Sonic Adventure III is the third game in the Sonic Adventure series, which is loved by many fans. It is for Wii 2, XBox 720, and PS4, with little to no differences between each version.


You start off with only Sonic's story available, but once you encounter someone else their story becomes available. Each character also has a color that appears on the level title screen and other areas of the game.

Amigo Characters

These also return. In some levels, another character will follow you in relation to the story. Mostly they will just walk behind you and do standard homing attacks with large groups of enemies, but rarely they will 'take over' in a level and you will play as them for a section. All playable characters listed are amigo characters at certain times, along with Eggman. If you have a second controller, a second player can play as them in the story.


Eggman Nega time travels to the present from the future and meets up with Eggman. Nega says in the future he's conquered the world with his powerful army, but can only time travel himself, not bring his army with and he needs a powerful energy source to bring his army to the present, and if Eggman helps him they can rule all of time together. Eggman knows one source: the Space Colony ARK's cannon. Thus starts the alliance.


HUB WORLD: Station Square

Sonic is relaxing by Station Square with Tails when he sees Eggman fly by overhead into the beach near them. Sonic, with a natural sense of goodwill, decides to see what he's up to.

Stage 1: Resort Coast- Find out what Eggman's up to! (Amigo: Tails)

Sonic fails to catch up to him in his Egg-O-Matic but Eggman drops a Chaos Emerald on the beach. Sonic picks it up and figures Eggman must be after the Chaos Emeralds, and goes to find them all before someone else does. Suddenly Eggman flies by again and Sonic takes off again after him to get some real answers.

Stage 2: City Chase- Catch up to Eggman! (Amigo: Tails)

Sonic catches up to him for real this time and Eggman demands the Chaos Emerald back. Sonic refuses and Eggman doesn't have a robot prepared, so he panickedly tries to get away. He still doesn't reveal anything besides the fact he needs the Chaos Emeralds. He flies away and Sonic resolves to find them all before Eggman.

HUB WORLD: Mystic Ruin

Sonic goes to the Mystic Ruin to find Chaos Emeralds.

Stage 3: Floating Ruin- Find the Chaos Emerald! (Amigo: Tails)

Sonic finds the Chaos Emerald at the Floating Ruin and goes to find another.

Stage 4: White Mountain- Find the Chaos Emerald! (Amigo: Tails)

Sonic finds the Chaos Emerald at White Mountain and is about to go find another when Eggman Nega comes and blocks his path. Eggman Nega declares he has come for revenge and calls upon a giant robot, the Egg Scorpio, a scorpion-themed robot. Sonic and Tails go in to fight it. Before all this happens, though, Amy catches up to Sonic and tries to hug him.

Boss: Egg Scorpio (Amigo: Tails)

Sonic lands the finishing blow in a surprisingly easy fight and celebrates, when Eggman comes up from behind with a giant claw machine robot, picks him up, and carries him off. Amy freaks out and Tails tries to go rescue his friend.

HUB WORLD: Egg Kingdom

Sonic wakes up in a jail cell in some base somewhere and realizes all the Chaos Emeralds he had are gone! Sonic notices Omega walking by and begs to be let out, but Omega claims to have never worked with Sonic before, but lets him out anyway. Then he shoots a laser at Sonic, and he reveals his true intentions of destroying Sonic.

Boss: E-123 Omega

Omega is defeated and Sonic leaves him behind to make his escape.

Stage 5: Radical Base- Escape from the base!

Sonic makes it out of the base and is looking around when there's a big burst of bright blue light. Silver lands on the ground in front of him. Sonic jumps back, obviously surprised, and is about to fight when Silver tells him his reason for coming back. Eggman Nega took over the world in the future and has disappeared to the past, and Silver, along with Blaze who is in an unknown location right now, have come back to stop it. They agree to help each other escape from the base.

Stage 6: Egg Fortress- Escape from Eggman's base! (Amigo: Silver)

HUB WORLD: Mystic Ruin

Sonic and Silver get out and take an escape pod back to the mainland. Silver goes to look for Blaze, and Sonic goes to claim the Emerald in Deep Rainforest. He sees Shadow going through the area too. Shadow angrily declares he needs the Emerald more than Sonic and races him to the Chaos Emerald.

