Title Screen

Title Screen

Sonic Crackers Next-Gen is a Wii U Ware game based on Knuckles' Chaotix Early Demo , only have 4 stages and costs 300 U Points.


Sonic and Tails have cursed by Robotink by giving a prison ring for her , now Sonic and Tails need free herself from curse.


Sonic & Tails racing in Carnival Factory

Sonic & Tails in Carnival Factory

The game only have 4 stages , the game no have bosses only a giant mass of puzzles during the stages. The stages are :
  • Spinning Gear Zone
  • Carnival Factory Zone
  • Rainbow Island Zone
  • Final Puzzle Zone


Sonic running

Sonic running while Tails are in "Stop" command

The Gameplay is the same to Knuckles' Chaotix , Sonic can perform various commands to Tails , Stop / Run / Get / Jump. Sonic have a Super Peel-Out and Tails can fly.


Good Ending

Sonic and Tails free from curse and chase robotink , and a end message says : "It's time to a new adventure"

Bad Ending

Sonic and Tails can't free from curse and Robotink put the two guys in a prison , and a end message says : "Game Over , dude"


Spinning Gear Zone

Sonic and Tails at Spinning Gear Zone

The reviews are mixed , IGN give a 7.5/10 and talk about :
  • Sonic Crackers is a game lost for Genesis in 1994 , 8 years after , the game finally release , but it's not the players thinking. The physichs are same of Sonic 4 (yeah , that is it) and only four levels?. It's a game like a Monopoly , good for a while after this you forget about the game.


  • Sonic 4 pyschics

    IGN talked about this , a Sonic 4 pyshics

    To make a remake of a unreleased game is a very difficulty , the Topline team can't make a new physics engine and re-cycle the Sonic 4 physics
  • The game are too short because only 4 levels are only stages who persons know.

Online and Multiplayers features

Carnival Factory Zone

Carnival Factory Zone

In Multiplayer , the player can play as Tails , Knuckles or Amy all with ring , the online mode is a time attack mode and a ghost mode. DLC's about new characters is a rumor.


  • At GameShow
  • Trailer
  • Katsuya Eguchi at Game Show
  • Wii Girl at Game Show
  • E1+E2 Demo

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