Sonic Chaos Chronicles Episode I is the first episode of the Sonic Chaos Chronicles sub series. It is a video game developed by Sonic Team and published by SEGA and is for the Wii U, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and iOS devices, with the acceptation of all ports to be released on November 2014. The main protagonists in the game is Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Miles "Tails" Prower while the antagonists are Dr. Eggman, Arancionombra the Hedgehog, and the Crystal Falcon. This game has been rated E 10+, CERO A, and G. The game is also a 2D platformer like the classic Sonic games.



Sonic and the gang have heard there's a new planet on Never Lake, although this time it isn't Little Planet. Instead, it's the ancient Crystal Octag-planet. As the crew showed up to Never Lake, nobody except Tails doesn't know what the planet is, so Tails opened the book he was carrying with him. "Hmmm... The Lost Hex... Planet Wisp... Little Planet... AHA! The Crystal Octag-Planet. It is a relative planet to the Lost Hex, but contains a smaller area and has a guardian in the core of the planet known as the Crystal Falcon. Anything who disturbs the planet's peace, the guardian awakens and battles the intruder. Since it's 12.45/0.635 smaller than Little Planet, it's easy to takeover if the guardian is on your side." Tails reads. "Oh, shut up, Tails! Nobody wants to hear that boring stuff anyway." interrupted Shadow. "Wait, if it's a little bit smaller than Little Planet, then Dr. Eggcracked will just might take over that world!" Sonic was right, as Buzzbombers buzzed by and enters in The Crystal Octag-Planet and Dr. Eggman flew along with them in his Egg mobile. "Yes! This time my dream will come true, ho ho ho ho ho! This planet is the same size as my original Death Egg. Wait, what am I saying? It is going to be the next Death Egg! Hmhahahohohoho... I love being a scientific genius." verbalizes Eggman as he flew into the planet. "C'mon guys. Let's show this guy how to scramble some eggs!" Sonic says. "Ooh! With bacon?!" Silver screams. "Silver, you're so naive. That was a sarcastic remark." Blaze remarks. "Huh?" Silver asks. "Never mind bacon or anything else. Our main ingredient is an egg. Let's make Eggman feel like he's gonna change his name back, guys! It's funny enough I called him Robuttnik--" "Let's just try to save that world first and then we'll talk about Eggman." Knuckles interrupts. "Okay, let's speed up guys!" Sonic remarks. And so Sonic and his crew has to save Crystal Octog-Planet from Dr. Eggman. As they go through the world, they bump into an orange hedgehog. "Wow, you really want your life to become tragic," answered the Hedgehog. "Oh, you wanna fight? Go russel up me first, spikey," replied Knuckles. "Please. You're not giving me any menacing threats to me whatsoever, mutt. Just call me Nombra, and you're fate will come across your adventure." said Nombra. He giggled in laughter as he puffed in a black mist of dust. As the crew went along their adventure, they eventually found Dr. Eggman. "Hey, Baldy McNosehair! You're not doing anything to this planet. Now come down here and fight! No Egg mobiles, no Metal Sonics, just a 1-on-1 battle between you and me!" yelled Sonic. "Hm. If you want to play it that way I'll accept!" says Eggman. Eggman throws a bomb mist down at Sonic and the bomb broke in half. Purple mist covered the fresh air. Every one was on the ground coughing and choking, as Eggman fleed. "*cough* Y-yo-- *cough**cough* m-m-i-i-ight *coughcoughcough* th-think it's over with. It's not." After a few more adventures through different themed worlds, keep getting tricked by Nombra along the way, and collected the Crystal Rings (which is like Chaos Emeralds) and met up with Dr. Eggman and Nombra, along with the Crystal Falcon on their side. "Shadow, Silver, Tails, Knuckles. C'm over here." Sonic said. The hedgehogs, fox, and echidna approach to Sonic. Sonic then transformed with the 7 Crystal Rings as Super Sonic, then shares the energy to Shadow, Silver, Tails, and Knuckles which turns them to Super Shadow, Super Silver, Super Shield Tails, and Super Knuckles. The six then battle the 3 and then defeats Eggman and Nombra. The return to normal as they meet up with the rest of the gang. Then the Tornado comes with Rouge piloting it, and everyone leaves and return to Möbius as the Crystal Falcon returned to the core of the Crystal Octag-Planet as the planet leaves from Never Lake, having peace once again.


Wii U

Left/Right Buttons of D-Pad : Move left/right

Up Button of D-Pad : Look Up

Down Button : Crouch

Up Button of D-Pad + A/B Button : Super Peel Out

Down Button of D-Pad + A/B Button : Spin Dash

A/B Button : Jump

X/Y Button : Super High Jump

A/B Button + X/Y Button : Transform to Super Sonic

Xbox One

Playstation 4


Item Boxes

  • Ring Box (1 Ring)
  • Shiny Deal Box (5 Rings)
  • Cosmic King Box (50 Rings)
  • Power Up Box (Shield)
  • Star Blast Box (Invincibility)
  • A Blue Life Box (1-UP)


  • Hay Fields Zone
  • Quartz Chaos Zone
  • Star Speed Light Zone
  • Ghost Mansion Zone
  • Tropical Lake Zone
  • Funky Beach Zone
  • Captain's Ship Zone
  • Slicer Woods Zone
  • Chocolate Mountain Zone
  • Death Brain Zone
  • The Doomsday Finale Zone


Each boss fight contains either Eggman in his eggmobile with some contraptions up his sleeve, or duking it out with Nombra.

  • Hay Stack Crusher Eggman
  • The Quartz Q-207 Eggman
  • Lighthouse Eggman
  • Nombra (Fight 1)
  • Soul Devourer Eggman
  • Sparkling Tube Eggman
  • Nombra (Fight 2)
  • Cap'n Bolteye Eggman
  • Mega Slice Eggman
  • Nombra (Fight 3)
  • The Crystal Falcon, Big Arm Mk. 2 Eggman, and Nombra on a mini clone of the Crystal Falcon


  • This is the first Sonic 2D platformer to feature multiple playable characters from modern games.
  • Arabcionombra's name came from a French word, Arancione Ombra, which means "Orange Shadow"
  • This is the second 2D Sonic platformer to be playable on the latest generation consoles and iOS. The first was Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1