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Sonic Adventure 3D is a Sonic game for the Nintendo 3DS. It is a remake of Sonic Adventure and was released in 2013.


The plot is basicly the same as the original. Dr. Eggman discovers the legend of Chaos, the god of destruction. He releases Chaos from his prison in the Master Emerald and plans on collecting the seven Chaos Emeralds to power him up.



Image Name Bio Style of gameplay
267px-Sonic 150 Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic is the fastest creature on the planet. He is best friends with Tails and spends his days relaxing. But now he finds himself trying to stop Eggman's latest scheme involving Chaos. Can Sonic stop his enemy from destroying Station Square? Normal (Get to the goal of the stage)
Tails 54 Miles "Tails" Prower Sonic's best buddy and a great inventor. He is responsible for the creation of Sonic's jet plane, the Tornado, and has always followed Sonic wherever he goes. But now, he has to muster up the courage to adventure on his own when Eggman threatens to destroy the city. Race (Get to the goal before your CPU opponent does.)
337px-Knuckles 45 Knuckles the Echidna A friendly rival to Sonic and the last of his kind. To this day, he has guarded the Master Emerald on Angel Island. But thanks to Eggman, it has shattered into numerous pieces. Can Knuckles re-assemble the pieces? Treasure Hunting (Find all three pieces of the Master Emerald in the stage)
357px-Amy 42 Amy Rose Sonic's biggest fan and self-proclaimed girlfriend. For years, she has always been the damsel-in-distress, with Sonic always being forced to save her. But now, she finds herself back in the spotlight when she becomes the bodyguard of a little blue Flicky that is being chased by Eggman's power-house, E-100 Alpha. Chase (Get to the balloon at the end of the stage before E-100 Alpha catches you)
Big 4 Big the Cat A lazy fisherman who spends his days fishing with his best friend, Froggy. One day, Froggy swallows a strange puddle and Big's lucky charm and runs off, sending Big on a wild goose chase. Little does Big know, his lucky charm is one of the Chaos Emeralds, and the strange puddle is a piece of Chaos, and Eggman wants them both! Fishing (Find and fish out Froggy)
E102gamma E-102 Gamma One of Eggman's newest creations. He is the third of the E-100 Series, and has been built by Eggman to help in his mission to control Chaos. But after seeing what happens when an Eggman robot fails, and with a little help from Amy, Gamma turns on his master and decides to free the animals inside his brothers. Will he succeed? Shooting (Destroy your target before time runs out)

Playable in Multiplayer

Image Name Bio Style of gameplay
363px-Metalsonic heroes Metal Sonic A robot duplicate of Sonic who really wants to eliminate him. Sometimes, he's even gone as far as betraying Eggman. Long Race (Same as Normal, except now you have to get to the finish before your opponent)
337px-Charmy heroes Charmy Bee The youngest member of the Chaotix detective agency. His keen personality may be a little annoying, but his skills are what makes him a member. Short Race (Same as Race in Single-player)
254px-Rouge 17 Rouge the Bat A treasure hunter working for GUN. Her hobby is collecting jewels for herself, and sometimes she targets the Master Emerald. Treasure Hunting
248px-Espio Espio the Chameleon The serious member of the Chaotix detective agency. He is a skillful ninja, and is considered to be the sneakiest one of the three. Chase
526px-Vector 2 Vector the Crocodile The leader of the Chaotix detective agency. He enjoys listening to rock music and solving mysteries with Espio and Charmy, on account that he is paid, of course. Fishing
488px-Omega 12 E-123 Omega Gamma's younger brother and a member of GUN. He has this urge to destroy Eggman's robots for revenge, but has a kind soul just like his brother. Shooting

