These are the beta elements from Sonic Colors PC Omega.

  • Sonics sprites were going to be used from Sonic Advance 3, but somthing happened and deleted the sprites.
  • The final boss was the Egg Nega Wisp (Armor), and got removed for having for (probably) having 1% of sprites completed when the demo was GOING to launch. This is why its hasn't come out yet.
  • The sonic 3 and knuckles Blue sphere stages were beta because sonics sprites from S & K could not be found.


  1. People ARE PROBABLY GOING to count this as a glitch but its not.Cheat:get 50 rings, turn into Super Sonic, jump into a sp. stage ring. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!! This will sart the (spoiler starts here) Blue Spheres sp. stage (spoiler ends here.) but altered. If you collect all emeralds as Super Sonic, you get Nova Sonic, but have to turn Super sonic off. :( This is not true anymore.

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