Stage 7: Deep Rainforest- Beat Shadow to the Emerald!

Sonic and Shadow reach the Emerald at the exact same time. Shadow angrily attacks Sonic and they fight for it.

Boss: Shadow

Sonic gets the Emerald and Shadow runs away. Sonic finds Knuckles searching through the area and asks if he's seen any Chaos Emeralds. Knuckles says no, but he's seen a lot of Eggman's robots and the Master Emerald has been destroyed, plus he senses the Emeralds have all been taken. Sonic and Knuckles decide to team up to help each other, and look for Eggman. Sonic remembers where Eggman's base is and they decide to look there.

Stage 8: Hidden Hideout- Find out where Eggman is! (Amigo: Knuckles)

Sonic and Knuckles go through the old base, Final Egg from the first game now overgrown with plant life. Sonic sees plans for a new base called the Egg Kingdom and decides to go there. Him and Knuckles split up. Sonic goes to find the entrance to the base, remarking how ironic it is he just wanted to leave that place and now he's going back.

Stage 9: Rail Mountain- Infiltrate Eggman's new base!

HUB WORLD: Egg Kingdom

Sonic gets into the base and Eggman is already waiting for him in yet another giant robot. Eggman instantly starts fighting Sonic in a giant centipede-shaped robot.

Boss: Egg Centipede

Sonic defeats Eggman's latest creation and Eggman reveals it was all a trap to distract him from the launch of his fleet of ships to attack the city and event go to the ARK. Sonic is confused as to why Eggman wants to go to the ARK but more importantly decides to go back to the city.

HUB WORLD: Station Square

Sonic decides to run downtown.

Stage 10: Urbanopolis- Follow Eggman's ships!

Sonic gets downtown and sees Eggman's ships attacking the city even more. He obviously decides to stop it. Eggman uses his a signal device to broadcast his image over all the screens in the city, announcing he has started charging the cannon on the Space Colony ARK and the Eggman Empire has an assured victory. He says there are only 3 and a half hours left until launch.

Stage 11: City Siege- Stop Eggman's army! (3 hours 28 minutes left until launch)

Sonic gets to the end of the level and catches up to the ships. Eggman blasts off towards the ARK and Sonic follows in hot pursuit.

Stage 12: Sky Fleet- Get to the ARK! (2 hours 59 minutes left until launch)

Sonic goes through Eggman's large fleet of ships and ends up at the head ship. Eggman is annoyed he made it this far and decides to crush Sonic once and for all.

Boss: Egg Baron (2 hours 34 minutes left until launch)

Sonic defeats Eggman yet again. Eggman questions the effectiveness of the robot designs he creates and Sonic quickly escapes and tries to sneak into the ARK.

HUB WORLD: Space Colony ARK

Sonic runs into a spaceship, which Blaze, Amy, and the Chaotix get out of. Amy is overjoyed to see Sonic is okay, and Blaze and the Chaotix are indifferent. Sonic tells them Eggman and Eggman Nega need the ARK for something, and the others say they obviously know or they wouldn't have come here. Sonic resolves to break into the ARK and find out what, and the Chaotix decides to come along with him because of their sleuthing abilities.

Stage 13: Junk Space- Break into the ARK! (Amigo: Team Chaotix [Espio, Charmy, and Vector switch between helping you at different points in the level]) (2 hours 12 minutes left until launch)

Sonic makes it into the ARK and thanks the Chaotix. They split up, the Chaotix looking for the ARK's main generator and Sonic for the dual Eggmans.

Stage 14: Cosmic Hall- Find out where Eggman is! (1 hour 47 minutes left until launch)

Sonic makes it through the ARK a little before running into Tails (literally). Sonic apologizes and is overjoyed that Tails is okay, and vice versa. Tails explains after looking for Sonic for a while, he got caught up in Eggman's plans and explains Nega has taken over the world in the future and wants to rule all of time, but has no way of taking his army into the past. They plan on overpowering the ARK's cannon so that it makes a rift in the space-time continuum and they can bring in the army. Sonic and Tails agree to go to the ARK's control room, Sonic to beat up Eggman and Tails to hack the computer.