Non-Playable Characters

Image Name Bio
337px-Robotnik 42 Dr. Eggman Sonic's arch-enemy and a crazy mad scientist. After learning about the legend of Chaos, and releasing the monster from his prison, Eggman plans to use this beast to destroy Station Square and replace it with Robotnikland. All he needs are the seven Chaos Emeralds, and he has his robots looking for them!
Chaos 1 Chaos The god of destruction. After years of being trapped inside the Master Emerald, he has been released by Dr. Eggman, and is now looking for the Chaos Emeralds with him. Every time he gets another Chaos Emerald, he changes into a stronger form. Can Sonic and friends stop this monster from getting all seven?
Tikal Tikal the Echidna A mysterious girl from the past. Throughout the story, Sonic and friends get visions of her in the past. Are these visions trying to tell them something?
432px-Pachacamac, Sonic Adventure Pachacamac Tikal's father from the past. He is responsible for the anger of Chaos and the almost-extincion of the Knuckles blood of echidnas.
374px-500px-zero E-100 Alpha A tough robot created by Eggman. Nicknamed Zero, he has been tasked with the mission of capturing a Flicky who has swallowed one of the Chaos Emeralds. And Amy's caught in the middle.
640px-E101mk2 E-101 Beta Gamma's older and more advanced brother. After losing to Gamma and being put into storage, he has been remodeled into a Mark II robot, and is more powerful than before. Can Gamma destroy this monstrous robot and free the bird inside of him?
Froggy Froggy Big's pet frog and best friend. He has swallowed the tail of Chaos and one of the Chaos Emeralds. Now Big has to go find him before Eggman catches him.


Image E-Series number Name Attack strategy Stages it appears in
Sonic A01 Kiki E-01 Baby Kiki Throw bombs at the player Emerald Coast, Twinkle Park, Red Mountain and Hot Shelter
DhrinoTank E-02 Rhino-Tank Charge at high speed at the player Emerald Coast and Windy Valley
Sa sweep E-03 Sweeper Skims across water surfaces and attack using their nose Emerald Coast and Twinkle Park
Sa leon E-04 Leon Turn invisible to avoid detection, then lash at the player with tounge and tail Windy Valley, Lost World and Hot Shelter
FileSa boa-boa E-05 Boa-Boa Shoot fire from it's sides Windy Valley, Ice Cap and Lost World
SpinnerConceptArtGenerations E-06 Bladed Spinner Whirl it's blades so it can damage the enemy Casinopolis, Speed Highway, Red Mountain, Sky Deck and Final Egg
FileSa iceball E-07 Ice Ball Spray ice on it's enemies Ice Cap
FileSa kart kiki E-08 Kart Kiki Charge at the player Twinkle Park
Buyoon E-09 Buyoon Inflate to a larger size when the enemy is near Twinkle Park
TYJzg1 E-10 Cop Speeder Same as Kart Kiki, only more aggressive Speed Highway
Spiky Spinner artwork E-15 Spiky Spinner Fling spiked balls at the enemy Speed Highway and Sky Deck
Elecspinner E-16 Electro Spinner Same as Bladed Spinner, with additional electric shield Casinopolis, Speed Highway, Sky Deck and Final Egg
Ghola Adventure E-17 Ghora Use spinning fire balls at enemy Red Mountain and Lost World
FileSa egg keeper E-19 Egg Keeper Paralyze enemy with de-tatchable head, then attack with body Hot Shelter and Final Egg
FileSa beat E-22 Beat Swarm at enemy and self-destruct on impact Final Egg
E28 E-28 Mecha Fish None, acts like an ordinary fish Emerald Coast and Twinkle Park
Egg Pirate E-29 Egg Pirate Slash enemy with sword Casinopolis


