Sonic Adventure ThWii is the 3rd installation in both the Sonic Adventure series. It features 12 playable Characters spanning over 20 levels. Each character has a story that weaves into others', similar to the first two Sonic Adventures. Characters from Sonic Rush are included, and it is considered canon in that series.


There are dozens of characters from all over the sonic universe, 12 of which are playable. Each is unlocked when you encounter them in story mode as Sonic. Here are all of the major characters, along with their class.

Character List

There are 3 character classes in this game: Speed (which races through levels), flying (usually can fly, mostly explore), and armed (which smash and shoot things, and can commandeer vehicles). Each has different levels designed or modified to complement their play styles. Some characters can have 2 attributes, but are assigned to the class for their stronger attribute.

Name Speed? Flies? Armed? Class
Sonic Yes No No Speed
Tails No Yes No Flying
Knuckles No Yes Yes Armed
Blaze Yes No No Speed
Silver Yes Yes No Speed
Shadow No No Yes Armed
Omega No No Yes Armed
Amy Rose Yes No Yes Speed
Cream No Yes No Flying
Rouge No Yes No Flying
Eggman No No Yes Armed
Jet Yes Yes No Flying


  • Eggman Nega
  • Chaos
  • Shados


(Note: This is the story pieced together from various character experiences. Each character sees a small part, except the ending, which ties them all together and features Super Sonic)

The game opens with Sonic and Tails racing through Chao Coast. Halfway through, however, a weird purple glow surrounds the beach. Chaos (in his first form) leaps out of the water and battles Sonic. When defeated, he emits a wicked laugh and dissapears. Sonic hears Eggman laughing and sees him fly off. Sonic and Tails chase him in the Tornado, eventually docking on the Egg Carrier. There, they call on Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, and Omega to lock down the ship. While they stand guard, Sonic explores the ship. Tails is grabbed by a robot arm, and Sonic proceeds on his own. He faces Eggman in the control room, and after a quick duel, Eggman admits that he has nothing to do with Chaos, he was simply laughing at a joke he remembered. Eggman Nega suddenly hijacks the signal to the control room TV, and says that he is the one who stole the Chaos Emerald, and that while you were distracrted, he is currently on Angel Island. The purple aura appears again, and posseses the guards, who all attack. After they are defeated and locked in a closet, Sonic and Tails set out to find the signal's source. When they get to the engine room, they find a dark Emerald, and as they are about to take it, Blaze swoops in and grabs it. She explains that since Eggman Nega has once again opened a hole from his world to Sonic's, she, Sliver, and the Sol Emeralds have been lost in the respective areas in Sonic's world. The emerald's dark power fades, and Knuckles and the gang walk into the room. Sonic explains what happened, and knuckles suggests they all head to Angel Island immediately. They take the Tornado, but are shot down by Eggman Nega. They crash on the island, and confront him. He threatens to smash the Master Emerald into the ocean if the team steps any closer, so they back off. He explains that he needs a perfect being (like chaos) to destroy the portal between the two worlds. He sends the team to recover all the Chaos and Sol emeralds. Sonic calls all his allies and former rival Jet, and they go out to find them. The whole team ventures to various locales, collecting the emeralds, and return to Eggman Nega. However, they ambush him and retrieve the other emeralds. However, Chaos absorbs the Chaos Emeralds' power, and turns into perfect Chaos. Eggman Nega attempts to control it, but it warps the space-time continium, and Sonic and Blaze's worlds collide. Sonic runs through a Chaos world, made of small segments of previous levels. Then, Sonic transforms into Super Sonic using the Master Emerald Shards from when Chaos destroys it. Sonic faces Chaos, and defeats it. It dissolves into the ground. Sonic thinks the ordeal is over, but Blaze suddenly lunges at him to knock him out of the way of Shados, Chaos that absorbed the Sol Emeralds. Super Sonic and Burning Blaze fight him, and combine the power of both the emeralds to close the wormhole. Blaze and Silver bid everyone farewell, and step back to their side of the portal. As it closes, Sonic and Blaze shake hands. Then, Sonic turns to Tails and says that they still have a race to finish.


There are a total of 30 levels in the game, and each is played by at least 2 characters, modified for their strong suits. Some levels are only available to certain classes.

Name Description Sonic Tails Knuckles Amy Cream Shadow Rouge Omega Eggman Blaze Silver Jet
Chao Coast A cool, breezy beach, with Chao playing in the sand! Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hyper Highway (Speed) A highway in space, with tons of loop-de-loops, and a run down a building! Yes No No Yes No No No No No Yes Yes No
Liko Arena (Flying) A stadium in space, where you must fly from platform to platform to escape a meteor! No Yes No No Yes No Yes No No No No Yes
Egg Carrier (Armed) A trip through Eggman's flying base, with lotsa target practice! No No Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes No No


Blue Ridge Zone A cool, frosty, nostalgic plain, with Station Square, and a well! Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No

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