Sonic Colossal Chaos Collection is a game currently being made by Sega and Boulder Games Inc. It was scheduled to be released on June 23, the same day in which Sonic 1 was released, but was later rescheduled to be released March 15th, for more time to fix bugs, but in turn, adding more features to the game. It will be released on the 3DS along with BGI's new console, the B.D.S otherwise known as The Boulder Dimension System. The game will have every video game from the Sonic Series be ported into the game. The games will have been released from 1991 to current day (excluding remakes or other collections).


These are the current games that have been confirmed


In addition to the many choices of Sonic Games, their will also be a place to view artwork for those games known as The "Mueseum." The artwork is locked however, and the only way to unlock it is to play the certain game for certain amounts of time to unlock artwork for that game.


There will also be Hints, credits, custom options and the choice to hear music from certain games (Only able to listen if you beat the level that has the music in it).

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