Image Name Description Fought by...
Chaos-0-4 Chaos 0 This is the form Chaos takes when he has no Chaos Emeralds. You will face him immediately when you start the game. You will find him threatening the police in Station Square. You must hit him three times to defeat him, just watch out for his extending arms! Sonic
C B 018 Chaos 2 Eggman has used the two Chaos Emeralds he stole from Sonic and Tails near Tails' Workshop and at Casinopolis to make Chaos stronger!! In this form, Chaos can now turn into a giant ball of water, and use an energy shield. Knuckles
Chaos-4-5 Chaos 4 After duping Knuckles into battling Sonic and Tails, Eggman has swiped the Chaos Emeralds the duo obtained at Windy Valley and Ice Cap, bringing the number of emeralds he has to four, making Chaos turn into a stronger form again!! Now he can fire energy waves and swim at high speeds!! Sonic, Tails and Knuckles
Chaos-6-5 Chaos 6 The final boss of Knuckles and Big's stories. Thanks to the two Chaos Emeralds Eggman obtained from Froggy and Amy's blue flicky, Chaos is almost fully powered up!! Use the nearby ice-generating robots to freeze him up!! And don't forget to fish out Froggy while your at it! Sonic, Knuckles and Big
SA1 EggHornet Egg Hornet One of Eggman's Egg Mobile modifications. He really wants the Chaos Emerald you have to power up Chaos!! Hit him three times to destroy his ride. Sonic and Tails
Tumblr m3q42hmp9r1r3tkn3o1 500 Egg Viper The final boss of Sonic's story. You got Eggman on the ropes! Now he's called in his latest mega-machine to face you, with it's spiked discs, lasers and balls of electricity!! Hit him seven times to finish Eggman off once and for all!! Sonic
SA1 EggWalker Egg Walker The final boss of Tails' story. Eggman's rampaging through Station Square on this giant mech!! Incapacitate the legs and hit him five times to save the day!! Tails
180px-Misc boss zero E-100 Alpha The final boss of Amy's story. After being chased by Alpha for the course of the story, it's time to destroy him once and for all! Push him into the electric fence and press his self-destruct button multiple times to defeat him!! Amy
320px-SA1BetaOpening E-101 Beta Eggman wants to see if you have the guts to stay onboard the Egg Carrier, so he has called E-101 Beta to battle you! Blast him three times to defeat him! E-102 Gamma
320px-E103 E-103 Delta After failing to catch Froggy, E-103 Delta has been relocated to Windy Valley. Blast him and free the animal inside him!! E-102 Gamma
E104 E-104 Epsilon After failing to catch Froggy, E-104 Epsilon has been relocated to Red Mountain. He's a little harder to destroy than E-103 Delta, so be careful!! E-102 Gamma
E105 E-105 Zeta After failing to catch Froggy, E-105 Zeta has been re-built into a stronger form deep within the Hot Shelter. Avoid his rocket turrets and blast this improved machine to free the animal inside him!! E-102 Gamma
320px-SA1E101mkIIBoss E-101 Beta MKII The final boss of E-102 Gamma's story. Since your last battle with E-101 Beta, Eggman has upgraded him into a MKII robot, with more features than his younger brothers! Don't give up though, find his weaknesses and free the white Flicky inside him!! E-102 Gamma
PerfectChaosSADX Perfect Chaos The final boss of the whole game! Tikal tried to warn everybody, but now, filled with rage from 4,000 years ago and the negative power of the emeralds, Chaos has activated the super transformation to become this beast, and has flooded Station Square!!! All hope is not lost though! Use your own super state to neutralize him once and for all!!! Super Sonic



In this single-player mode, players will play as one of six characters, each with their own side of the story. At first, only Sonic will be available to play as, when the player meets one of the other playable characters in the HUB world, that character is automaticlly unlocked. Once all six characters' stories are finished, one final story will be unlocked, which fetures Super Sonic against the final boss of the game.


A new mode made for this version of the game. In this mode, two players compete against each other in one of six modes; Long Race, Short Race, Treasure Hunting, Chase, Fishing and Shooting. Each mode features the character that's playable in the other modes, and an exclusive character for the second player. This mode can be played in Download Play or Wi-Fi.


In this mode, players can compete in stages they have already beaten to earn more emblems. They can also compete in mini-games they have unlocked in the game.


In this mode, players go running around the HUB world, collecting missions for you to accept and play.

Mega Collection

This mode won't be available at first, it'll be unlocked when players collect twenty emblems. In this mode, players can play classic games from the past. Due to the Game Gear titles from the DX version being downloadable, instead, players can play titles that were previously available on the Sega Genesis. When you collect a certain amount of emblems, a new game will be unlocked.