Stage 15: Dark Lab- Make it to the control room! (Amigo: Tails) (1 hour 19 minutes left until launch)

Sonic and Tails make it to the control room. However, instead of finding Eggman and Nega, Sonic and Tails find Shadow, Knuckles, Silver, Rouge, Omega, Amy, Blaze, and the Chaotix. They all look around, wondering what's going on and where Eggman and Nega are. Suddenly, a maniacal laugh is heard from overhead and everyone looks around. Eggman and Nega reveal their master plan. To overpower the ARK, they're going to use all the Chaos and Sol Emeralds, along with the Master Emerald, to overcharge it. Sonic laughs and says he can't because they all have the Chaos and Sol Emeralds, and Knuckles has the Master Emerald. Eggman then laughs and reveals his greatest plan- To get everyone else to collect the Emeralds, and lure them all to one place and take them all without doing any work. Everyone immediately tries to escape the room but Eggman locks the doors and opens an airlock. He uses a device he created, the Chaos Magnet, to bring all the Emeralds to him and then opens an airlock, sending everyone out into space, presumably to be killed.

Sonic lands on a platform outside the ARK with Silver and Shadow. Silver says the only way to stop this is for the whole ARK to be destroyed, Sonic wants to simply turn off the cannon, and Shadow wants to charge it normally then use it blast Eggman's base. None of the hedgehogs can agree on a solution and decide to race each other to the ARK's control room.

Stage 16: Final Race- Beat Silver and Shadow to the control room! (56 minutes left until launch)

Sonic catches up to Silver. Silver uses his powers to try and throw space debris at Sonic but he dodges it skillfully. Sonic and Silver engage in battle.

STORY BOSS: Silver (39 minutes left until launch)

Silver is a challenging boss. He is fought in the same area as the Sonic vs. Shadow final battle in SA2. Silver throws lots of random space debris at you, which you must use the homing attack on to get to him when he's close. He can also take sections of the area and throw them vertically at you.

Once he's defeated, Sonic makes it to the control room, determined to stop Eggman...



HUB WORLD: Station Square

Tails is relaxing with Sonic by a pool in Station Square when they see Eggman fly by. They both decide to see what he's up to.

Stage 1: Resort Coast- Beat Sonic to the finish! (Amigo: Sonic)

Tails and Sonic make it to Eggman but he just flies away and drops a Chaos Emerald. Sonic picks it up and keeps chasing him.

Stage 2: City Chase- Beat Sonic to the finish! (Amigo: Sonic)

This time they corner Eggman. Eggman doesn't have a robot ready, so he just panics and says he needs all the Chaos Emeralds. Tails and Sonic decide to find them all before Eggman does.

HUB WORLD: Mystic Ruin

Sonic and Tails go to the Mystic Ruin to find more Chaos Emeralds.

Stage 3: Floating Ruin- Beat Sonic to the Chaos Emerald! (Amigo: Sonic)

They collect the Chaos Emerald from the Floating Ruin and move on.

Stage 4: White Mountain- Beat Sonic to the Chaos Emerald! (Amigo: Sonic)

They collect the Chaos Emerald from White Mountain and move on. They are about to enter the Deep Rainforest when Amy comes out of nowhere and tries to hug Sonic. While this is going on Eggman Nega comes with a giant robot and declares revenge. He unleashes the Egg Scorpio, a giant scorpion robot.

Boss: Egg Scorpio (Amigo: Sonic)

Tails and Sonic beat the robot but while celebrating, Eggman Nega uses a claw machine to pick up Sonic and carry him off. Tails tries to fly after him but Nega launches a missle and downs him. Tails falls to the ground and Amy starts crying and runs away. Tails decides to keep looking for the Emeralds.

Stage 5: Wild Canyon- Beat the Eggrobo to the Chaos Emerald!

At the end of the level, Tails defeats the Eggrobo and looks into its data memory. He finds directions to Eggman's newest base and flies there.

HUB WORLD: Egg Kingdom

Tails goes through Eggman's base.

Stage 6: Egg Fortress- Get inside Eggman's base!

