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Sonic Adventure IV
Developer(s) SEGA, Phazonworks.
Publisher(s) Nintendo, Fantendo.
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo 3DS Logo
Genre(s) Adventure
Battle, Story, Mission.
Age Rating(s)
Series Sonic Adventure
Predecessor Sonic Adventure III
Successor TBA
  • Phazon's Note: "This Article is currently under the process of a Reboot; many aspects may be changed as a result, so please be patient."

Sonic Adventure IV is a Sonic fan game and the latest adventure game.


Gah! That ever-pestering Sonic doesn't know when to stop meddling with my schemes! Every time I try to do the world a favor and rule it, he steps in the way and ruins everything! I need to come up with something better than my past plans! Something new, original and totally unexpected... I know! I'll rebuild the Death Egg!! That always works!!
Eggman, pondering a totally new and original scheme.

Eggman is furious. Despite his (self-supposed) IQ of 600, he constantly fails in his schemes to conquer the world, thanks to a super-speedy, talking blue pincushion; taking a lesson from past mistakes, he decides to rebuild the Death Egg using the power of the Chaos Emeralds, but needs help to do it. Making a "brand-new" Chaos E-Series powered by specially created Nega Emeralds (which are highly volatile, take a long time to make, and lose molecular stability when in physical contact), he sends them out to fetch the Emeralds and make his battle station. This (of couse) will not stand for Sonic and friends, who each go out to protect the Emeralds from Eggman's goons.


Character Story Abilities Upgrades
Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Spin Dash
  • Homing Attack
  • Light Speed Dash (with Crystal Ring)
  • Crystal Ring
  • Ancient Light
242px-Tails in Sonic Lost World
Tails the Fox
  • Tail Attack
  • Tail Copter
Knuckles the Echidna
  • Shovel Claw
  • Wall Climb
  • Knuckles Glide
  • Piko Piko Hammer
E-101 Beta SAIV
E-101 Beta
  • Rocket Shooter
  • Jet Booster
  • Dark Bomb (with Generator)
  • Jet Booster
  • Laser Blaster
  • Dark Bomb Generator
Character Main Role Appears in
Team Chaotix
Rouge the Bat




Boss Boss for Theme
Metal Sonic
E-101 Beta
E-123 Omega
E-123 Omega
E-101 Beta This Machine
Chaos Gamma E-101 Beta
E-100 Alpha
Eggman Robot ZERO (E-100 Alpha)
E-101 Beta ZERO the Chase Master
DeathEggRobo MK 16 Super Sonic


Name Where What Boss

Sonic the Hedgehog

Tidal Showdown
Mountain Garden
Great Chase
Eggman's Base
Death Egg



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