In this mode, players can unlock various things to look at by clearing certain achievements in the main game and the Mega Collection mode games. Things that you can see in this mode include the covers of Archie Sonic publications up to the present (Sonic Issues 1-255, Knuckles Issues 1-32, Sonic Super Special Issues 1-15, Sonic Universe Issues 1-59, Sonic X Issues 1-40, all Mini-Series issues, all 48-page specials, all reprint issues, all digital reprints, SSS Magazine issues 1-8, Sonic Super Digest Issues 1-3, all Free Comic Book Day specials, crossover issues like Mega Man Issues 24-27 and others), readable versions of Sonic's Firsts, Sonic the Hedgehog Issues 71 to 84, and Sonic Super Special Issue 13, illustrations of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman, other characters and Misc., manuals of Sonic Adventure's many releases and all the Mega Collection games, and a video history of Sonic up to the present.

Chao Garden

In this mode, players can interact with their virtual Chao pets. They can bring animals they free from Eggman's robots in the Action stages to the garden, and use them on their Chao to let them gain more stats. There is also a Black Market where players can purchase food for their Chao and new Chao eggs, and a Chao race where player's Chao run through an obstacle corse. New to this version of the game is StreetPass functionallity. A player can choose one of their Chao and put them in the StreetPass Walker (replacing the Mini-Chao Garden teleporter), when a player passes by another player with the game, they exchange data, by tagging eachother, players can compare their Chao stats, pit them in a duel Chao Race, and collect points to unlock more items in the Black Market.


In this mode, players can customize their gaming experience by choosing Stereo or Mono, or which file they want to play. Plus they can listen to sounds and music, change the menu announcer and what language the characters speak in.

Games in Mega Collection

Title Screen Name Year released Description How many emblems needed to unlock?
Sonic title Sonic the Hedgehog 1991 The game that started it all! The evil Dr. Robotnik is capturing animals, using them as batteries for his robots, and searching for the six Chaos Emeralds! Can Sonic free his friends, find all six emeralds and defeat Robotnik? 20
Sonic2title Sonic the Hedgehog 2 1992 The game that featured the first appearence of Tails! Dr. Robotnik has discovered the existence of a seventh Chaos Emerald, and is planning to use it and the other six to power up his new weapon, the Death Egg!! Now it's up to Sonic and Tails to stop him! 40
Sonic Spinball Titlescreen Sonic Spinball 1993 Dr. Robotnik has set up a new base at the top of a volcano, and is trapping animals inside of robots again! Sonic has gone inside to stop him, but he has to get past the Pinball Defense System to get to Robotnik. And you are the one controling the flippers! 60
Dr. Robotnik title Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine 1993 Based on the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, Dr. Robotnik is caupturing the citizens of Beanville and putting them inside his Mean Bean-Steaming Machine! And since Sonic and Tails are occupied at the moment, only you can stop him and his robots in this Puyo Puyo-style puzzle game! 80
30690-sonic-the-hedgehog-3-genesis-screenshot-title-screens Sonic the Hedgehog 3 1994 The first part of the Floating Island adventure! Dr. Robotnik is trying to power up the Death Egg again! And he's tricked Knuckles the Echidna into helping him out! Now Sonic and Tails have to recover the seven Chaos Emeralds and prevent the return of the Death Egg! 100
Sonic and knuckles title Sonic and Knuckles 1994 In part two of the Floating Island adventure, the Death Egg has landed on the top of a volcano, and Robotnik is trying to fuel it up with a source more powerful than the Chaos Emeralds, the huge Master Emerald! Help Sonic get to Knuckles and make him reliaze his mistake! Then, after Sonic's story, help Knuckles protect the Master Emerald from the devious Mecha Sonic! 105
TITLE SCREEN Sonic 3 and Knuckles 1994 The true and complete version of the Floating Island adventure! Now you can play as Knuckles in the Sonic 3 levels and Tails in the Sonic and Knuckles levels! Plus, if you get all seven emeralds during part one, then in part two, you can discover the secret of the Super Emeralds! 110
180652-sonic-mega-collection-gamecube-screenshot-sonic-3d-blast-title Sonic 3D Blast 1996 Dr. Robotnik is enslaving the citizens of Flicky Island, and is after the Chaos Emeralds yet again! Help Sonic free the Flickies and find the emeralds in this adventure featuring pre-rendered 3D sprites! 120
Knucklesinsonic2title Knuckles in Sonic 2 1994 Now you can play Sonic the Hedgehog 2 as Knuckles the Echidna! Discover paths that Sonic and Tails couldn't reach before! 125
Blue Sphere ROM menu Blue Sphere 1994 Congratulations! You got all 130 emblems! As a reward, you can now play the Sonic 3 and Knuckles bonus stages whenever you want! 130


