and R buttons: Camera control

D-Pad, Bottom Screen

Identical to the default control mode, but the gameplay is displayed on the bottom screen instead of the top one.

Stylus, Right Handed

The action takes place on the bottom screen, with the stylus used for movement. Camera control is done with two buttons in the bottom corners of the screen.

Touch Screen: Movement

L button: Jump

D-Pad: Attack/Special

Stylus, Left Handed

Similar to the Right Handed mode, but somewhat modified to allow the stylus to be held in the left hand. Camera control is done with two buttons in the bottom corners of the screen.

Touch Screen: Movement

A and B buttons: Jump

X and Y buttons: Attack/Special


Single Player/Co-Op

  • Ring Box: A box filled with rings, comes in 5, 10, 15, and 20 ring varietys.
  • ??? Box: A box that gives a random number of rings when destroyed.
  • 1-Up Box: Gives the character one additional life.
  • Shield: After getting a shield, the character can take one hit without dieing or losing ring.
  • Electro Shield: Much rarer, has the effects of a shield, and also attracts rings.
  • Invincibility: For a short time, the character is invulnerable to attacks, but can still die from being crushed or from falling into death pits.
  • Speed Shoes: For a short time, the character's speed is greatly increased.


  • Speed Shoes: For a short time, the character's speed is greatly increased.
  • Bomb: The enemy character takes damage.
  • Slow Shoes: The enemy character's speed is decreased.
  • Shield: Similar to the single player mode shield item, but is time limited, and also protects from Bombs or Slow Shoes that are used by the enemy character.

Sonic Tokens

Sonic Tokens are golden coin like objects shaped like Sonic's head that are scattered around the game. There are three in each of the eight main stages and sixteen scattered around the two overworld areas, for a total of forty throughout the game.

Enemy Types


Eggman's basic robot type. About twice Sonic's height, humanoid with blocky limbs and torso, and a sphere for a head. All of them take one hit to defeat.

  • Basic E-Bot: The basic, unarmed variety of the E-Bot. Painted in a white with black trim color scheme.
  • Gun E-Bot: An E-Bot wielding a laser gun on each arm instead of a hand. Painted white with red trim.
  • E-Viking: An E-Bot wearing a viking helmet and wielding a battleaxe. Painted brown with red trim.
  • E-Reaper: A white E-Bot wearing a black cloak and wielding a scythe.
  • E-Bumper: An E-Bot wielding a spring. Because of this, frontal attacks don't work. Painted pink and lime green.


More eccentric robots built by Eggman. They have wacky designs and are powered on small animals that are freed when the robot is destroyed. They are referred to as Mini Bots in the Japanese version of the game.

  • Unidus: Small, angry looking spheres that are surronded by four spiked balls. When Sonic gets too close, it fires them.
  • Gola: Similar to Unidus, but colored red, and surronded by flames instead of spiky balls.
  • Kiki: Monkey robots that hide in trees and throw down time bombs.


Any enemies that don't fall into the previous two categories.

  • Panda Ninja: A panda wearing a stereotypical plain black ninja costume. They only appear in the minigame "Tene's Challenge", and take three hits to defeat.
  • Wingo: Basically a missile launcher with wings and a camera bolted on. They fire slow homing missiles that explode on contact or after a few second in the air.
  • Boom Boo: A white ghost around Sonic's height with a freakish grin. They only appear in Ghost Foundry, and cannot be killed (When they are attacked, they only disappear for a few second). They first appeared in Sonic Adventure 2.



The story is told through cutscenes with 3D character artwork laid over 3D backgrounds, with text in speach bubbles, similar to the Sonic Rush games. Ocasional voice clips are also played. Every so often, a fully animated cutscene, rendered with the same graphics engine as the actual gameplay, will play.


After defeating Dr. Eggman 6 months ago, Sonic used Chaos Control to scatter the Chaos Emeralds to the far corners of the world to prevent Eggman from finding them and misusing their power again. Afterwards, him and Tails decided to take a tour of the world's most amazing sights.

