Sonic Adventure 3: Shard Search is the 3rd game in the Sonic Adventure franchise. It features 7 playable characters, similar to the first Sonic Adventure. It is for the Wii U, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3


The Chaos Emeralds have been broken apart by Doctor Eggman, and Sonic and 6 of his friends (Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, Espio, and Mighty) must each restore one Chaos Emerald to keep the world from becoming out of balance due to the absence of the emeralds.

Sonic's Story

Sonic is running through a field when he sees Dr. Eggman flying above with the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic attempts to stop him, but Eggman breaks the emeralds and flies away. Sonic talks with his friends about it and they agree to each search for the shards of one emerald. Sonic begins his search for the yellow emerald in the Emerald Garden Zone. After finding two shards in it, Sonic battles Eggman in his Egg Pheonix (BOSS: Egg Pheonix), but just as Eggman is about to say something, the robot explodes and flies away, so Sonic continues his journey.

In the Glacier Ocean Zone, Sonic collects two more shards, but finds Knuckles along the way, who has been tricked by Dr. Eggman into fighting Sonic for the shards, since he thinks Sonic is trying to keep the Emeralds for himself. (BOSS: Knuckles). After Knuckles is defeated, Sonic tells him the actualality and Knuckles continues on his way.

In the Light Boardwalk Zone, Sonic is surprised to find himself being tailed by Silver, who is trying to tell Sonic something important, but Sonic is going too fast to listen so Silver steals the shards. Sonic tails Silver through the carnival (collecting two more shards along the way), and eventually battling him. (BOSS: Silver), after this Silver returns the shards and says that "The Mech is forming", before leaving.

Tails' Story

Knuckles' Story

Shadow's Story

Amy's Story

Espio's Story

Mighty's Story

Last Story


There are many characters in the game, each having a role and reason for being there.


Name Picture Exclusive Abilities Villain Mentor
Sonic the Hedgehog 180px-Sonic Dash (2)

Spin Dash - Sonic rolls into a ball and can dash into enemies.

Homing Attack - Sonic can home in on enemies to hit them easily.

Fire Homing Attack - By pressing the B button in the air, Sonic lights on fire while doing a homing attack.

Dr. Eggman Blaze the Cat
Miles "Tails" Prower 223px-ASR Tails

Flight - Tails is the only character capable of flying for short distances.

Propeller Tails - Tails can make himself go very fast by spinning his tails.

Tornado Dive - Tails  can drill into enemies in flight.

Fang the Sniper Ray the Flying Squirrel
Knuckles the Echidna ASRT KNUCKLES

Gliding - Knuckles can glide short distances.

Drill Claw - Knuckles digs underground to go under various obstacles.

Fire Dunk - Knuckles can grab enemies and stab them into the ground.

Metal Sonic Rouge the Bat
Shadow the Hedgehog ASRT SHADOW

Chaos Spear - Shadow can shoot bursts of energy.

Chaos Blast - Shadow destroys various enemies around him with a burst of energy.

Chaos Finale - Shadow can put a large cover of energy around him and float about for a bit.

Metal Shadow E-123 Omega
Amy Rose Rare SEGA Amy Rose Lrg

Piko Piko Hammer - Amy uses her hammer to hit enemies.

Hammer Jump - Amy hits her hammer on the ground to make her jump higher.

Piko Hammerang - Amy throws her hammer and it comes back for her to catch.

Tails Doll Marine the Raccoon
Espio the Chameleon Shadowth espio

Invisibility - Espio can turn invisible at will.

Ninja Star - Espio can throw ninja stars to make enemies explode.

Rod Swing - Espio can stick sticks into rock walls and swing on them to progress.

Eggman Nega Big the Cat
Mighty the Armadillo Mighty

Armor-dillo - Mighty can roll into a ball to make shots and enemies bounce off.

Mighty Cannon - Mighty can propel himself by pushing against the wall.

Chao Wall - Mighty can summon a wall of Chao to protect him.

