After Sonic got invite at to SSBB Sonic made his own fightning tourmanet for the stongest fighter.


Tournament-Fight your way to the top 

Battle-Choose a stage and charcter and fight.

Vs. Like Battle but up to 4 players


Name Signature Move Type Alt.
Sonic The Hedgehog Spin Homing Strike Speed Super Sonic
Tails Flying Triple Kick Skill Boom Tails
Knuckles Drill Dash Punch Power

Brawler Knukles 

Shadow Chaos Strike Speed Super Shadow
Rouge Secret Flying Kick Skill Sports Rouge
Omega Omega Blast Power Gamma
Amy Rose Hammer Spin All-around Honey
Cream Spinnig Ear Slap Skill Chaos
Big Accidental Trip Power Bark
Silver Telkinctic Teloport Blast Skill Super Silver
Blaze Jumping Fire Spin All-Around Blaze Burning Blaze
Jet Flipping Drop Kick Speed Blue Jet
Mephiles Darkness Laser Power Dull Mephilis
Charmy Homing Bee Sting Skill Bean The Duck
Espio Vanishing Nijia Strike Speed Ninjia Espio
Eggman Egg-O-Matic Ram Skill Robotick 
Vector Swiming Croc Bite Power Dark Vector
Name Signature Move Type Alt. How to unlock
Eggman Nega Nega Spin All Around Robonick Nega Play as Eggman at least three times or play 30 matches
Silver Sonic Silver Spin Dash Speed Metal Sonic 3.0 Play 50 matches or play as Sonic 10 Times
Mecha Sonic Mecha Missile Dash Speed Super Mecha Sonic Play as Silver Sonic 3 times or play 80 matches
Metal Sonic Data Copy. (Copy signature Move of who he is fightning) Power Neo Metal  Unlockale all Charcters
Luigi Ice Fury All-around Ice Luigi Play as Metal Sonic 3 times
Mario Fire Fury All-around Fire Mario Play a Luigi 1 time

Stages  *=easy **=normal ***=hard ****=super hard *****=expert ******=insane

Green Hill Zone*

Casino Night Zone *

Angel Island *

Shadow Space Arena*

G.U.N Headquarters*

Omega's Factory**

Amy's Arena **

Chaos Park**

Big's Lake**

Crisis Arena***

Flame City***

Jet's Tower***

Dark Arena****

Charmy Sky****

Espio Dojo ****

Vetcor's Headquarters****

Death Egg Zone *****


Death Egg Nega Zone*****

Silver Arena *****

Mecha's Battle Arena*****

Metal's Fleet******

Ice Land******

Fire Land******