Sonic Classic Clash
American Box-art
Developer(s) SEGA
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 2DS
Genre(s) Cross between fighting game and platformer.
Series Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic Classic Clash is a Nintendo 3DS Sonic game made in March 2016. This game has features, sprites and concepts from the original trilogy of Sonic games, along with a huge fighting aspect added.


While there is no story for multiplayer mode, there is a story for singleplayer.

Singleplayer Story

There is a one and a life-time fighting world championship being held within Mobius. The winner of the competition is rewarded with an infinite supply of rings and a trophy with their face carved in. Wanting in, Sonic and his friends join the competition.

There's separate yet similar endings depending on which character wins the competition. If Sonic wins, he simply holds up the trophy on the stadium, while Eggman is in shame. Tails is also congratulating Sonic. If Tails wins he flies away in his tornado, with Sonic and Knuckles cheering him on. If Knuckles wins, he actually gives it to Sonic, and walks back off to his island, while Sonic remains shocked. If Dr. Eggman wins, he takes over the world with the rings he gained, and the world is in destruction. If Amy wins, she chases Sonic, bribing him with money so he could marry her. Metal Sonic's ending is the same as Eggman's.



A screenshot of Sonic and Knuckles fighting in Green Hill Zone.

The gameplay plays similarly to Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Each character moves with the Circle Pad, or the D-Pad, and jumps with A. They can attack with B. Y and X activates the special ability when the bar is full, and finally, Start pauses the game.

Every attack always deals damage, and knockback. Some attacks are stronger than others, and a stronger attack will always beat the weaker one. Once your health bar reaches zero, you lose. As you fight, your special ability bar increases. Once it's at full capacity, you can let out your special ability, that varies every fighter.


Image Character Abilities
Sonicartwork Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is the only character who is able to use the Insta-Shield. He also has the fastest speed, and the quickest spindash. He can also kick with the attack button.

His special ability involves him going Super Sonic, where his stats are temporarily boosted and he's invincible to weak attacks such as jumps and spindashes.

Tailsartwork Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails is the only character who can fly with ease. When flying, the top of his tails can hurt enemies. He has decent speed and spindash. He can also tail-whip with the attack button.

His special ability is a hoard of flickies, that circle around Tails and hit any near by enemies. However, the flickies are weak to strong attacks.

Knucklesartwork Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles is the only character who can glide. He can climb onto walls if he collides with one while gliding. He can also punch combo with the Attack button.

His special ability is him placing down the Master Emerald, and green beams falling from the sky. While this can be avoided, Knuckles is stuck in place and cannot be attacked.

Eggmanartwork Dr. Eggman

Dr. Eggman is the only character who weilds the Egg-robo Blaster. This can be shot with the attack button, and is effective. Dr. Eggman can not spindash, and his jump does not deal damage.

His special ability is him calling upon fleet of Egg-robos that have lasers that home in on enemies. This cannot be avoided.

Amyartwork Amy Rose

Amy Rose is the only character who can use a hammer. Her hammer is hard hitting and considered a strong attack. It can also be used in the air. She doesn't hurt people when jumping, and her spindash doesn't involve her in a ball.

Her special ability turns her hammer huge, which gives a bigger damage rate and a bigger range.

Amy is also unlockable after beating Singleplayer.

Metalsonicartwork Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic is the only character who can use the Black Shield, a move that can take in any projectile to heal Metal Sonic. The only exception being special attacks. It also hurts upon activation, but doesn't hurt after being activated. This replaces the Spindash.

His special ability turns Metal Sonic red, and increases his stats, similarly to Sonic's super form.

Metal Sonic is unlockable by beating Singleplayer with every character except Metal Sonic and Amy.

Eggroboartwork Egg-robo

Egg-robo is a clone of Eggman. However, he has a double jump, yet he's weaker.

Egg-robo is unlockable via winnings 150 matches, or winning 75 matches as Dr. Eggman.


There are multiple stages within the game, that all are based off of original locations from the Sonic series. Each location has something different with them, and has a special feature.


Every item is given within a monitor, and they all have special effects.

  • Shields - The three elemental shields from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 return, and protect the user from the element of the shield (additionally, the water shield protects you from ice). However, Sonic does not get any addition jumping abilities with these.
    • The original shield from Sonic 1, 2 and CD appears too. This shield now blocks projectiles.
  • Speed Shoes - The speed shoes gives the user a faster acceleration and run speed.
  • Slow Shoes - The slow shoes decreases the user's acceleration and run speed.
  • Power Gloves - The Power Gloves makes the user's attacks (except special abilities) stronger.
  • Rings - Upon hitting the ring monitor, the user's health will be regenerated by 20.
  • Eggman - Upon hitting the Eggman monitor, the user's health will degrade by 10 and they'll be knocked back.
  • Invincibilty - The Invincibility Monitor makes the user invincibile.
  • S Monitor - The rare S Monitor will instantly increase the user's special ability meter.
  • Water Goggles - The Water Goggles allow the user to stand on water.
  • Spring - The Spring puts a spring under the user, and they can bounce around for 15 seconds. The user can land on enemies and they'll be hurt.
  • Reverse Controls - The Reverse Controls monitor makes the enemy's controls reverse.
  • Recycler - The Recycler monitor only appears if an enemy has a status item. It will give the enemy item to the user of the Recycler.
  • Teleport - The Teleport monitor will switch each player's positions with one another.