The new logo for SONIC Adventure 3.

Sonic Adventure 3: Purpleverse Edition is an upcoming Sonic game for the Wii. It was originally going to be released on June 23, 2010, however when the game rights were bought by Purpleverse Inc., game design was sped up and merged with several in-production Purpleverse Sonic games, such as the unreleased Sonic: Rise of the Shadow's Hand and Vs. Tabuu! It features cel-shaded graphics with an art style almost identical to that of the official artwork for the previous Sonic game Sonic Battle.


Unlike most Sonic games that have linear levels that have a start and end, with a course filled with traps and bottomless pits, SONIC Adventure 3 has wide open areas with no traditional platformer level structure, instead a world structured like the 3D Legend of Zelda games, but dungeons being fewer and farther between. The majority of the gameplay consists of performing various missions in the overworld, which can involve a variety of objectives, including destroying enemies, delivering things, reaching a certain point, and puzzles. Sometimes to perform puzzles, you will have to switch to a point and click type mode aswell and Sonic is fast as crap


In Sonic Adventure 3: Purpleverse Edition, spin dashing, rolling, and even normal jumping can be used to home in on enemies. If the jump button is press while your character is moving at a high enough speed, your jump will home in on the nearest enemy. Pressing B while in mid air will cancel the attack though and make you fall to the ground. After your jump hit the enemy, you can perform a mid-air dash move by moving the stick in the direction you want to dash in. This move also damages enemies. Spindashing automatically homes in on the nearest enemy. Rolling, which is performed by pressing B while running at a high enough speed, also automatically homes in on the nearest enemy.


Main Mode

  • Control Stick: Movement
  • A: Jump
  • B: Spin Dash/Roll
  • Y: Pick up item/Drop item
  • X: Talk
  • Upward Flick (Stick): Throw an item over your shoulder
  • Forward Jab (Stick): Throw an item forwards
  • Left Flick (Stick): Throw an item to the left
  • Right Flick (Stick): Throw an item to the right
  • D Pad Up: Engage point and click mode
  • D Pad Down: Center camera
  • D Pad Left: Move camera left
  • D Pad Right: Move camera right

Point and Click Mode

  • Move Remote: Move cursor
  • A: Grab
  • D Pad Down: Disengage point and click mode

Spin Dash

In Sonic Adventure 3, a Spin Dash is performed differently than it would be in a previous 3D Sonic game. You must hold down B and then shake the remote to charge up, then release B to perform the Spin Dash. If you are holding an item when you Spin Dash, the item will be thrown at high velocity in the direction Sonic is pointing.

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