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Developer(s) Simple Studios
Publisher(s) Sega Logo
Platform(s) PlayStation 4 logo and wordmark.svg

WiiU.svg Xbox One logo.svg Steam Icon

Genre(s) 3D action-platformer
Release Date(s)
World icon November 21, 2015
Age Rating(s)
ESRB 10460px-PEGI 7+.svgCERO B
A New Beginning.

Sonic Blur: Episode α is the first game of the Sonic Blur series, released in November 21, 2015 for the Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Developed by Stardust Citadel and published by Sega, the game takes place in South Island, setting up the origins for the new storyline of the series. The game was developed on Unreal Engine 4 for the next gen consoles, while the Wii U version was made with Unity 5.


The game has three (four if you count the Final Battle as its own story) stories. Chronologically, Tails's Story is the first one, while Sonic's Story directly follows that storyline while the Knuckles's Story takes place sometime after the events of Sonic's Story. The final story is the ending of all 3 stories, in which Sonic,Knuckles and Tails must defeat Metal Sonic Kai


Station Square, timecode 9:35 PM

It is a rainy day in Station Square. People pass by an electronics shop which has televisions on display. Some people stop to watch the news on them. The camera focuses on the television.

Breaking news, doctor Ivo Robotnik has escaped from prison. It is unknown how he did it or where did he go. Once thought to be a brilliant scientist, Ivo Robotnik was sent to jail for crimes against humanity after performing an illegal experiment involving animals piloting machinery. Ivo Robotnik is thought to have gone insane and we urge viewers to not aproach him if sighted and instead to call the local police.

The camera pans away from the TV, only it is not Station Square anymore.

Unidentifiable Location

It is an underground lab instead, with Robotnik turning off the television.

Fools! Every single one of them are fools! They don't understand a genius and those fools would rather call an insane person! But no matter.

Robotnik lays a blueprint over a table.

Once I rule this world, I will show them. I will give them what they deserve. For what they did with me. And for what they did for him.

Camera focuses on a picture of Gerald Robotnik.

Gerald, you may have left us, but you what you hid here is the key for a better world. A world ruled by a genius. I will finish what you started.

South Island, timecode 8:00 AM, The Next Day

The camera showcases animals happily living in South Island, while suddenly claws comes out of nowhere and captures them. A bunny manages to escape from the claw and looks for help. Sometime later, the bunny manages to find someone to help: Sonic.

Mr. Sonic?
*poking Sonic* Hey, Mr. Sonic.
*waking up* Ugh, what's it?
Mr. Sonic, you need to help my friends!
What I've got to do with your friends?
They have been captured by a claw monster!
Sucks to be them. *turns away from the bunny.
Mr. Sonic, you need to help them!
*angrily turning back towards the bunny* Or what?

After Sonic says that, the claw comes in and captures the bunny. Sonic is left dumbfounded at what just happened.

*thinking* Huh, that was rather unusual. What is going on here?

After saying this, Sonic runs away, chasing the dust trail left behind the claw and Beryl Beach Zone begins. At Act 3, Sonic finds the claw monster and the rest of it, a gigantic crab-like robot.

Hey you!
*turns around to see Sonic.*
Aren't you being a bit shellfish by capturing all these animals for yourself?

*attacks Sonic*

I will take that as a yes.

Sonic starts fighting the Shellfish robot and then emerges victorious. He finds a gigantic capsule-like cage with a spring on top. He jumps to see what happens and then it frees the animals. Sonic starts walking away from the capsule, until a fox comes to talk with him.

H-hey, thanks for saving me.
*Sonic ignores the Fox and hears something and tries to locate where the Sound comes from.
Name's Tails. Could I be of any help to you?

At this point, Sonic notices a gigantic flying airship on the skies.

Yeah no, piss off.

After saying this, Sonic runs after the flying airship, without noticing Tails following him.

Sonic follows the airship until he notices that it lands on the top of the mountain. Tails catches up to him.

Wait, what are you doing here?
*recovering breath* I'm here to help!
I don't need your help.
*taking a deep breath* Phew! I'm alright now. That was the longest I ever ran in my life!
*Sonic rolls his eyes and look for a way to go to the top*
Anyway, do you need help to get up there? I could help you wi-
No. *Sonic runs towards a slope in the mountain.
-th my plane.
Oh well, see ya on the top then.
*Tails goes to get his plane.*

Malachie Mountain begins.


Knuckles (DLC)


The gameplay of Sonic Blur: Episode α is fairly similar to the likes of the original trilogy. Players take control of either Sonic, Tails or Knuckles through out zones with three acts each. Levels are linear, only requiring the player to go the right end of the stage, although through the stage are hidden rare items, such as 1-Ups and emblems, which can be utilized to unlock content in the game. Each character plays differently in terms of speed, with Sonic being the fastest, Tails being average and Knuckles being the slowestand they go through the same stages, but they go through different sections of the stage. Each one of them has unique abilities and their levels utilizes those abilities in order to progress.