HUB Worlds

Image Name Description
Stationsquare map Station Square A heavily populated city famous for it's hotel, casino and amusement park. It has a population of 2,856,427 residents.
Mysticruins map Mystic Ruins An old rainforest that was once inhabited by Knuckles' kind. Some of the most prominent sites you will find include Big's Hut, Tails' Workshop and Angel Island.
Eggcarrier1 video sa Egg Carrier The newest in a long line of flying fortresses created by Dr. Eggman.

Action Stages

Image Name Description Characters available
Tumblr m32sgpFIUd1rup3cdo1 1280 Emerald Coast A beach near Station Square's hotel. Featuring a lighthouse in the middle of the stage. Watch out for the orca! Sonic, Big and E-102 Gamma
350px-SA Sonic Windy Valley tornado Windy Valley A field acsessable by finding the Windy Stone and putting it into place on the slot. In this stage, you will find floating islands and a fierce twister! Sonic, Tails and E-102 Gamma
800px-SA Casinopolis Slots Casinopolis A casino located in Station Square. Here, you will find pinball tables based on the Sonic Classic Era and NIGHTS Into Dreams. Be careful though, because if you don't get a lot of rings, you will end up in the sewers, where all the danger is. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles
Icecap Ice Cap An icy mountain accessible by finding the Icy Stone and putting it into place on the slot. This stage has slippery ice all over, and at the end there is an avalanche that you must snowboard away from! Sonic, Tails and Big
Twinklepark Twinkle Park Station Square's amusement park. It includes bumper cars, a roller coaster, a large swimming pool and a giant house of mirrors. Sonic, Amy and Big
Sadx9 2 Speed Highway The downtown section of Station Square. It has missile launchers that can get you to higher places, two bells, a 90 degree angle run skyscraper and a traffic filled road. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles
640px-SA Knux RedMountain Red Mountain A mountain industrialized by Dr. Eggman. It includes a volcano with flowing lava, collapsing rocks and tough enemies. You will also see electric chairs and tombstones here, could this have once been a prison? Sonic, Knuckles and E-102 Gamma
Skydeck Sky Deck The exterior of the Egg Carrier. This place is filled with a lot of danger, a giant active cannon, a ton of airships and scripted changes in gravity to name a few. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles
637px-SADX Hot Shelter Hot Shelter The inside of the Egg Carrier. Filled with a large aquarium, a high speed delivery station and the inner mechanical workings of the ship. Amy, Big and E-102 Gamma
Lost world Lost World An ancient echidna temple in the heart of Mystic Ruins. You will find a maze with a flooded room, a dark passage with a waterfall and a room with panels that can be walked on when aligned. Sonic and Knuckles
600px-SADX Final egg Final Egg Eggman's secret base hidden in the Mystic Ruins. Sonic, Amy and E-102 Gamma


Throughout the HUB worlds, there are hidden upgrade items that add or improve abilities for a certain character.

