This is a Sonic Adventure game for the Wii.

Playable characters

Image Character_name Type Character's_story_in_the_game Unlocked_by
Sonic Art
Sonic the Hedgehog Racer One day while running along, Sonic came across a TV screen, showing Dr. Eggman saying he will finaly rule the world. Sonic sets off to destroy him. N/A
SA Sally
Sally Acorn Racer Sally was a beautiful princess acorn, then she hang out with Sonic and Tails to adventures and defeat Dr. Eggman. She brave and kindness back to normal. N/A
Miles "Tails" Prower Flyer Tails was working on a new machine, when he found one of his pieces missing. He then found a note saying Dr. Eggman took it for his machine. He set off to get it back. N/A
Knuckles the Echidna Fighter Knuckles was guarding the emeralds, when suddenly, Metal Sonic attacked him and stole them. He set off to get them back. N/A
Amy Rose Racer Amy was admiring a picture of Sonic in the newspaper, when she overheard Sonic was going to defeat Eggman. Thinking he would love her for it, she went to get Eggman first. N/A
Shadow the Hedgehog Racer Shadow remembers everything... how Maria got seperated from him, by Eggman's relative, Gerald Robotnik. He sets off for revenge on Eggman. Clearing Sonic's story.
Rouge the Bat Fighter After Metal Sonic stole the emeralds from Knuckles, Rouge, wanting them for they're wealth, set off to retrieve them. Clearing Knuckles' story.
Silver the Hedgehog Racer Blaze has been kidnapped by Metal Sonic! Silver sets off to retrieve his friend. Clearing Shadow's story.
Cream the Rabbit Flyer After a mysterious disapearance of Cheese, Cream decides to set out to find her missing pet Chao. Clearing Amy's story.

Only playable in Multiplayer Mode

Image Character_name Type Unlocked_by
Dr. Eggman Mecha Clearing all stories
Metal sonic 4
Metal Sonic Racer Clearing Knuckles' story.
Big the Cat Fighter Clearing Amy's and Cream's stories.
Blaze the Cat Racer Clearing Silver's story.
E-123 Omega Mecha Clearing Shadow's and Rouge's stories.

Character types

  • Racer: These are the fastest characters, they can use Homing Attacks and Spin Dashes.
  • Flyer: These characters can fly for short distances.
  • Fighter: These characters can glide, climb, and dig. (However, Big cannot climb or glide)
  • Mecha: These characters are the slowest, and they can shoot projectiles.

Worlds & Levels

Shimmering Beach Zone

  • Seaside Hill
  • Ocean Palace
  • Aquatic Pipeway
  • BOSS: Egg Gull

Grand Metropolis Zone

  • Power Plant
  • Hi-Tech Central
  • Groovy Generator
  • BOSS: Metal Sonic

Snowcap Mountain Zone

  • Icicle Alley
  • Frozen Waters
  • Chilly Forest
  • BOSS: Egg Walrus

Rapid Rainforest Zone

  • Frog Forest
  • Lost Jungle
  • Opal Valley
  • BOSS: Metal Knuckles

Dune Ruins Zone

  • Dark Pyramid
  • Vile Tomb
  • Phantom Mines
  • BOSS: Egg Pharoh

Lava Reef Zone

  • Vicious Volcano
  • Lava Pathway
  • Hot Iron Road
  • BOSS: Metal Shadow

Death Egg Zone

  • Space Colony
  • Evil Labrynth
  • Final Fortress
  • BOSS: Egg Knockout

Final Arena Zone

  • BOSS: Ultimate Metal Sonic


  • This is another game where a form of Metal Sonic is the final boss, the first one being Sonic Heroes.
  • Super Sonic is playable, however only during the boss level of the Final Arena Zone. With a cheat code, however, you can choose to play as Super Sonic in any level.

Other stuff

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