At the end of the third act, players fight a boss, either Eggman for the Sonic levels, a high rank mook of the Bird Armada for Tails or EggRobo for Knuckles. The game has a multiplayer mode similar to the one in Sonic 2, in which players go through the levels trying to finish it before the other one does. It also includes items from the multiplayer mode of Sonic 3 to make things more chaotic, although the player can disable that if they want.

Controls are simple in Sonic Blur, only requiring the D-Pad or analog stick and two other buttons, a jump button and an action button, which is utilized for certain moves and to progress through the level by activiting levers or switches. The game also includes a Party Mode, featuring minigames from Sonic Shuffle which can be played up to four players.


"While going through a slope, press the down button and you will perform a Spin Attack! This will defeat any enemy in the path as well giving a small speed boost. You can also perform a Spin Jump! Simply jump and hit the enemy while in a ball position or otherwise you might get hit by the enemy!."----


"Stand still and hold the down button, then tap the jump button and you will begin charging your Spin Dash! The more you tap, the longer and faster you go.----


"When you get close to an enemy, a crosshair will appear. Jump in the air and press the jump button again to perform a Homing Attack! Sometimes, multiple crosshairs across multiple enemies will appear, so keep pressing the jump button to hit them all!"----


"If you jump and an enemy is too far away and throws a projectile at you, you can utilize the Insta-Shield, which not only protects you from the projectile, it also reflects it."----


"If you see a trail of rings, press the action button to perform a Light Speed Dash! Sonic will go through the rings very fast, collecting all the coins and defeating all the enemies in the path. Sometimes, a trail of rings can lead to a secret, so pay attention!"----


"Sometimes, pure speed cannot break through some things. So that's you have the ability to Stomp! Jump and then press the action button in midair to stomp an enemy or to break something heavy, sometimes you might even find secrets under those things!"----


"As Tails, jump in the air and press the jump button again to use the Propeller Flying! Press the jump button again to get better height, although be careful, Tails will become fatigued if flying for long enough.----


"As Tails, press the action button while moving to perform a Tails Attack! You can press the action button again to keep doing the attack."----


"As Knuckles, press the jump button while in mid air to perform a Glide! While gliding, if you get to a wall, you can cling on that and climb the wall."----



Playable Characters

Character Description
Creative title of this sonic render updated by finnakira-d8usj5g Sonic the Hedgehog----

Sonic is the fastest character of the game, although he has the shortest jump and average strength. He has his famous abilities from the 3D games such as the Homing Attack and the Light Speed Dash as well his traditional Spin Dash and the Spin Attack from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Tails flying recreated pose upgraded by finnakira-d81luus Miles "Tails" Prower----

Tails is not very fast neither he is very strong but he makes up for great mobility, thanks to his ability to fly, allowing him to get to places where neither Sonic or Knuckles can reach. To make up for his lack for speed, there are boosters in the stage that are dedicated for Tails to build up speed to reach secret paths, like how it was done in Sonic Adventure.

KnucklesRemastered Knuckles the Echidna (DLC)----

Like Tails, Knuckles isn't very fast, although he is the strongest character in the cast, being the only one able to break through big boulders, giving him access to secret paths. Knuckles can glide and climb up walls giving ihm more options for mobility.

RushTheRabbit Rush the Rabbit (secret)----

Rush is an unlockable character that is unlocked after collecting all the emblems. He is based off an old concept art for a Sonic design before the final design that we all know was picked. Rush has the same abilities as Sonic, sans Light Speed Dash and Homing Attack and he has the ability to double jump and fly inthe air for a short time, like Tails, although he stays in the air for a shorter time than Tails but he can flight higher.




Stage Description
Beryl Beach Zone
Malachite Mountain Zone
Realgar Ruins Zone
Feldspar Forest Zone
Sarsen Sea Zone
Celestine Cave Zone
Spinel Skies Zone
Jet Jungle Zone
Lazuli Labs Zone






Downloadble Content



  • Sonic the Hedgehog: The whole game takes place in South Island (with the exception of the last unlockable stage), which was the location of the events of the first Sonic game.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The game utilizes sprites from that game for the tutorials.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit): Tails's story in this game is similar to the one the 8-bit Sonic 2 game, where he is captured by Robotnik.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 3: Sonic can perform the Insta-Shield attack, which works the same way it did in StH3.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles: Tails not being able to use the Insta-Shield comes from this game, where he instead flies.



  • Spriters-Resource: User Flare for the Sonic icons.
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