Image Name Where to find it What it does Who it's for
Light Speed Shoes Light Speed Shoes In the sewers of Station Square Adds Light Speed Dash to moveset Sonic
200px-SA Sonic upgrade Crystal Ring Crystal Ring Behind a door in Station Square's hotel Cuts time needed to charge the Light Speed Dash in half Sonic
Ancient Light Ancient Light On a rock near Angel Island Adds Light Speed Attack to moveset Sonic
JetAnklet Jet Anklet In a hidden room near Twinkle Park Increases flight speed Tails
SA1 RhythmBadge Rhythm Badge Near the temple in the past Allows continuous Tail Swipes Tails
Shovelclaw sa Shovel Claw In a small cave near Tails' Workshop Dig in the ground to find objects Knuckles
SA1FightingGloves Fighting Gloves On a cliff above Big's hut Adds Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack to moveset Knuckles
Warrior Feather Warrior Feather In the Hedgehog Hammer room of the Egg Carrier after beating Eggman's score Adds Spin Hammer Attack to moveset Amy
SA1LongHammer Long Hammer In the Hedgehog Hammer room of the Egg Carrier after beating the mini-game with 3000 points Increses range of attacks Amy
SA1PowerRod Power Rod Under the bed in Big's hut Allows farther cast Big
Life Belt Life Belt Right in front of the entrance to the Ice Cap Gains ability to float on the water surface Big
SA1Booster Jet Booster Inside the armory room of the Egg Carrier Briefly hover after a jump E-102 Gamma
SA1LaserBlaster Laser Blaster Inside the water reservoir of the Egg Carrier after it crashes Allows wider blast damage E-102 Gamma


Image Name Description
640px-SADX - Sky Chase Act 1- Screenshot - (7) Sky Chase Act 1 Eggman's getting away on the Egg Carrier! Chase him with the Tornado, but watch out for the constant jets and shots launched by the flying fortress!
640px-SADX - Sky Chase Act 2 - Screenshot - (16) Sky Chase Act 2 Amy's in trouble! Quickly, with the new Tornado II, you have to give chase! Make sure you avoid the cannon blast this time!
600px-SandHill Sand Hill Froggy has swallowed another Chaos Emerald, and you need it to power the Tornado II! Chase after Froggy while avoiding a ton of traps in this desert!
Sadxpc-circut2 Twinkle Circuit Grab a hover car and get racing! How fast do you think you can get to the finsh?
640px-Hedgehog hammer Hedgehog Hammer A Whack-A-Mole-style game Eggman built on the Egg Carrier for whenever he got bored. Sonic heads score 100 points and Super Sonic heads score 500. But hitting an Eggman head will remove 200 points from your score.
Chao Race Chao Racing A cool racing event found in the Station Square Chao Garden. Compete in races using the Chao you have raised in all three gardens.

Museum Achievements

Sonic Adventure

Picture Title How to Obtain What it Unlocks
991508 Good Buddies Unlock Tails by clearing Emerald Coast as Sonic Covers for Sonic the Hedgehog issues 1-25
991507 Friendly Rivals Unlock Knuckles by defeating Chaos 4 as Sonic or Tails Covers for Sonic the Hedgehog issues 26-50
991506 Fan Girl Unlock Amy by either meeting up with her after clearing Sky Chase Act 1 as Sonic, winning the rival battle with E-102 Gamma as Tails, or meeting her on board the Egg Carrier as E-102 Gamma Covers for Sonic the Hedgehog issues 51-75
991505 Rogue Robot Unlock E-102 Gamma by either defeating him in a rival battle as Sonic or Tails, return from the past a second time after clearing Lost World as Knuckles, encounter him after clearing Twinkle Park as Amy, or clear Emerald Coast as Big. Covers for Sonic the Hedgehog issues 76-100
991504 Fat Fisherman Unlock Big by either defeating Chaos 6 as Sonic, or return from the past after clearing Sand Hill as Tails. Covers for Sonic the Hedgehog issues 101-125
991503 Blue Blur Clear Adventure mode as Sonic Covers for Sonic the Hedgehog issues 126-150
Hard Boiled Clear Adventure mode as Tails Covers for Sonic the Hedgehog issues 151-175
Restored Gem Clear Adventure mode as Knuckles Covers for Sonic the Hedgehog issues 176-200
Reunited Family Clear Adventure mode as Amy Covers for Sonic the Hedgehog issues 201-225
Rescued Froggy Clear Adventure mode as Big Covers for Sonic the Hedgehog issues 226-250
So Long, Gamma Clear Adventure mode as E-102 Gamma Covers for Sonic the Hedgehog issues 251-255
991509 Open Your Heart Clear Adventure mode as Super Sonic A readable version of Sonic the Hedgehog issue 84
991513 The Adventurer Find all 12 hidden emblems in the Adventure Fields A readable version of the US Sonic Adventure instruction booklet
991511 Sub-Game Master Obtain all the Emblems in all the sub-games A readable version of the EU Sonic Adventure instruction booklet
991510 The Fastest and the Strongest Obtain all the Emblems in all the action stages A readable version of the JP Sonic Adventure instruction booklet
991512 Chao's Best Friend Obtain all the Emblems in the Chao Race A readable version of the US Sonic Adventure DX instruction booklet
991517 Mission Master Clear all 60 missions in Mission mode A readable version of the JP Sonic Adventure DX instruction booklet
991514 The Perfect Adventurer Obtain all 130 Emblems A readable version of Sonic Super Special issue 13