In the present day, Sonic and Tails wake up on a small boat. The owner of the boat, an unnamed hedgehog girl, tells them that they will arrive at Sapphire Town shortly. Sonic mentions something about paying the girl, but realizes that he has no money. To pay for the journey, Tails gives her a high tech watch he invented. The boat docks, and Sonic and Tails disembark. However, a giant robot bear suddenly appears, and grabs Sonic. However, a panda girl named Tene attacks it, and it drops Sonic and vanishes as mysteriously as it appeared (Note: After this cutscene, you are dumped into the hub world and given control of Sonic. Sonic is the only character playable in the hub world.)

In the hub world, Tene is seen walking away. After catching up with her, she recognises Sonic from a news broadcast, and complains about her life, and then begs Sonic to let her go on an adventure with him. Eventually, Sonic breaks down and lets her tag along, and she tells Sonic that the robotic bear has been appearing in the city every few days, seemingly looking for something. She then leads Sonic to the entrance to the first level and allows him access to it.

After returning from Pine Shores, Sonic finds a sealed door blocking a pathway out of the town. Asking Tene about it, she tells him that one night, six robots, including the bear that Sonic had already destroyed, had risen from the sea and began to search for something. After seemingly not finding what they were searching for, they left in different directions, and the doors were then put up to try and keep them out. Sonic then sneaks into a vault and steals the keys to the six remaining doors. The door to Diamond Caverns is then opened. After defeating a robot there, Sonic finds a Chaos Emerald, and realizes that the robots must be searching for the emeralds. After returning to town, Tene reveals that she also has one of the emeralds. Tails then builds an emerald radar to allow them to find the rest of them.

Tails quickly finds the third emerald, and the three set off to Stardust Valley. There they find a strange viking ship, and are attacked by a hoard of smaller, viking warrior-esque robots. After destroying them and the ship, they get the third emerald. Afterwards, the emerald radar starts giving off strange readings. Tails can't see if it is an emerald or not, but Sonic is suspicious, so they head off to Ghost Foundry. After reaching the center of the mansion, Eggman is found, holding one of the emeralds. Eggman laughs at Sonic's arrival, not thinking it would take Sonic so long to catch on to his plan. Eggman decides to let Metal Sonic handle things, but Sonic beats him. Eggman attempts to escape in the HoverEgg, but Sonic manages to first knock the emerald out of his hands.

The three chase after Eggman, and find themselves in a casino, where a Chaos Emerald is the grand prize. Sonic decides to win it, but Eggman challenges Sonic to race against Metal Sonic to win the emerald. Sonic wins, but Eggman then steals it and uses it to power up a computer to fight Sonic. Sonic defeats it and grabs the emerald, and Eggman quickly flees the scene. The three give chase, and wind up in a forest infested by E-Bots. Sonic and Tails make short work of them. Tene begins to feel useless.

Suddenly, a strange panda ninja appears, and leads them to a temple. The ninja is revealed to be Tene's mother, who is the leader of a small group of ninja who are dedicated to fulfilling a prophecy. The prophecy claims that the world would be saved from an ancient weapon by three chosen ones. The three undertake challenges, and all three prove that they are the chosen ones of the prophecy. Combinging their spiritua energy, the path to the next Chaos Emerald is made clear, and they set off to Hot Rythem. Arriving there, they find Eggman's forces are also searching for the emerald. After reaching the volcano, a robot appears, which Sonic destroys, retrieving the sixth emerald.

Returning to Ruin Shrine, they find Knuckles waiting for them. Knuckles tells of ancient texts he was sifting through, and discovered tales of an ancient superweapon powered by the seven Chaos Emeralds. Sonic suspects Eggman is after it, and Knuckles takes the four to Angel Island on his winged canoe. There he leads them to a strange stone platform, whith three circles carved into it. They stand upon the circles, and the clouds pull back, revealing a floating temple high in the sky, and a path of light leading to it. Sonic spots the Egg Carrier on the temple, and the three follow the pathway to the final confrontation.

