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Sonic Classic RPG

Sonic Classic RPG

Sonic Classic RPG 2

Developer(s) Expansion Corporations, Inc.
Publisher(s) SEGA
Platform(s) PC, Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
WWMay 14, 2016
Single-player, multiplayer, online
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Role-playing, turn-based CRPG

Sonic Classic RPG is a game currently worked on by VECOMA in cooperation with SEGA and Sonic Team. The full version has not been released yet, so not all info is available. It will be released for 3DS and PC, and much like it's name implies, it reuses everything from the classic Sonic games until 1998 (including the graphics), which means no Shadow, Rouge, Wisps, Deadly Six whatsoever. 


Scene 1: Welcome to West Side Island

Sonic was resting on West Side Island, when suddenly, Cubot appeared with a message from Eggman. It states that Eggman has attacked the islands around West Side Island, and that Eggrobo has kidnapped Tails and is currently attacking Knuckles. Sonic quickly emerges from his strandkorb and sets off to save the world. Little does he know that this is all a distraction so Robotnik's huge sized Death Egg can link the islands together with chains, rise them in the air and make them part of Eggman's all-new plan, Metropolis.

More TBA


The game is a classic turn-based RPG. Sonic is at first the only playable character until Knuckles and Tails join his party.

The HUD and battle system consist of a blue bar covering the entire bottom of the screen. In the bar are the party's stats, at the left the icon of the current character whose turn it is. To the right of the icon is a D-Pad, and pressing a direction on the Arrow Keys/D-Pad (yes, the D-Pad, NOT the Control Stick) iniates one of the attacks.

  • Up is a normal attack. Each character has two normal attacks to choose from.
  • Right is Magic (Skill for Knuckles). These attacks use MP and are usually - duh - magic attacks that can cause status effects, except for Knuckles.
  • Left is Special. Again, these use SP (which is also what Knuckles' Skill uses), and are usually very unusual and peculiar.
  • Down is Miscellaneous moves, like Defence, Overdrive, Team Attacks, Team Overlimit, Dodge, Sacrifice, Items, etc...

In the Overworld, Sonic can move around freely, Tails & Knuckles following behind him after being unlocked. Sonic can perform a handful moves, such as Spin Dash, Super-Peel-Out/Strike Dash/Figure Eight, Spin Attack and Spin Roll. Occasionally, the player will have to switch out party leaders to acces areas that certain leaders can't: When Tails is the leader and Sonic & Knuckles follow him, Tails can Fly, carrying the party in the process. Knuckles can glide and wall climb while grabbing his teammates, and can also ram through otherwise unreachable rocks.

Enemies move around on the screen too. Touching one will initiate a battle.

In battle, there are various status ailments that characters can get, they can be positive or negative and only certain attacks give these:

  • Sick: This game's equivelant of Poisoned. Characters take damage every turn they have the ailment. Each character has an unique animation when Sick (Sonic sneezes every now and then, Tails has an ice pack on his head and a thermometer in his mouth and Knuckles constantly pukes in a bucket).
  • Drowsy: The character falls asleep for three turns. Every turn, 14% HP is healed. Every character has an unique animations for sleep which differs from their KO'd animation (Sonic lies on his back, right hand on his belly, Tails lies on his belly, tails wrapped around his body, and Knuckles just stands still, sleeping)
  • Ablaze: The character is on fire. They cannot move for two turns and take burn damage every turn they have the ailment. Every character has an unique animation for Ablaze (Sonic's quills are burning, Tails' tails are on fire and Knuckles' entire body burns).
  • Mute: Sonic or Tails cannot use Magic for a few turns.
  • Giddy: The character is dizzy, and cannot move for three turns. Each character has an unique animation (Sonic spins around, stars flying above his head, Tails rocks back and forth, holding his hand on his head while stars fly around his head, and Knuckles' irises/pupils spin in circles in his eyeballs).
  • Petrified: The character turns into stone and cannot move for three turns. By mashing the buttons rapidly, it's possible to cancel the effect.
  • Radioactively Contamined: The character is radiated, and will get KO'd unless healed.
  • Up/Down: The character's stats either increase or decrease for a few turns.
  • Swoon/KO'd: The character is knocked unconscious and cannot be used for the remainder of the battle unless woken up. Unlike other RPGs, unconscious characters stay KO'd out of battle, and have to be carried by the remaining character(s). The only way to wake them up is by throwing a 1-up Monitor.

Much more TBA

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