Sonic the Hedgehog

Picture Title How to Obtain What it Unlocks
632 Where It All Began Clear Green Hill Zone Act 3 A readable version of Sonic's Firsts
630 Fastest Thing Alive Beat Green Hill Zone Act 1 in under 35 seconds Covers for Sonic Universe issues 1-10
624 Too Slow for Me Beat Marble Zone Act 1 in under 80 seconds Covers for Sonic Universe issues 11-20
629 Love to Bounce Clear Spring Yard Zone Act 1 Covers for Sonic Universe issues 21-30
627 I'm All Wet Clear Labyrinth Zone Act 1 Covers for Sonic Universe issues 31-40
626 I'm Seeing Stars Clear Star Light Zone Act 1 Covers for Sonic Universe issues 41-50
633 Centurion Get over 100 rings in any stage Covers for Sonic Universe issues 50-59
631 Gem of Unlimited Power Get one of the Chaos Emeralds in a Special Zone A readable version of the Sonic the Hedgehog US instruction booklet
628 Chaos Master Get all six Chaos Emeralds in one playthough (Restore Points are allowed) A readable version of the Sonic the Hedgehog EU instruction booklet
990970 Fried Egg Defeat the Egg Elevator in Final Zone and clear the game A readable version of Sonic the Hedgehog issue 78
990969 Speed Run Beat the game under 40 minutes A readable version of the Sonic the Hedgehog JP instruction booklet
990968 You're Too Slow Clear the game without losing a single life (Restore Points not allowed) A readable version of Sonic the Hedgehog issue 71

Sonic 2

Picture Title How to Obtain What it Unlocks
Follow My Lead Clear Emerald Hill Zone Act 3 Covers for Sonic X issues 1-6
Gotta Go Fast Clear Emerald Hill Zone Act 1 in under 35 seconds Covers for Sonic X issues 7-12
615 Sick of Mega Muck Clear Chemical Plant Zone Act 1 in under 45 seconds Covers for Sonic X issues 13-18
620 Cha-Ching Clear Casino Night Zone Act 1 Covers for Sonic X issues 19-24
618 Super Transformation Change into Super Sonic for the first time Covers for Sonic X issues 25-30
617 Extended Super Keep the Super transformation active for one minute Covers for Sonic X issues 31-36
Emerald Get Get one of the Chaos Emeralds in a Special Zone. Covers for Sonic X issues 37-40
Chaos is Power Get all seven Chaos Emeralds in one playthrough (Restore Points are allowed) A readable version of the Sonic 2 EU instruction booklet
990530 Scrambled Egg Beat the Death Egg Robot in Death Egg Zone and clear the game A readable version of the Sonic 2 US instruction booklet
990529 Two is Better Than One Play with a friend on wireless play in all four multiplayer stages A readable version of the Sonic 2 JP instruction booklet
990528 Wi-Fi Racer Win 10 VS. matches on Wi-Fi Mode A readable version of Sonic the Hedgehog issue 79