Metal Knuckles Cream the Rabbit

Good Supporting Characters

Name Image Role
Silver the Hedgehog 223px-Silver02 Silver appears trying to warn the main cast of Metal Shadow's plan, usually resulting in a mini-boss battle. Amy is the only character who does not battle him. Silver is playable in Party Mode.
Vector the Crocodile Vector the crocodile by fentonxd-d55ewec Vector, along with Charmy, has been turned into a card by Eggman Nega for unknown reasons, and Espio has to save them. Vector is playable in Party Mode.
Charmy Bee Charmy Bee Charmy, along with Vector, have been turned into cards by Eggman Nega and Espio has to save them. Charmy is not playable in Party Mode.
Blaze the Cat 208px-Blaze06 Blaze teaches Sonic the Fire Homing Attack move. She is a pyrokinetic cat and guardian of the Sol Dimension. She is playable in Party Mode.
Ray the Flying Squirrel Ray Ray teaches Tails the Tornado Dive. He is a flying squirrel and friend to Mighty and Tails. He is playable in Party Mode.
Rouge the Bat Rouge Rouge teaches Knuckles the Fire Dunk. She is a thief who loves gems and a rival to Knuckles. She is playable in Party Mode.
Marine the Raccoon 464px-Marine The Raccoon Marine, like Blaze, comes from the Sol Dimension and drives her own boat. She teaches Amy the Piko Hammerang. Marine is not playable in Party Mode.
E-123 Omega Omega06 Omega is the final robot in the E-100 series, and a good friend to Shadow. He teaches Shadow the Chaos Finale. He is playable in Party Mode.
Big the Cat Big the Cat Sonic Big is a large cat who has a best friend named Froggy. He teaches Espio the Rod Swing, and is playable in Party Mode.
Cream the Rabbit Cream and Cheese Cream is a rabbit with a very powerful pet chao named Cheese. She is kind and caring and teaches Mighty the Chao Shield. She is playable in Party Mode.
Jet the Hawk 346px-500px-Jet - Sonic Free Riders Conversations 03  Jet is a member of the Babylon Rogues and their leader. He races Sonic, Shadow, and Espio during the game's story in boss battles. He is playable in Party Mode.
Wave the Swallow 341px-Sonic-Free-Riders-Characters-artwork-Wave Wave is the tech genius of the Babylon Rogues. She races Tails and Amy during the Main Story. She is not playable in Party Mode.
Storm the Albatross 399px-Sonic-Free-Riders-Characters-artwork-Storm Storm is the muscle of the Babylon Rogues. He races Knuckles and Mighty during the Main Story. He is not Playable in Party Mode.
Bean the Dynamite BeanTheDynamite Bean, along with Bark, host shops where you can buy items and extra lives with your rings.
Bark the Polar Bear Bark 1 Bark, along with Bean, host shops where you can buy items and extra lives with your rings.


Name Image Description Moveset Villain in Which Story
Dr. Eggman Dr. Eggman (SMBZ) Dr. Eggman is on the tail of Sonic to try to insert a strange probe in him. Can Sonic escape? Eggman is playable in Party Mode. Eggman uses his robots to fight Sonic, like the Egg Pheonix and the Egg Meerkat. Sonic the Hedgehog
Fang the Sniper Knack 1 Fang has been hired to pursue Tails and insert the same probe Dr. Eggman is attempting to insert into Sonic into Tails. Fang is playable in Party Mode. Fang uses his popguns to shoot at Tails. He also uses his hoverbike; The Marvelous Queen. Miles "Tails" Prower
Metal Sonic Metal sonic 3d by fentonxd-d5g24ev Metal Sonic has stolen the Master Emerald (and is proven to be behind the Chaos Emeralds bursting apart.). Now Knuckles has to stop him. He is playable in Party Mode. Metal Sonic  can shoot large cannons from his engine and can rush at you. Knuckles the Echidna
Tails Doll TailsDollEVUL Tails Doll wants a proper robot body so he decides to capture Amy. He is not playable in Party Mode. Tails Doll can fly around and fire lasers from his red gem. Amy Rose
Metal Shadow Mecha Shadow A new robotic replica of Shadow the Hedgehog. He was built with extremely advanced AI and rebelled against Eggman, taking Metal Sonic with him. He is not playable in Party Mode. Metal Shadow can harness arttificial Chaos Energy, using it to teleport and fire beams. Shadow the Hedgehog/Overall Game
Eggman Nega DoctorEggmanNega Dr. Eggman from the future has turned Vector and Charmy into cards for unknown reasons. He is not playable in Party Mode. He uses more futuristic versions of Eggman's robots, and his card gun. Espio the Chameleon
Metal Knuckles Metal Knuckles A robotic replica of Knuckles who has been trained to go after Mighty. He is playable in Party Mode. He uses his drill claws and his spike shoes. Mighty the Armadillo
Hyper Metal Shadic Hedgemech The fused form of Metal Sonic and Metal Shadow who is battled by everyone in the last story. He uses all the attacks that Metal Sonic and Metal Shadow have. Everyone