Tails sneaks inside the inner sanctum of Eggman's base. Inside, he hears Eggman and Eggman Nega discussing their plan- Use all the Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds, plus the Master Emerald, to overcharge the ARK's cannon and create a rift in space-time to bring in Nega's future army and take over all of time. Tails freaks out and leaves to tell Sonic, but then remembers he doesn't know where Sonic is. He decides to stowaway on Eggman's fleet of ships instead, and go to the ARK himself.

Stage 7: Sky Fleet- Fly to the ARK! (2 hours 10 minutes left until launch)

After making it to the ARK, Tails decides to go do some snooping, as usual. While looking around, he runs into Sonic. Tails is surprised to see his friend is okay and vice versa. Tails explains the plan to overcharge the cannon and Sonic is amazed. They agree to go find the ARK's control room.

Stage 8: Dark Lab- Beat Sonic to the Control Room! (Amigo: Sonic) (1 hour 19 minutes left until launch)

Tails and Sonic it make it to the control room where they find Amy, Knuckles, Silver, Shadow, Blaze, the Chaotix, Rouge, and Omega standing around and looking confused. Eggman and Nega reveal their huge plan (see Sonic's story because I am lazy) then use the Chaos Magnet to bring all the Chaos Emeralds to them, then launch everyone into space. Everyone seems to take off in different directions, when Tails sees Rouge flying down to a lower entrance. Tails asks where she's going and Rouge says she's going to try and hack the ARK's computer system to stop the cannon. Tails comes to help.

Stage 9: Nitro Network- Beat Rouge to the database! (Amigo: Rouge) (50 minutes left until launch)

Tails and Rouge make it to the main database and manage to shut down all electrical communications, but it isn't enough. The power of the Emeralds is keeping all the major ARK systems up and running. As they are transported out of the digital world, Eggman and Eggman Nega are waiting for them in a giant tank robot.

STORY BOSS: Egg Eclipse (50 minutes left until launch)

Tails defeats the Egg Eclipse and rushes off to the control room again to go and try and stop the cannon.






HUB WORLD: Space Colony ARK

The Space Colony ARK has fallen into disrepair, and GUN figures the cannon won't work anymore, so it gives the ARK over to Shadow and Omega, two of the organization's top agents. Shadow and Omega now live aboard it. Suddenly, Eggman and Eggman Nega attack with their army.

Stage 1: Cosmic Hall- Stop Eggman! (Amigo: Shadow)

Shadow and Omega run through the ARK and catch up to Eggman, who is waiting for them. He taunts them and then shows them his newest robot, the Egg Scorpio.

Boss: Egg Scorpio (Amigo: Shadow)

Omega and Shadow defeat the robot, but while they are celebrating Eggman releases an airlock on the colony. Shadow gets sucked out and falls to Earth. Omega's circuits black out. When he awakes, he finds he his missing an arm and some shielding, and has no memory of what just happened.

Stage 2: Dark Lab- Find your missing pieces! (Amigo: Eggman)

Eggman tells him he is E-123 Omega, one of his E-series robots. He started working for the enemy for a little bit, but got fixed up and now everything was okay. Omega takes this as the truth and follows his 'master'. Eggman decides to take Omega back to Earth.

HUB WORLD: Egg Kingdom

Eggman tells Omega to do a training course, trying to get the highest score possible by shooting the dummies. Silver and Blaze dummies are worth 100, Shadow and Rouge dummies are woth 500, Amy, Tails, and Knuckles dummise are worth 1000, and Sonic dummies are worth 2000. Omega must destroy all the Sonic dummies.

Stage 3: Radical Base- Destroy the Sonic dummies!

Omega successfully completes the course but cannot find Eggman upon completion. He decides to go look around, and finds Sonic in a jail cell. Knowing this is the enemy, but not realizing he is captured, Omega lets him out for a fight.

Boss: Sonic

Omega wins the fight and again while celebrating, lets Sonic get away. Eggman Nega sees this and is very upset, and sends Omega down to the trash compactors, but does not tell him why he needs to go there. Omega obliges.

Stage 4: Deck Shelter- Get to the trash compactors!