After fighting through the temple to the top, they meet up with Eggman who boards his latest creation, the E-Falken, and fights Sonic. Sonic defeats it, and the robot explodes, so Eggman commands Metal Sonic to fight them. Metal Sonic uses the seventh Chaos Emerald to transform into a form called EX Metal Sonic, in which his spines spike up like Super Sonic's, and his metal armor turns blood red. Sonic fights and defeats EX Metal Sonic, who overloads from the emerald's power, and melts into a charred heap of metal. The three leave the temple and return to Sapphire town, stopping to entrust care of the seven emeralds to Knuckles.

After relaxing back in Sapphire Town for a while, Knuckles makes a suprise appearence, revealing that Eggman stole the seven Chaos Emeralds. The four pile into Knuckles' canoe and arrive on Angel Island just in time to see the temple begin to rise into space, pieces of rockwork falling off to reveal rusty ancient machinery.. Sonic realizes that the weapon from the prophecy and the ancient Echidna texts was the temple itself. Tails quickly upgrades Knuckles' canoe with jet engines and a laser, and the four chase Eggman into space.

Arriving on the temple, Sonic, Tails, and Tene work together to reach Eggman. After reaching him, he activates the final procedure to unlock the weapon's full power. Sonic yells to Tails, Knuckles, and Tene to go back to canoe, but he remains on the weapon, leeching off enough power from the emeralds to achieve his super form. He defeats the weapon, but uses up all his power, and begins to fall down to earth along with it, but the other three save him in Knuckles' canoe, and they watch from space as the weapon burns up in the atmosphere. Tails, Knuckles, and Tene congratulate Sonic, and the credits roll.

After the credits, Sonic is seen looking up at the night sky as shooting stars (pieces coming off of the burning weapon high in the atmosphere) streak across the sky. The scene changes to the crash site of one of the fragments, and Eggman crawls out of the wreckage, and looks up at the sky as the shooting stars continue to come down.


Sonic the Hedgehog

You know who he is, right?! This famous blue hedgehog with an attitude is always saving the world from the evil Doctor Eggman, and when he isn't, relaxing in the cool shade of a palm tree. A hot-tempered lover of freedom and adventure, never staying in one for very long. His signature traits are his super speed, aerial homing attack, and rolling spindash.


Rolling Attack: By pressing the X or Y buttons while traveling at high speed, Sonic will roll into a ball and plow through enemies or items he encounters.

Spindash: Similar to the Rolling Attack, hold down X or Y from a dead stop to charge up, then release to blast off at high speed.

Homing Attack: By pressing A or B a second time while in mid air, Sonic will shoot off towards an enemy, item, or springboard nearby.

Unlockable Abilitys

In addition to his normal abilitys, Sonic can purchase items to unlock new ones that can help him find Sonic Tokens and allow him to use shortcuts in the action stages. None of them are required to finish the story however. Only one item can be used at a time, and Sonic must return to Tene's house to switch items

Lightspeed Dash: Requires purchase of the "Light Shoes" item from the Sapphire Town Market. By pressing B while near a trail of rings, Sonic will dash along them at high speed.

Bounce Attack: Requires purchase of the "Bounce Bracelet" item from the Sapphire Town Market. By pressing B while in mid-air, Sonic while rocket downwards, allowing him to break things on the ground and bounce to high places.

Super Dash: Requires purchase of the "Dash Shoes" item from the Sapphire Town Market. By pressing B twice in quick succession, Sonic will blast off at high speeds, breaking through objects he couldn't before.

Sonic Wind: Requires purchase of the "Mystic Wind" item from the Ruin Shrine Bazaar. By pressing B while in midair, Sonic creates a small tornado that sucks up all enemies and objects in the vicinity.

