Sonic CD Z is a sequel to Sonic CD, it was released for Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, PC, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Xbox One.


Game takes place on Big Planet. One day Sonic was chasing Eggman, as he stole all the 7 space stones from Big Planet, after Sonic caught Eggman, space stones were scattered across the big planet.


Main Levels

  • BB - Beach Bay - Hot beach in the summer filled with sand and sea.
  • DD - Domino Dominion - Domino road with domino skyscrapers.
  • GG - Grand Graveyard - Dead graveyard with spooky skeletons.
  • FF - Fairy Forest - A wonderful forest made by the magic of fairies.
  • RR - Royal Road - The castle and the garden of the king of the Big Planet.
  • SS - Shipwreck Show - Place where pirates live.
  • CC - Cosmic Cave - Cave with fallen stars and meteors.
  • HH - Holographic Hole - A dark city with holo-illusions.
  • EE - Eggman Empire - Eggman's own empire on the Big Planet.

Extra Levels

  • EBB - Battle Bastion - Ancient fortress with elevator, platforms and traps. Actual final level, unlocked after collecting 7 space stones.
  • EDD - Desert Dazzle - Western dessert with cactuses and bulls. Accessible by the secret path from Domino Dominion's second act. You will skip Grand Graveyard, if you'll beat the zone
  • EFF - Final Fever - Eggman's incredible machine. In Holographic Hole's second act, before finishing a zone, there will be two paths available: One to Final Fever and one to Holographic Hole Act 3. If you'll beat Final Fever, you'll skip Holographic Hole Act 3.

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