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Sonic CD U (or Sonic CD Universe) is a remake of Sonic CD. It's not like the 2011 remake for PS3 and Xbox 360, nope, it has Wii U exclusive stages and new things!


The story is the same as the original Sonic CD with a difference; Sonic, Tails and Amy will go to Little Planet.


Sonic CD U played in Wii U controller


The main difference from the original Sonic CD is that you have three characters to controll Sonic, Tails or Amy. You can use the touch screen of Wii U controller or the controller. There is also a four-player option; one player controls Sonic, another player controls Tails, another player controls Amy and one other player helps the trio overcome hazards.


Nothing is changed from the 2011 remakem except he can follow sonic.

Amy Rose

Amy Rose is a new playable character. You can unlock her after you beat the game. She doesn't have a Super Peel-Out, but can use the Piko Piko Hammer.


All of the stages are taken from the original Sonic CD with the excepton of two new ones; Dark Domain Zone and Dusty Desert Zone.


Sonic's Ending

Sonic looking for Eggman

Sonic looking for Eggman (In Sonic's Ending , of course.)

Sonic escapes from Little Planet and rescues Amy, and then chases Robotink and transforms into Super Sonic (using the Emeralds), destroys Eggman and frees Little Planet from the mechinical problem.

Tails' Ending

Tails gets Amy and escapes from Little Planet. Metal Sonic tries to chase Tails and Amy, but Tails gets Amy's Piko Piko Hammer and finishes him off.

Amy's Ending

Amy helps Sonic to defeat Eggman and try to kiss her, but Sonic runs and Amy chases him for a long time


Midnight Pulse Studios

The thing that I noticed first was the grammar mistakes. there are spaces after comma's where they are not needed, and sometimes the sentances just don't make sense (However, this won't change the rating because it's not really a part of the game). The story of the game has no changes from the original sonic, as it is just a remake. The only game difference is that it's on the Wii U, has touch screen and its 4 player. You can play with up to 4 players during the singleplayer game, which isn't very singleplayer, but there isn't a word I can use to describe it. It's mostly a modern day remake of Sonic CD.

Two Stars

(before the page was edited)

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