Sonic Inferno: Requires purchase of the "Eternal Flame item from the Ruin Shrine Bazaar. By pressing B twice in quick succession, Sonic creates an aura of fire around him for a short time and can pass through fire and lava unharmed.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Sonic's best friend and kid sidekick, Miles Prower, or as his friend call him, Tails, has a natural talent for mechanics. He loves to tinker, and often creates usefull new gadgets and vehicles to help Sonic and friends. He is the one who takes care of Sonic's famous red and yellow bi-plane, the Tornado. He can also fly and run at high speeds with his twin Tails.


Blaster: By pressing X or Y, Tails can fire off a blast from his trusty Megaman style laser gun. It isn't very accurate, but you can also press and hold the buttoms to lock on to multiple targets.

Rotor Flight: By pressing and holding A or B after jumping, Tails can fly through the air with his twin tails. However, watch the flight gauge, if it runs out, Tails will get tired and fall.

Tene the Panda

A pessimistic and tough panda who dresses in Emo/Goth style and dreams of adventure. She lives with her rich father in Sapphire Town and is pampered and lives an easy life, but hates it because she wants excitement and thrill. After Sonic and Tails come to the town, she joins them and uses her natural martial arts skills to fight enemies. Finally getting the excitement she seeks, she is happy, but over-confident in her own abilitys, and often gets stressed out in intense situations (Which is sometimes used for comedic effect). She wields a staff.


Quick Swipe: By pressing X or Y, Tene swings her staff.

Staff Combo: By pressing X or Y 3 times in quick succsession, Tene performs a 3-hit combo move with her staff.

Pole Vault: By pressing A or B while in mid-air Tene uses her staff to vault through the air, reaching far away platforms.


Note that the game does not use the traditional Sonic act system, but the action stage model used in the 3D console games. The stages are also usually broke into multiple segements like in Sonic Adventure or Sonic the Hedghog 06, in order to reduce memory and processor requirments, in turn allowing larger, more complex stages.

Sapphire Town

A quiet, New England esque fishing village that serves as the game's first hub world. Pine Shores, Diamond Caverns, Stardust Valley, Ghost Foundry, Pinball Sky, Ruin Shrine, and Gravity Max are accessed through this level. Important buildings or places within the town are detailed below.

The Marketplace

A small waterfront market where Sonic can trade rings for new abilitys.

The Gallery

The Gallery is a small building near the waterfront where minigames can be played, cutscenes can be watched, and music and sound effects from the game can be listened to.

Tene's House

Tene's fouse is also located near the waterfront, and serves as the base of operations.

The Vault

The city vault is located in the center of the town. It can only be entered once in the game, between Pine Shores and Diamond Caves, and can only be accessed at nighttime (The player's DS clock must be between 8 PM and 4 AM to enter it).

Pine Shores

A twist on the classic Sonic "Green Hill" first level. An isolated beachside hideaway near a forest of tall fir trees. It is the shortest level in the game and only has one segment

Boss: Grizzly

A large, robotic grizzly bear, fought in a circular arena bordered by fir trees. It simply runs around the arena, and occasionally attacks the player by charging straight at you. When this happens it must be flipped over by attacking it, and then attacking the weak point on it's chest. After doing this three times the battle is won.

Diamond Caverns

The first of many levels with two segments, unlike most such levels, the two segments have major differences. The first part is in a desert, with strange silver crystals stuck in the ground, and rusted machinery. The second part takes place underground, with similar strange crystals everywhere, but now in many different colors.

Boss: Trasher

A yellow and black humanoid robot, with bulldozer like claws on both hands. It constantly runs, and Sonic must chase it. As it runs, rocks fall from the ceiling. When Sonic gets close, it will swipe at him with it's claws. If it misses Sonic, it will fall of balance, allowing Sonic to knock it over and strike it's weak point on it's back. After three hits, the boss is defeated.

Stardust Valley

A tranquil, snow covered valley at nighttime, filled with glowing, multicolored neon ice sculptures.