Omega goes through the level and comes to a series of large rooms full of conveyor belts with broken-down robots, all facing downward into a large pit full of lava. The incinerator. Omega looks around, doesn't see anything useful, and leaves. He looks around for the Eggman duo and in a storage closet finds several dummies that look like him. Finally he finds Eggman and Nega working on a larger, black version of Omega, called Omega MK. II that they say will be superior to the original. Omega walks in and says he was unable to find anything of use, Nega gets angry at Omega's inability to understand what he meant. Eggman however says that instead of destroying him, they should just send him off to find Sonic and his friends. They send him to Station Square and tell him to look for anyone you saw a dummy of.

HUB WORLD: Station Square

Omega looks around Station Square for a while and comes to a beach. He decides it would be a good idea to look there.

Stage 5: Resort Coast- Look for any opponents!

Omega, at the end of the stage, finds Knuckles with a Chaos Emerald. Knuckles asks for help finding the shards of the Master Emerald but Omega has no idea what he is talking about and instead fights him.

Boss: Knuckles

He wins and takes the Chaos Emerald, and finds Rouge's hair on it. He uses this DNA to trace Rouge.

Stage 6: City Speedway- Find Rouge!

Omega comes to the top of one of the skyscrapers and finds Rouge. She is shocked at Omega's loss of memory and tries to bring it back by talking about their adventures together. Omega remembers this slightly and remembers seeing dummies of himself and Eggman working on a superior model to him, and realizes Eggman lied to him and he was used, and he hates Eggman. Omega agrees to help Rouge take him down.

HUB WORLD: Mystic Ruins

Stage 7: Rail Mountain- Get to Eggman's base! (Amigo: Rouge)

HUB WORLD: Egg Kingdom

After going through the transport system, he hears the intercom saying the Egg Fleet will be launched to get to the ARK shortly. Omega remembers Eggman kicking him and Shadow out and gets on board the ships with Rouge.

Stage 8: Sky Fleet- Find Eggman! (Amigo: Rouge)

Eggman and Rouge come to the ship's deck and see Eggman Nega waiting for them in a new robot, the Egg Baron, a knight themed robot.

Boss: Egg Baron (Amigo: Rouge)

They beat Nega and his robot and try to crash the ships, but they are on autopilot and are too close to the destination anyway. Then they ask about Shadow, but right when they do Shadow bursts through the door, saying he's been fine. Rouge says she has some sneaking around to do on board the ARK and leaves, leaving Shadow and Omega to fight Eggman. Eggman announces over his loudspeaker it doesn't matter what anyone does now, because the cannon has started charging with only 2 and a half hours left.

Stage 9: Junk Space- Find Eggman! (Amigo: Shadow) (2 hours 30 minutes left until launch)

Shadow and Omega go around the ARK and find Eggman inside. Eggman, instead of having a robot prepared, sends out Omega MK. II to finally go destroy the original failed creation. Omega asks Shadow and Eggman to leave for the duel that will follow.

STORY BOSS: Omega MK. II (2 hours 01 minutes left until launch)

Omega and his brother have an intense fight to the near death. Omega is close to winning when he accidentally destroys an airlock and sends MK. II out to space. Omega grabs on and says he doesn't have to die, he can help fight Eggman, he can change even though he's a robot. MK. II says he will always be loyal to Eggman and refuses to help Omega. Omega sighs and lets go. Omega MK. II is sucked out into space and the original emerges the victor. Shadow says Eggman went somewhere else and offers condolences for his friend's loss. Omega ponders is robots really can change.





Team Chaotix

Final Story

Level List

Every character goes through at least one of these levels at one time or another. The designs of the levels change based on who is in them, and in multiplayer they are designed so everyone can get through them, but there are also secret places accessible to only one character too. In bold is the hub that they're accessed from. Every hub has 5 levels and a way of accessing Chao Garden.

