The following article contains quotes in Sonic Adventure 3 for the Nintendo Power Box. These quotes are heard in either cutscenes, or in the middle of a level. All quotes are shown in no praticular order.

  • Reiketsuna: "So, do we have a deal? Give me the eight Chaos Emeralds, and I will give you whatever you want in return."
  • Sonic: "Yeah, there is actually only seven emeralds."
  • Reiketsuna: "Oh."

  • Cybo: "Omachao, I need your help! Where did Shadow run off too?"
  • Omachao begins flying around Cybo.
  • Omachao: "Did you know that a 330ml can of Armadillo Cola contains 134 calories?"
  • Cybo: "No! Tell me where Shadow went!"
  • Omachao: "Press the B button to shoot a laser. It can destroy steel crates."
  • Cybo: "What is this? Some type of video game? You'll useless, you dumb robot."
  • Omachao: "Hey! I am not a dumb robot! I'm going to tell the principal on you!"
  • Omachao flies away.
  • Cybo: "Urgh! That was a waste of time!"

  • Knuckles: "Okay! The Master Emerald was shattered into 15 pieces. I have 3 pieces right now, so there are 10 more left to find."
  • Sonic begins to giggle.
  • Knuckles: "What?"

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