Boss: The Hoard

Sonic rides aboard a strangly technologicly advanced viking ship, while a massive hoard of small, viking like humanoid robots attack from all sides. Sonic must survive 3 minutes of wave after wave of these enemies.

Ghost Foundry

A huge, maze like abandoned factory, filled with ghosts. It is non-linear, Sonic must explore the factory and travel through the mazes to reach the goal.

Boss: Metal Sonic

Sonic's original archrival, the metal lookalike of the blue hero, Metal Sonic. He is fought in two parts. At first, Sonic must chase him through an obstacle course, using his spindash to attack Metal Sonic by hitting blocks of metal found on the track at him. After hitting him twice like this, Metal Sonic moves to a circular arena, where Sonic must attack Metal Sonic in between Metal Sonic's barrages of homing missiles. After two more hits, the battle is over.

Pinball Sky

A typical Sonic, neon filled casino/pinball type level. Like Sonic Adventure's Casinopolis, it is non-linear, with Sonic having to roam the casino gathering enough money to escape. There is also a 3 minute, 45 second time limit.

Boss: Gambler

A giant, stationary armored computer in the center of a giant pinball machine. Sonic must land attacks by operating a equally giant slot machine, while avoiding the attacks that are launched when he fails in the slot machine. After 3 hits, the computer's armor aswell as the slot machine break, and Sonic must deliver the final hit with a well aimed pinball shot, ending the battle.

Ruin Shrine

The game's second hub area. A deep forest filled with ruins and stone shrines. Hot Rythem and Sky Sanctuary are accessed through this level. Important buildings or places within the town are detailed below.

The Bazaar

A small market near the town gate, where Sonic can trade rings he has collected over the course of the game for power up items.

Challenge Hall

A large temple, where the three challenges to determine the chosen ones of the prophecy are held. It is in the center of the town.

Hot Rythem

A massive volcanic disaster zone, multiple volcanoes are erupting at once, sending huge chunks of rock into the air. Sonic must travel along these flying chunks of rock, and then must climb up the slope of an erupting volcano and reach the top before the lava flows destroy the mountain altogether.

Boss: Behemoth

A huge robot turtle swimming in a lava-filled cave within a volcano. The battle takes place entirely ontop of the turtle, while the it jumps around attempting to throw Sonic off. The turtle has an octagon shaped pattern of glowing domes on it's shell. The domes light up in for a split second in a sequence. One dome will light up, then turn off, and the next will light up, and so on. Sonic must hit each dome as it lights up, and hit all the domes in the sequence to do damage. The turtle will first light up 2 domes, then 4, then 6, and finally all 8. After the last hit, when all 8 light up in the sequence, the battle is won.

Sky Sanctuary

A huge, floating, ruined temple like structure. Like Diamond Caverns, there is a major difference between the two segments of the level. The first segment, Sonic traverses a linear pathway of ruins stretching through the sky. The second is non-linear exploration level similar to Ghost Foundry, and takes place within

the temple.

Boss: E-Falken

A massive flying dragon like robot piloted by Eggman. Sonic must follow the dragon along a twisting pathway of ruins. After catching up to it, Sonic must jump aboard and deliver a blow to the cockpit on the head to damage it. This must be done 7 times. For the final hit, E-Falken dashes at Sonic at high speed, and Sonic must jump with perfect timing, otherwise he will die and be forced to fight the boss again. While aboard it, Sonic must then deliver he final blow.

Boss: EX Metal Sonic

Almost the same as the first fight against him. He is fought in two parts. At first, Sonic must chase him through an obstacle course, attacking Metal Sonic by first catching up to him, then mashing any of the four face buttons to fill up a meter to deal out damage. After hitting him four times like this, Metal Sonic moves to a circular arena, where Sonic must attack Metal Sonic in between Metal Sonic's barrages of homing missiles. After four more hits, the battle is over.