Station Square

  • City Chase: Reminiscent of City Escape. It takes place in the suburbs of Station Square.
  • Resort Coast: Reminiscent of Emerald Coast/Sunset Hill. It is a normal beach and cove.
  • Urbanopolis: Reminiscent of Speed Highway and Radical Highway. There are also some parts inside buildings. It takes place in the urban district of Station Square and many highways surrounding it at night.
  • Vegasville: Reminiscent of casino stages, with a basement/sewer area below.
  • City Siege: Reminiscent of Westopolis and Crisis City. It is the heart of Station Square under attack by Eggman's forces.

Mystic Ruins

  • White Mountain: Reminiscent of Ice Cap. It is a snowy moutain high above the rest of the ruins.
  • Deep Rainforest: Reminiscent of Green Forest/White Jungle, with Lost World themes. It is a jungle with ruins from an ancient civilization.
  • Wild Canyon: Reminiscent of Wild Canyon, Dusty Desert, Glyphic Canyon, and Sky Rail. It is a desert canyon with tons of ruins.
  • Hidden Hideout: Reminiscent of Final Egg, Iron Jungle, and Prison Island. It is Eggman's old ruins base from Sonic Adventure, but now overgrown with plant life.
  • Floating Ruin: Reminiscent of Sky Sanctuary and Windy Valley. It is a series of ruins floating in clouds high above the planet.

Egg Kingdom

  • Radical Base: Reminiscent of Final Egg and Aquatic Base. It is a straightforward path through the core of Eggman's base.
  • Egg Fortress: Reminiscent of Final Fortress and Eggmanland. It is a path through the outside of Eggman's base.
  • Deck Shelter: Reminiscent of Hot Shelter and Lava Shelter. It is a path under Eggman's base.
  • Sky Fleet: Reminiscent of Sky Deck/Egg Fleet. It takes place on Eggman's fleet of ships launching off into space.
  • Rail Mountain: Reminiscent of Bullet Station, Rail Canyon, and Radical Train. It is a rail system Eggman uses to connect his base to the Mystic Ruins and transport things. (Note: Can be accessed from Egg Kingdom and Mystic Ruins, but is considered part of the Egg Kingdom.)

Space Colony ARK

  • Cosmic Hall: Reminiscent of levels inside the ARK from Sonic Adventure 2. It is just the inside of the ARK.
  • Dark Lab: Reminiscent of Lost Colony and levels inside the ARK from Shadow the Hedgehog. It's a more laboratory-themed version of the ARK.
  • Junk Space: Reminiscent of Final Chase, Final Rush, and Cosmic Fall. It takes place outside the ARK.
  • Nitro Network: Reminiscent of Digital Circuit, Mad Matrix, and Crazy Gadget. It takes place in the ARK's computer mainframe.
  • Final Race: Reminiscent of Final Chase, Final Rush, and Space Gadget. It takes place outside the ARK, racing to the Cannon's Core.


  • Eclipse Cannon: The Final Level
  • Chao Garden: Works like SA2. Can only be accessed from special teleporters in every adventure field or by level select.
  • Green Hill: A secret stage for Sonic exclusively, unlocked by beating all missions on all stages with all characters with an A rank.


Multiplayer involves any story character (and some extras) doing many activities such as battling, minigames, or racing. You can have up to four players and there is online.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Amy Rose
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Rouge the Bat
  • E-123 Omega
  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Espio the Chameleon
  • Vector the Crocodile
  • Charmy the Bee
  • Big the Cat
  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Blaze the Cat
  • Jet the Hawk
  • Eggman (in robot)
  • Metal Sonic
  • Emerl
  • Eggman Nega (in robot)


  • Big the Cat, Cream the Rabbit, Jet the Hawk, Eggman, and Metal Sonic were all playable at one point in the game, but were removed. However, they all stay in multiplayer.
  • Big the Cat has a cameo in every level of the game, much like Sonic Adventure 2.
  • Jet the Hawk cameos in every version of Rail Mountain, riding his extreme gear along the rails.
  • Cream the Rabbit cameos in certain areas of Station Square and Mystic Ruin.
  • Emerl and Eggman Nega are the only characters playable in multiplayer that do not and never did have a story planned for the game.
  • Each character has two alternate costumes in multiplayer. The first is unlocked by holding L + R at the character selection screen, and the second is unlocked by beating the character's story. For the characters without stories, they get all their costumes immediately upon beating all stories.

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