Gravity Max

Similar to Sky Sanctuary, but it is now in outer space and covered in rusty, ancient machinery. It is the only level in the game to have three segments. In the first segment, you play as Tails, running through an area with the exact same layout as the first segment of Sky Sanctuary. In the second, you lay as Tene fighting through an area similar in theme to second segment of Sky Sanctuary, but with a different, linear layoiut. In the third and final segment, you play as Sonic in a brand new third area on top of the Sky Sanctuary temple.

Boss: The Weapon

A giant rotating engine of exposed gearwork and massive tubes, foating in outer space. You play as Super Sonic, who controls much like Sonic, but is constantly moving forward, chasing The Weapon, and has no spindash or rolling attack, instead he has Sonic Rush style boost move. As always, he starts with fifty rings and loses one of them every second. However, balloons full of rings are present in the battle. If Super Sonic hits the projectiles that The Weapon fires, he will lose five rings as well as all his speed.

Super Sonic must use boosters to catch up to The Weapon, and then use the boost attack to break inside. The player must then mash any of the four DS face buttons and fill up a meter within a certain amount of time to deal damage, just like in the second Metal Sonic boss battle. This must be done 5 times. After that, much of The Weapon will explode and fall off, revealing a much smaller machine. Super Sonic must catch up while dodging slow projectiles that will kill him instantly and then homing attack the cockpit. After that, the boss is over.


In addition to the main platforming gameplay, several minigames are available, all of which play a role in the story. After being beaten in the story, Sneeking, Gadget Builder, and Canoe can be played in the Gallery in Sapphire Town. The three challenges can be replayed by going to the Challenge Hall in Ruin Shrine. The games are listed in the order they appear in the story.


Played between Pine Shores and Diamond Caves. Sonic must sneek through corridors without getting caught in the searchlight beams. The control is the same as the main game. In Story Mode, there is no time limit, but the game an be played with a time limit in the Gallery.

Gadget Builder

Played between Diamond Caves and Stardust Valley. A jigsaw puzzle, played by clicking and dragging puzzle pieces with the touch screen. In Story Mode, there is no time limit, but the game an be played with a time limit in the Gallery.

Tail's Challenge

Played between Pinball Sky and Hot Rythem. Tails races against a panda ninja through Ruin Shrine. Although the ninja moves faster than him, he can win by using shortcuts only he can reach. The control is the same as the main game.

Tene's Challenge

Played between Pinball Sky and Hot Rythem. Tene is in a circular arena as hoards of panda ninjas flood in and fight her. The control is the same as the main game. Tene has to survive for 5 minutes to win in the story, but that amount of time can be changed when the challenge is replayed.

Sonic's Challenge

Played between Pinball Sky and Hot Rythem. Sonic must travel from his start point to goal through a crazy level suspended over an endless chasm, involving a large amount of difficult platforming as well as puzzles. The control is the same as the main game. In Story Mode, there is no time limit, but the game an be played with a time limit when replayed later.


Played between Sky Sanctuary and Gravity Max. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Tene are on board a winged, jet powered canoe. The canoe is moved around with the touch screen, and the L or R buttons are used to fire the laser cannon.

Bonus Stages

These stages do not appear in the game's story mode, and thus are only available for play in Trial Mode and Versus Mode. In addition, all of them are unlockables that cannot be accessed until a certain objective is completed.

Angel Island

Unlocked by clearing every stage and boss as Sonic. A replica of Angel Island Zone Act 1 from Sonic the Hedgehog 3. However, the boss battle from that level is missing, and only appears midway through the level when the island is set on fire.

Chemical Plant

Unlocked by clearing every stage and boss as Tails. A replica of Chemical Plant Zone Act 1 from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Twilight Shrine

Unlocked by clearing every stage and boss as Tene. An action stage with a theme and design based on Ruin Shrine. However, in Twilight Shrine, it is always twilight, and the torches throughout the level are lit up.

Cosmic Emerald

Unlocked by collecting every Sonic Token. A twisting, turning transparent pathway through outer space.


The game was generally positively recieved. It was praised for a large amount of content, fun boss battles, solid core gameplay, and top-notch graphics for the system, but criticized for the short length of the main story, low difficulty level, and poor camera. IGN scored it a 6.8, and Gamespot a 7.5. The game was also fairly well recieved by the general public, and a sales success, selling about 1.5 million units worldwide.


Voice Actors

  • Jason Grifith (Voices Sonic and Metal Sonic)
  • Amy Palent (Voices Tails)
  • Kaytha Coker (Voices Tene)
  • Dan Green (Voices Knuckles)
  • Mike Pollock (Voices Eggman)


The majority of the soundtrack was handled by guitarist and composer Jun Senoue, who is well known for composing the majority of music for Sonic games since Sonic Adventure in 1998. Several songs were also provided by three other composers who frequently work on Sonic game music, Tomoya Ohtani, Fumie Kumatani, and Kenichi Tokoi.

Soundtrack Release

In Japan on June 23, 2009 as part of the advertising campaign for the game, a soundtrack containing 35 tracks titled "Hedgehog Super Mix: Sonic DS Blast OST" was released at a price of 2500 yen (About $23 US dollars). It was available in the United States as a bonus for those who pre-ordered the game at EB Games or GameStop. Notably, the soundtrack release contains two songs not used in the game (Versions of the game's main and ending themes done by other bands) and lacks one song in the game (The BGM used in the bonus levels and minigames, which is an electric guitar rendition of the Green Hill Zone music from Sonic the Hedgehog).

Track Listing
Name Length Composer/Performer
Main Theme - I Always Run 3:16 Crush 40
Sapphire Town - Morning 1:37 Fumie Kumatani
Event - Welcome! 0:56 Tomoya Ohtani
Event - Say Hello 1:12 Kenichi Tokoi
Sapphire Town - Daytime 2:06 Jun Senoue
I Always Run (Instrumental) 1:58 Jun Senoue
Sapphire Town - Sunset 1:14 Fumie Kumatani
Event - Mood Relaxing 0:59 Kenichi Tokoi
Sapphire Town - Night 2:19 Tomoya Ohtani
Pine Shores - Ocean Breeze 1:34 Jun Senoue
Jingle - Stage Clear 0:08 Kenichi Tokoi
Event - Mood Angry 1:08 Jun Senoue
Boss - Intense Action 2:13 Jun Senoue
Jingle - Boss Clear 0:09 Tomoya Ohtani
Diamond Caverns - Crystal Mayhem 2:26 Jun Senoue
Event - Chaos Emerald 0:42 Kenichi Tokoi
Event - Eggman 0:48 Jun Senoue
Stardust Valley - Forbidden Glacier 1:52 Tomoya Ohtani
Event - Mood Spooky 0:59 Jun Senoue
Ghost Foundry - Freak Out 1:14 Jun Senoue
Event - Metal Sonic Round One 1:14 Fumie Kumatani
Boss - Metal Sonic 1:57 Jun Senoue
Pinball Sky - Slot Panic 1:45 Kenichi Tokoi
Ruin Shrine - Peacefull Melody 1:26 Fumie Kumatani
Hot Rythem - The Volcano 1:21 Jun Senoue
Sky Sanctuary - Hidden Weapon 2:03 Jun Senoue
Event - Metal Sonic Rematch 0:51 Jun Senoue
Event - Nightmare 1:11 Kenichi Tokoi
Gravity Max - Eggman's Home Turf 1:49 Jun Senoue
Boss: The Weapon 2:10 Jun Senoue
Jingle - Final Boss Clear 0:09 Jun Senoue
Event - True Finale 1:22 Tomoya Ohtani
Credits Theme - Shooting Stars 3:02 Crush 40
Shooting Stars (Bonus Mix) 3:18 Jun Senoue & Dreams Come True
I Always Run (Bonus Mix) 4:16 Zebrahead

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